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  1. wow huge and insane! Beautiful pneumatic arm
  2. Fantastic video and very cool music! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Thanks Beck, the motor is just one because I don't need to pull many wagons ...but I guess I can use two motors without problems. About the format you're right a 7 studs wide locomotive would be great but I'm not clever enough to complete this task Thanks Dread Pirate Rob the protruding bricks are made in a simple way:
  4. Not now ...perhaps in the future! Thank you very much to appreciate this locomotive ...and the MOC of course!
  5. Maybe yes It's just a transparent sticky foil, but it isn't a self made work ...a friend do its for me
  6. Lol I had never thought about this funny theory ... maybe the driver of the BR 01 is sad because dislikes steam locomotives
  7. Thanks Koalayummies're too kind!
  8. Beautiful nostalgic lego layout!
  9. Fantastic Station! The architecture looks amazing and the internal details are gorgeous!
  10. This MOC is EPIC! I love it!
  11. You mean the transparent black tiles? Thans Dr_Spock!
  12. Very nice work! The wings position now look fine and the red door is a nice touch!
  13. Thank you Asper I'm glad to hear such beautiful words!
  14. Thanks ...every time is a challenge hide the receiver! Thank you very much Tenderlok ...but don't forget that your works are outstanding and every time we are surprised from your creativity! What can I say? Just a big thank you! Hi Sergio & Eros, you're always welcome ...and be patient about the steam ...soon I will start a new (big) BR! I'm not clever enough for the 7 studs format this time!