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  1. Very very nice!!! And what motors are you used?
  2. Hi guys! What are you think about new stile?
  3. Thanks! Thank you! Because ihave only 2 diff parts) Thanks! I dont drive Gelan, but drive S W140 Brabus 7.3 and his engine sound is fantastic!) Thanks! 5 days in total)
  4. Thanks! About 5 days. Thanks! ) I think about W126 coupe (560Sec). Thanks! I think that a bit small too) This wheel is my favorite) If use it you can build very different vehicle (truck or F1 car...)
  5. Thanks) Thanks! I dont think about it))) but i change it now!
  6. Hi guys! Today i finish my Brabus G63. Functions: full suspension, steering, V8 fake engine, four-wheel drive, center diff- manual lock from cab and everything can opened. Thanks for watching!
  7. Thanks! You will see the undercarriage when i finish version 2.0) Thanks! Because my previous mocs were worse but more populal) Thank you very much) I dont think about it) but may be you right)
  8. I think that it is my best moc, and i dont understand why it so unpopular.
  10. Thanks! I finish it in1-2 day. This is not a problem to make it RC, a lot of place,but I have no rc parts( Motor for front electric seats.
  11. Thanks! It isnt RC, M-motor for another function) Thanks! very nice comment!!
  12. Thanks for nice comments guys! I think about lights) Yes, it mean boar) Some pictures:
  13. This is Merc W140 (Kaban) my Wip project.
  14. Hi all! I want to build MOC for cuuso, but i dont now what to build))) May be someone help with that problem. I think that all successful progects built only for cuuso.