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  1. Batman Rogues (Not sold on Riddler. I think I'll give him normal glasses instead.) The Best Assassins in The DC Universe (I love Deathstroke but Deadshot needs a better helmet idea.) Any good suggestions to enhance these gentlemen?
  2. I have an interesting request. Has anyone got any good ideas for a Julian Day Calendar Man? The more feminine-looking one with the tattoos on his head, not the garishly red-clad, walking-calendar suit.
  3. But which one is older?
  4. The Avengers (Earth-1215)
  5. "Paint some happy clouds."
  6. Just seeing this post makes me wonder why nobody's mad TLG never released a Squirrel Girl.
  7. That head is new to me. And that torso.
  8. The Word of God says that these Purifiers must be posted! I always loved the comic story God Loves, Man Kills, so the chance to make Reverend William Stryker was a must! Plus I never liked that angry face for Steve Rogers, so perfect match.
  9. Does anyone have good ideas for Malekith?
  10. That face...what is that face?
  11. My logo is an Amalgam character Dark Claw.
  12. Actually any black robes would work, but Cole's Tournament Robes have the yellow stripe around the chest that matches almost exactly with Ronin.
  13. Back when I first read it, I thought the Black Panther head without ears works good. Cole from Ninjago in Tournament Robes for the chest and legs.
  14. Very, very nice Wong. I'm going to pull that together and maybe I'll post...maybe...
  15. Kaecilius? The Ancient One's clothes are perfectly suitable for him. And Wong? Well...he's more difficult.