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  1. Ladies and gentlemen; proof positive you could literally slap a brick on a plate and have it accepted by ideas:
  2. Like I said, just not purist. Is that any different than people here using Roller Coaster Factory or SBrick?
  3. What... Santa can't deliver below the equator? EDIT: I realized that can be taken two ways... please keep a clean mind.
  4. The biggest problem with an upgrade like this is getting accustomed to it . I can probably get used to this, but there are definitely things I'd like to be different. I almost always just used the "new posts" feature because I am interested in so many different topics; it's been replaced by an "unread content" link, which I suppose works - but the layout of the page when you see it is not as clear and clean as the old one. I'd like to see better delineation between posts in a thread. I'd like to see a LOT better contrast. As I'm writing this, for example, the subtext for the attachments ("Max total size...") is barely readable. The arrows at the bottom ("GO TO TOPIC LISTING" on the left, "NEXT UNREAD TOPIC" on the right are fine, but the subtext of those is also barely readable. When the posts are made ("Posted x minutes ago") is barely readable.
  5. I did a search of the board, and maybe it's because we're in the midst of an upgrade, but I didn't see any mention of this.... actual powered LEGO flight, just not purist. I'd include a picture from the article, but don't see how right now.
  6. I have to say it really does look absolutely amazing. Awesome job.
  7. My wife has a lot of money in reais tied up in Brazil. We're hoping with Dilma gone the economy, and exchange rate, will improve. Having shipped a number of things to family in Brazil, it is ridiculously expensive and scary hoping people receive what you sent at all sometimes. I guess the moral is that Bricklink is not Amazon Prime. A company like Amazon can amortize shipping costs based on average shipping charges over millions of orders. Bricklink vendors can't do that. I would rather wait and get the cost after I commit if it means paying first class instead of flat rate, which costs a whole lot more for LEGO parts.
  8. I agree - I haven't weighed the sets (although I know the weights are out there), and as I said in my last paragraph, if it really is that much better - 30% more substantial, perhaps, I will make every effort to get it. I am a very happy owner of the IFS, and the Black Pearl, and the QAR; I've recently been selling off sets because of lack of space (for both storing sets and showing built ones), but the ships are just too beautiful. I guess I can just see it being either way - a 30% premium for just some cosmetic changes, or it could be a substantial upgrade more than worth the price increase - but it seems to me that, while I realize TLG has always had a couple of large, very expensive sets out at any given time, that the quantity of these enormous and expensive sets can be off-putting to people. As long as people are paying, though, it's easier for them to make money selling fewer, but more expensive sets than selling more smaller, cheaper sets.
  9. Agree with Captain, though - I have had a couple of great orders from Europe, but even with good luck shipping costs more, it takes longer, and if there [i]is[/i] a problem, and they need to send another package, it takes that much longer.
  10. I probably whine about the cost of LEGO way too much, but these things pop up and I feel like I need to say something. [quote name='Captain Pirate Man' timestamp='1473206698' post='2652620'] That would be GREAT news, let's hope it's true. $250 for a ship means it will be a beauty and HUGE. Bigger than the IFS. [/quote] I've been collecting some responses to reply to in one post; this one seems the most accurate for what I was thinking when I read this: [quote name='SodorBricks' timestamp='1473677483' post='2656218'] Just, thought I might say if a set like the imperial flagship was released now a days it may cost up to $200-$250 as you can see what happened with price inflation on the death star... I may just be crazy but I think we may just end up seeing a pirate ship of similar scale to the imperial flagship for those hopping it would be bigger. [/quote] Indeed, over the last few years what I've seen happening is that TLG is releasing these enormous D2C sets, like the Hellcarrier, GBHQ, the Disney Castle. They are spectacular sets, but the trend has been to more expensive sets overall. I'm not talking necessarily about value (although I believe that's true also), but affordability of sets. Take the architecture theme; it went from $20 sets of dubious value to some enormous sets that may have provided better value, but were not affordable to a lot of people that would otherwise be interested in the smaller builds. Inflation has been quite low lately (if you believe the US government). A $70 premium over the IFS demands a lot more, but given the trend lately, while I'm sure it'll be a gorgeous build, I'm guessing that you're not going to get a (roughly) 30% more substantial set. [quote name='LOTR34' timestamp='1473335859' post='2653651'] Yea I'm really glad that we finally have some solid info.Here's hoping we get more than one set.But I might as well start saving money from now. And I've been thinking 250$ for one ship is too much don't you guys think??I bet the set will contain more than a ship,like a building or something else. For example the [url=""]Imperial Flagship[/url] from 2010 cost around 180$.I can't imagine the new ship will be bigger than that and I don't want to think that Lego will charge 250$ for a ship of the same size. [/quote] See above - I think you will get some great little details, but I'm doubting it'll be what you'd want for $70 more. [quote name='Legoman123' timestamp='1473355435' post='2653811'] I'm sure if Lego are making an UCS set they want it to be highly detailed right? Well if that's the case it means this set will have been in the works for at least a year imo. It also leads me to believe that even if Lego had been given designs for a new POTC ship it wasn't going to be movie accurate as the initial set never really is until the movies been released. This is going to be the BP or the FD as they both have had a lot of screen time already and would give Lego the best chance of creating a good movie acurate version, which is what you want from a D2C/UCS right? [/quote] If this is simply a UCS ship (the IFS was - at least going by set numbers), and it's that much better than IFS, then I'll make every effort to get one.... the prices are getting out of hand, though.
  11. I stand (actually, I'm sitting) corrected.
  12. [quote name='Mellow' timestamp='1473711308' post='2656481'] It's only a question of time when products getting more expensive. [/quote] It means CMFs have more than doubled in price - 100% price increase, since being introduced only six years ago. There's no inflationary explanation for that.
  13. [quote name='RetroInferno' timestamp='1473784374' post='2657007'] I only wish sellers would stop bullshitting their shipping cost as ''what is actually costing them", I've had orders from the south of the US for over-sized letters that costed me 2.50 US, while another seller in freacking vermont wants to charge 12$ for 3 pieces... [/quote] The problem is there are too many shipping choices. An over sized letter is not a package, and they will have different rates. Even among packages there are a bunch of options - if a seller uses flat rate packages, then it doesn't matter how much is in it. [quote name='MAB' timestamp='1473842482' post='2657485'] Is it ridiculous? You need to say where you are wanting it sent to (presumably US). It is no doubt going to need to be tracked and insured too. If it was being sent from the UK, just regular airmail with track and trace will be coming in at just over $16. If he is also charging for packaging and maybe a slightly faster delivery service, and probably some component of the cost is going on PayPal fees and exchange rates, then it is not hard to see $25 all in. If it is ridiculous, then buy from a US seller. National postage is normally cheaper than international. [/quote] Agreed - international shipping can be really expensive, and some countries cost a lot more than others. It is why I do, in fact, have my bricklink searches limited to North America. I only very rarely look at other stores when I'm not finding what I need in the U.S. or Canada.
  14. I've found some pretty interesting custom pieces here: [url=""][/url] I don't think they do "custom," but they do have a lot of interesting tiles and printed parts that might suffice.
  15. Just my two cents on the "negativity" and calls for this thread to end... [quote name='Littleworlds' timestamp='1467932654' post='2605825'] And are you seriously going to tell me this threat isn't about bashing other people's ideas? [/quote] Yes and no. Some of these projects are hilariously bad. So bad that the authors MUST understand how bad they are unless they're under the age of 8 - in which case they shouldn't be posting. I mean, seriously... I've literally seen a baseplate with a minifigure standing on it. Can you imagine a mature person (or mature enough - 13+) actually defending that, getting indignant and saying "Hey, that's not nice! I put a lot of work into that!" I don't care for people posting the moderate projects here - just because they won't make it doesn't put them in the "best of the worst" category. If people posted some of these moderate ones on Eurobricks, they would likely get a lot of love, or at least constructive criticism. One thing I find funny is that, in fact, if we go all the way back to post 23 (the tumblr link), they actually posted [url=""]this[/url] as one of the worst. Does the guy that put that there feel like an idiot now? I hope so. A good example of going to far to bash an idea "for laughs" when you don't need to look further than the many bad ones that actually get posted every day. I'm enjoying the really bad models.... I don't really think I need them, I do visit Ideas from time to time and see them all over, and I do find it annoying that these obviously bad ones, so it's nice to turn it into laughs. I don't go past the "discover" page when I see bad ones - I should, because sometimes the descriptions and comments are gold. I don't know if I should laugh or cry about lighteningtiger. So yes, there's some negativity there, but I don't want this thread to stop - I just think it should focus on the projects that fit the title "The best of the worst."