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  1. Atleast until March or April of 2018
  2. Dying 😂😂😂, I, for one, am very excited to get my hands on this CMF series. There hasn't been a Lego Movie (out of the two) that I haven't bought all of them from and this is no exception. I may even buy multiple of some...LEGO is killing it with this Theme (in a good way). The last 3 days of reveals have gotten me so pumped for September
  3. The sets come out in August most places and a tab earlier in parts of Europe
  4. Yeah, I couldn't get a good angle, but I'll add what I can. The script is in the other sets too, but there is a standard which is sharper and used for the streets signs in the fish and cherry shop set, and then a more handwritten looking style.
  5. Here is the "Script" used partially decided. In case anyone was curious.
  6. It L-loyd in the concepts. Green head band. And Jay may live on the bottom Level. The Walker chick may be his sister, while the younger girl is her daughter?
  7. Ayy, there we go. Also looking at it, it does say Borg Industries. Just not in English. also, just a thought, but looking at the concept art, it appears that maybe Lloyd's house is the one with the tree coming out of it. Would explain Misako's (goes by Koko for short?) presents in the set and mixes in living quarters with restaurants and entertainment areas showing the hussle and bustle of everyday life in Ninjago City...
  8. Second Level...first sign on the right of the middle thing with a he golden rice hat. It's just Borg Industry's logo and a "script"
  9. Also Borg Industries makes in appearance in this set as a sticker confirming its presence in this Universe.
  10. Yes In other news, I just got a new job to pay off the debt I'm going to have after buying most of this wave. Also is seems kinda lame the Modular set doesn't have all 6 Ninja. That's the one fall back, but I'm curious of some of the names of the figures.
  11. Has anyone noticed Lloyd doesn't show up in the "What's Inside the Box" of the Bounty? I know he's in the set, but Still that's weird.
  12. Ahh, sorry for the missread. Should pick up at the end of the month. 3 months out is pretty typical promo time for a movie. (Not including Marvel or Disney Movies) And you better believe that it will be the star of the LEGO booth at SDCC.
  13. I would disagree. I love how simple the designs are for the movie figs. We've gotten some really cluttered designs in the past like the deepstone suits and the ZX suits. I welcome the new look. I know LEGO knows what they're doing.
  14. For 2018? Or a exclusive in the fall wave?
  15. I'm getting them all. I just love the overall look and feel of this movie! The simple suit design are refreshing, and I love the 2 piece head wraps and the fish baddies ❤️❤️. I maybe one of the few, but I'm soo pumped, I'm actually planning on seeing this in Denmark the weekend it comes out! I'm soo pumped!