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    I'm a big fan of LEGO, hence my joining this site. I also like Star Wars- and may eventually read every book of it that exists (Probably not though). Speaking of reading, i'm also a big gfan of literature.

    I'm also a bit of a WW2 history buff, having watched several movies, read several books, and so on and so forth.

    Other favorites are Stargate, Get Smart, Corner Gas. Star Trek, MacGyver, Indy...

    That's all-
    The Legonater. A Christian and proud of it.


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  1. We all have, Dyric says, smoothly pulling out a chair and sitting in it. It's been too long, Nerwen.
  2. Very true. I swear - even if the whole building were to be torn down, by some miracle the taps would keep flowing.
  3. I don't recall saying anything of you, Alderflask - not do I recall you being so quick to offend.
  4. Well then - it's over. I will admit to being a bit remiss that I was never able to confront the witch - but I suppose I've had plenty of witch-confronting in my life.
  5. The sudden commotion perks Dyric's ears, and hurries over. The witch has been killed? Are we sure of this?
  6. This is the key point right now. Before we make any significant changes to the Hall or adding quests or such we need to be sure that Heroica is actually continuing.
  7. You know, I would have called you King. I would have followed you, died for you. I suppose in the end, it's enough to call you brother. Take care of yourself, boss.
  8. I want you to- ...yeah. Yeah. Maybe the day of Heroes is passing. But you know I can't stop fighting. I just can't. Dyric laughs slightly, thinking back sadly. You know, all these years ago I came here looking for - I don't even know, revenge or something. I wanted to get my life back. Now this is my life. So where are you off to? What are you off to? Doesn't seem like a man of your... stature doesn't have much left to run to.
  9. Seeing, the scene, Dyric saunters over to Guts' table. Quietly, he takes a seat. So this is it? You're just shipping out?
  10. I think I recall, if vaguely - it's hard to say how much of what I remember was real and how much... well... Either way, if there truly is something major that has happened, I'm sure we will be able to stand against it. As for this boy, we must all make our own mistakes. Do you think he'd listen to any advice you have to offer, and where you any different in your youth? A chaotic curse, however, would seem to me to be a much different matter, wouldn't you? Especially when you have friends who are open to listening.
  11. Trouble, brother? Dyric steps over beside his old friend, taking a seat.
  12. I think Dyric fears apathy - both in himself and in Heroica. I think his fear is losing vigilance and giving in to the chaos around him. There may be more there - it's been a bit since I've gotten deep into Dyric's head - but that's definitely the one that stands out to me the most.
  13. I still want to finish Duplovia. It's been slow going, and I don't really know how many people are interested in it - but it's a story that's weighed on me a while and I'd like to see it completed.
  14. Dyrics sits quietly in the hall, minding the conversations around him, but not partaking.
  15. I haven't been super active lately (working at camp for the summer, and then settling it at university) can I suppose I can assure you all you'll see frog people and more plenty soon.