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  1. I'd like to see some smaller ships...one of the things the clone brands have done pretty well (in concept if not in execution) is to either adapt LEGO's old small boat designs or come up with new ones for really nice looking little pirate ships. It would also be nice to see some more variety among the pirate crew with hats--tricorns and bicorns in more colors, bandannas in more than two colors per wave, using Barbossa's hat, Blackbeard's hat, the recent CMF pirate bald head, etc. It would also be nice to have more pirates in green coats and some pirates wearing red. I'd love to see the return of gold coins, obviously, and it would be amazing if the Ninjago palm tree from the Tiger Widow Island set were used; it's way better than any of the palms we've seen recently and the most realistic. TC
  2. Could be a last minute safety or quality thing, where they realized it wasn't up to spec after the first batch had been made. TC
  3. I've been putting off getting not just the starter set, but an actual game console... With the likelihood of LEGO Dimensions ending (even if the rumors aren't true, it's gotta end eventually), do I need to hurry up and get it if I ever want to play? Am I good with picking it up after the cancellation? Do I need to get it in time to download the last update? Or will the whole thing be gone once they pull the plug? I don't have a good idea of the extent of the online component. TC
  4. The LEGO shop page has some nice closeup views of the minifigures--I'm loving the details on Salazar. And the masthead is actually pretty nifty too; she's half decayed like the rest of the ship--I didn't notice the first time around. And the one transparent leg on the other sailor is so cool. One of the minor collecting achievements I'm looking forward to is finally having all of the bicorn variations--but they keep sticking new ones in expensive sets, lol. I'll have them all eventually... I didn't see anyone comment on this, is this set the first time we've had black cutlasses? That's awesome. I'm hoping for a few extras... As for the disappearing zombie shark, I'm sad to see that one go. I suspect that it may have more to do with time and money than anything else--that's a pretty big specialized piece to run off for just one set. I wonder if the price tag with shark was closer to $250, as we heard originally, and LEGO decided against the shark when they realized they could knock $50 off the set price by doing so. TC
  5. Half the problem is, of course, that even though the earliest rumors (aside from the ones that turned out to be fake) suggested that the single ship would be one of the ships from the new movie, and even though every single piece of information we got since then suggested it would be some sort of ghost/skeletal ship, seemingly every other post before the reveal--for months--was something along the lines of "I think it has to be either the Black Pearl or Flying Dutchman because X reason" or "What if it's the new ship and the Dutchman or the Pearl?!" or "It can't possibly be just the one set because X reason". :p So even though we got pretty much exactly what it looked like we would get from day one, it's still a massive disappointment to some. Of course, it is something we haven't ever seen in either the traditional Pirate theme or Pirates of the Caribbean before, which is a rarity. If we had gotten a traditional ship, no doubt someone would be complaining that it's a rehash of something we've seen before. TC
  6. I have one! I like it a lot--the sail and trans-blue octopus are unique to the set, and the graphics on the box are fun. It'll make a great display piece when I have to take the big ships down. My only problem is I can't seem to find the instructions, either my copy or online... I want to take it apart for cleaning and to check for missing parts, but I can't! TC
  7. I'm loving the Sparrow Brickhead, but Salazar isn't doing much for me--there's not much in his design that says "I'm from a pirate movie." Put him next to the Sparrow head, and it looks more like an attempt at Edward Scissorhands than anything else. :D TC
  8. For what it's worth, LEGO's storyline has both redcoats and bluecoats as part of the same unnamed European empire. The Bluecoats (though not officially named as such until 2015, following longstanding fan tradition) were the local soldiers serving under Governor Broadside to protect the island colony of Sabatina. The redcoats have always been the Imperial Guards, an elite force personally selected by the King to explore the ocean and protect and retrieve the various treasures hidden on the islands. Their leader was Admiral Woodhouse, though in the US no distinction was made between his minifigure and the earlier Governor Broadside. The long product cycle of the 90s meant that Bluecoat sets were sold in catalogs under the Imperial Guard banner as well. There's a bit of lore to suggest that the relationship between Broadside and Woodhouse isn't one of mutual respect, but they're supposed to be on the same side. ;) (For that matter, the Imperial Outpost was sold under the colors of the later Imperial Armada, and the LEGO Chess game made no distinction between those two factions. But that's neither here nor there.) There's obviously no need at all to abide by LEGO's storyline. But I've always been amused that it's just assumed here that the two factions are blood enemies, even though they're virtually identical aside from the colors and their flags even have the same symbol! TC
  9. I was really rather excited several years ago when the Fairytale and Historic Minifigure set came out--it had a number of Pirate related minifigures, including two soldiers, two pirate skeletons, two pirates, two mermaids (well, a mermaid and a merman), and several other minifigure pieces and accessories that were either from the 2009 Pirate line or were Pirate related. I didn't know until today that it had been updated as the Fantasy Minifigure Set late last year. The Pirate-related part selection is a little smaller, but there's still two soldiers, two "new" pirates, and another nifty pair of mermaids. (When I get this I'm going to have quite a mermaid...school? Pod? Army? They're getting to be a faction all their own at this rate.) That knight shield is quite nice too, I don't recall seeing it before. Anyway, it's neat to see Pirate figures turn up in unexpected places, so I thought I'd share. There aren't any exclusive prints or anything, so this set is strictly for those obsessive Pirate collectors who must have every official LEGO Pirate minifigure variation, no matter how minor. If you'll excuse me, I need to find $50... TC
  10. I can't find the original Rock Raiders United forum thread that I found the link to, but someone mentioned that someone at LEGO has been kicking around the "Pirate fights other random themes" idea for awhile now, so it may be someone's internal persistence more anything else. TC
  11. I've checked three Targets (a fourth I'd been to before turned out to be out of business), and I definitely noticed the random placement of the Mixels. Crazy. No luck on series 8, though. Are you in the USA? I'm wondering if it's a regional thing. I'm happy to report that I was able to nab a couple of Sharx from a Bricks and Minifigs store near my house. Pricier than retail, but not as much as online with shipping. It made my day! (It was also the only two they had--the rarity of this series continues to confuse me.) It's the little details that really make the Mixels special--I didn't notice from the pictures online, but Sharx actually has two rows of teeth in front for extra sharkiness. And the instructions have you put the coin in his peg leg, which is a nifty idea. I never noticed it before, but the ad in the instructions shows that the Nixel in one of the other sets has an eye patch! Too cute. TC
  12. Does anyone know what the deal is with Series 8? I love the Mixels, and I was constantly tempted whenever I came across them in stores--and they seemed darned omnipresent for awhile. But I'm a dedicated Pirate collector for space reasons, so I resisted. But when the Pyrratz line came alone, I thought "At last! An excuse!", and kept waiting for them to show up in stores. They're pretty inexpensive, so I wanted to get two sets so I could make the ship model too. But I've never seen them in stores! I got fed up with waiting for them to show up in the supermarket where I usually see Mixels, and went looking. The prices online ware high enough to send me around to all the stores in my area, and I've seen Series 3, 6, 7, and 9, but no 8! What gives? Were they a European only release? (I'm in Texas.) Is there a chance that they'll make it down here at some point, or should I just order online? Help me Mixels fans, you're my only hope! TC
  13. That's it! Yeah, I should have been more specific--I forgot that they changed up the design a little from video to video. (I guess when you get turned into a turkey, you end up needing a rebuild now and then. ) TC
  14. I think you're right, though IMO it's probably something that came out of the initial brief for a D2C Pirate-themed ship, rather than a direct prototype version of the Imperial ship we ultimately got. It's a pretty awesome design though; and I wish we could see more of it and learn about it and other early/rejected Pirate sets. There's something of the Skull's Eye Schooner about it, and i wonder if it wasn't intended to be an updated version of that ship. I'm afraid LEGO's combination of secrecy and perceived disinterest will keep stuff like this locked away in the archives--I'd love to learn more about other Pirate projects! It does seem like the skull and swords on the sail were ultimately brought back for the 2015 Pirate line (though admittedly crossed swords were suggested for the '89 wave as well), so maybe we'll see elements of this ship pop up in the PoTC set anyway, even if it is based on a ship from the movies. TC
  15. Love the Brickbeard charater design. Does anyone know where his legs are from? Also, I can't look at the pirate in the upper right hand corner and not think of Gates from Black Sails. TC