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  1. This set is simply gorgeous! I've always loved this theme since lego set 565!
  2. Very nice Flying Scotsman ...I like the red line that complete your livery!
  3. Another top notch work Tony! ...and 9 studs wide is crazy! Nice to see that you've finally put motors in the boiler. Is this solution better (and faster) than your locomotives with motorized tender?
  4. Nice work and original design for those buffers!
  5. You're always too kind Tenderlok but I know that you play in a different league ...when you talk about elaborate details I just think to your locomotives
  6. Welcome back professor! The tipper car is amazing and I already own two copy of this beauty! I hope to see you around here again
  7. What a huge work!
  8. Very nice CAD work ...I like the doorstep and the livery of this train!
  9. Very cute! I love it!
  10. Gorgeous MOC ...incredible transformation!
  11. Wow the nose of this beauty is a real masterpiece ...great car and great MOC!
  12. Oh Oh yes a very smooth way
  13. The service station looks better with taht large baseplate!
  14. Thanks Sergio & Elos, the lego geometry is just a standard to respect but in my large layout I'll prefer large radius curves to avoid this hilarious situation! You're right, every my locomotives and wagons must pass this test ...this is the real challenge! The yard locomotive is sold by blokbricks ...and I agree: it's a great model
  15. The wheels are so many ...and it's amazing see all of them turning around on the train switches!