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  1. Honestly, what is the obsession with dual-molded legs?
  2. Not to mention that a video is the worst format to view hi-res static images.
  3. Can't you just post static images?
  4. Great! Now instead of looking at the static images conveniently posted in this thread, I can watch them in a video format where I get to pause if I want to look closer!
  5. I'd hardly say that getting a feature film is tantamount to being "given the short end of the stick". Its not uncommon or unheard of for sets based off of IPs (here, I consider the Ninjago movie its own IP, with its own marketing push being equally spearheaded by Warner Brothers and Lego) to be released closer to the release of whatever film they are representing. At the end of the day, I would say try not to lose sight of what Lego is, and that a later release is hardly the end of the world.
  6. His statement was so incredibly vague, does it even matter? Of course the Ninjago Movie version of Misako/KoKo will look completely different from the one we know, just as every other character has. As for him thinking the trailer is going to be enjoyed, that again tells us practically nothing.
  8. I mean sure, if you really care that much about gatekeeping speculative comments and rumors.
  9. Don't forget to cite your sources!
  10. Did you manage to get a pic of the back of the box? I'm curious if the plane can carry the boat and 4x4 as well
  11. How is it weird? Seems like a pretty standard practice for teasers.
  12. It looks like the wings are minifigure neck brackets, and the ears are a 1x1 with clip.