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  1. Great and noble work! Thanks for sharing
  2. Heavy haul if you want differentiate your trains ...60098 is a nice and playable set!
  3. Thanks zephyr1934 ...I'll need soon new rods from you! You're right but mine has been the easiest solution Thanks for your words! You're too kind ...thanks again!
  4. Beautiful oldstylish mill! Good choice to use only the red and white colors!
  5. Lovely little park ...the gravel path is beautiful!
  6. I can't handle such a beaty! Top notch work!!!
  7. Thanks for the positive feedback! The piece is a Light Bluish Gray Slope 18 2 x 1 x 2/3 with 4 Slots (ref. 61409)
  8. UNION PACIFIC 125 - EMD GP7 The EMD GP7 is a four-axle diesel switcher built by General Motors (Electro Motive Division). This was the first model in EMD's GP (General Purpose) series of locomotives. Concurrently, EMD offered a six-axle switcher called SD (Special Duty). For this model I was inspired by SWOOFTY (that seems to have an infinite collection of diesel locomotives) and by JAYMZ_HD a brilliant Italian guy that build trains! This is my third locomotive with the Union Pacific livery. It couldn't miss in my collection; I'’ve chosen this model for its powerful shape. I really like the detail of the dynamic brakes and the cab integrated into the main body of the locomotive. My model as usual has lights, but this time I’ve used the drill on many, many pieces (amen! ) Enjoy the show... We'll see with my new creation from Switzerland …don’t forget the appointment!
  9. This is one of my favorite locomotive ...very well done! The technique construction for doors handrail is unusual and difficult, but the result is perfect
  10. Oooh man that nose is just perfect! Fantastic MOC!
  11. Prize D just arrived's love at first sight!
  12. No they are perfect and the colors used for the background look like the original from Lego
  13. So many Big Boy out there! Wonderful MOC and amazing piston rods
  14. Wonderful medieval masterpiece!
  15. Very clear very useful can open your own shop and sell your works!