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  1. Indeed, and it bring us right in the old center of Munich without stress of hassle
  2. This evening I had a constructive skype call with Holodoc about the event program. To use Trump language: It's gonna be amazing, simply fantastic We need to work out some details first and investigate a few things before we can share it. If all goes right we'll have that done in 1 week from now.
  3. There are usually several doctors at the EB event, so that should not be a problem
  4. Need reservation at Kirchenbauerhof: yes/no -> Yes - Apartment sharing: yes/no -> Yes - Number of persons and length of stay? 1, the whole event - Are you member of a registered LUG? No, not for the moment. So also no sticker. - Anything else we need to know? I will drive with my car to Gunzburg. On the way over I will pickup Holodoc in case I need medical attention during the trip .
  5. Most of us will arrive on Wednesday late afternoon (or afternoon/evening) and we'll return home on Sunday morning after the breakfast. Accommodation: for our German event that's usually handled by Holodoc. He's already in contact with the place where we'll be staying. So there should be more info soon. Program/details: Thursday we'll go to Legoland, Saturday we'll go to Munich (with the train from Gunzburg). Friday is still to be decided (suggestions welcome).
  6. It's absolutely open to all members, no conditions.
  7. If you like to know about the past EB events (programs, etc.) this is the place to look.
  8. What I know is this: To be eligible for the AFON shopping you have to be a member of a REGISTERED LUG. And even more, you need to have a) a VIP pass and b) a sticker on the back showing you are member of an RLUG.
  9. We open another topic soonish for signing up and working out the room bookings.
  10. Very very nice temple! We don't see enough historical MOCs about the old civilizations in the americas. And I love your picture skills. Perfect light, angle, focus, ... . Did you take this photo outside or do you have a photo setup with lights?
  11. The 2017 Eurobricks event will be in Gunzburg, Germany on 27-29 of April. More info and discussion topic is here.
  12. The upgrade which we did today can already provide improved performance (due to improvements in the new db version which we are running now). We plan to run with this version for 1 week to make sure everything is stable before doing additional tuning to improve performance. Our server expert Ace has some idea's to work on but first he'll be monitoring the database behavior the coming week.
  13. This is one of the most impressive Roman MOCs I've ever seen. So much planning, time and work must have been put into this. And I also like the nice Roman army force you have placed on the forum
  14. Owkee, the upgrades are all done. Our new db software is already more performant than the old one. So we'll first run with it for some days to see how things go and next we'll dive into the possibilities of this new version to optimize performance even further.