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  1. This looks truly epic! I'd like to see it in action! Did you also build nine mining cars? ;)
  2. Fingernails won't do, unless made of steel, in my experience. I only managed to separate the parts with help of a small knife with a very thin blade. And not without some damage to the pieces. Remarkably this construction was also used in 8448, but it doesn't seem really "legal" to me. At least it's not possible to separate the pieces by normal means...
  3. Small detail: the close-up video shows dog-bone frames in red, in the crane ;)
  4. Well, IMHO the pic doesn't reveal that much, at least not to have a well-founded opinion of it. The remote seems rather odd to me if it's meant for the "usual" drive + steer, while other functions then must be manual. So my piece of speculation: remote is used for non-drive/steer functions, with one port for a kind of sequential gearbox via servo, and the other for back/forward, in/out etc... . At least that would be something new...
  5. I don't have the Porsche (yet...), but when I do I will certainly look at your mods. But if the problem lies within the softness of the material, a simple solution would seem to be to make the red clutch gears from harder plastic. I find it hard to feel the difference, but the old DBG clutch gears seem somewhat harder and smoother. Have you tried them too in your 42056 gearbox? I'm curious if that makes a difference...
  6. Interesting find, which I just confirmed myself. But doesn't that possibly imply that your solution of the friction of the gear box from 42056 depends on replacing the red clutch gears with normal LBG ones, rather than removing torque?
  7. Not pushing, just being curious, but you seem to be stretching the definition of 'late August' a bit...;)
  8. Not to mention number of pieces and release date
  9. It already was most impressive, but still keeps getting better. Amazing job!
  10. Hi Jim, In your review you mentioned the different colour axles and (somewhat) question the logic behind it. When building the Claas, I noticed a few possible explanations. The odd length axles (5, 7) are distributed by color between the tractor and the attachments. Not that it makes a lot of sense to me, but possibly to TLG it did (making the building process more idiot proof etcetera). And the 8L and 4L come in black and red. The black ones are necessary to avoid colour vomit in the cabin and front mudguards, while the reds are used in the internals. That might explain the different colours, although of course they could have used black ones for the entire model...
  11. Hi Jim, Many thanks for your excellent review! Do you, as an Admin, know if the Volvo and BWE will be reviewed on EB?
  12. Second that. Mine arrived this morning. First thing I did was putting the tires on my 42030. Alas they don't fit very well. In the front they rub the mudguards slightly, in the back they scratch the chassis when in extreme suspended position. Nothing which couldn't be solved I guess. Maybe soms pics follow later, but I first want to build my Claas!
  13. What is your point? Different model, totally different parts.
  14. Would the tires also look good on 42030? If possible, can you post a picture in your review? Many thanks, and your teasers are killing me...;) There may be some reviews before yours, but your pics are the best and well worth biding time...
  15. Amazing remake! Reminds me of the thrill I felt when I got the original for my 9th birthday. Time to rebuild!