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  1. Simply amazing ...the black livery with the white stipes is very fascinating!
  2. This topic went unnoticed to my radar ..until now! Wonderful upgrade with the new BuWizz and beautiful video! It's useless to say that this new compact system has allowed to improve the detail of a MOC already in the Olympus of the locmotives! Your fine works are light years ahead of all!
  3. Wow, from good to better, this wagon is your best masterpiece The whole convoy is becoming a heritage!
  4. Wow, fantastic creation! Very inspiring!
  5. Thanks guys, I was on vacation last week, but thanks for the welcome compliments!
  6. Wow, amazing project! I like this HE red livery for the new version of the 7745 Nice idea ...and wonderful station too!
  7. Small layout but great beautiful MOC and solutions! The locomotive yard is fantastic with all those round plate 1 x 1 inside the rails track!
  8. Very sleek! Beautiful colors and nice 6 studs wide format!
  9. Wow, beautiful layout and professional work!
  10. Hi Thorsten, this is a beautiful solution ...and thanks for your kind words!
  11. What a great set ...I love it!
  12. But this solution doesn't work for the bogie with motor ...or am I wrong?
  13. It would be agreat see the wheels half covered but I can't figure out how to do No worries for me ...just fun ...thanks for compliments! Thanks! For the new piece it would be great a double convex slope
  14. You're right ... after my next German tour I want to pick locomotives from other European countries ... but I don't want to reveal anything for now Noooo ...another mistake ...thanks fot the info! Thanks you guys!