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  1. Lovely design for the whole palace! I like the details inside the shop! The grid for the oil collection is amazing!
  2. Wow what a masterpiece! Top notch work!
  3. Wow very original! The orange looks fantastic here!
  4. Outstanding palace! I love the architecture and the obsessive attention to details! Great choice of every single character!
  5. Wow this is a fantastic MOC ...the background is amazing and the colors you've used are extremely cool!
  6. What a giant work move all those sets! Great final result!
  7. Fantastic beast!
  8. Very nice enhanced version... the xl bbb wheels are a great touch! Another amazing work!
  9. WOW this video is so sweet! I love this train with one wagon more! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Amazing locomotive! Great livery and nice proportions! Beautiful work!
  11. This is the correct point of view!
  12. I think that this kind of train would be too specific ...may not be any guarantees to sell a sufficient number of sets
  13. Oh wow this is simply gorgeous! Top notch work!