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  1. I understood it as 11 plus 3 exclusives...equaling the aforementioned 14 total.
  2. You're right. I forgot about that one. So yeah, I guess the Shark thing will probably go to TRU
  3. Personally they are both good In there own right. The Salvage Mec had some really cool features, while the Samurai X mech is very well designed (yet not In terms of scale). But I would give the edge to the Samurai X Mech
  4. Really? Maybe it's not as important as it was made out to be in the trailer. All the exclusives from the TLM and TLBM were in the movie but not really important.
  5. I mean I didn't say anything thing about any relationship to a certain Blue and Gold Samurai...;)
  6. Or Echo Zane...I still vote Echo Zane
  7. Some guy in France called Lego customer support and they said it would be released March 1st for 14.99
  8. He's credible. He's actually on here but doesn't show up in this neck of the woods often.
  9. I could see a two piece, but not the head molded in. That would make a lot of people annoyed. But I see what you're saying.
  10. Yeah they don't show retail exclusives at toy fairs.
  11. Right!? I was reading an interview saying that the designers wanted to make them all in the future. On a side now, I'm nit a huge fan of Skylors lip print they look big. Also, her hair is too red and not Auburn. But I'm glad to have a new suit. I'm just being picky. Despite those two things, I am very happy to see Ash and Shade finally make a physical appearance!!
  12. The owner of the account said both Skylor and Ash both come with hair.
  13. I bought the Destiny's Shadow today. Not crazy about it. I'm glad I got it for a fairly cheap price otherwise it wouldn't have been worth it. I love the Cole figure, but honestly it was the only pull of the set.
  14. I think it's because if the Bad Blood between L-Loyd and Garmadon.
  15. There are other styled baddies other than the sharks. You pause it right In the trailer you can see some dudes with squid and crab head gear. The sea creatures are an interesting choice for Garmadon's henchmen. I would have loved to see samurai sporting a similar head piece to Good Ole' Papa Garamdon.