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  1. Welcome aboard old are you?
  2. This is my motorized 7715
  3. Very nice Udo very nice! This long train is a crazy thing ...I love it!
  4. Are you planning to realize an entire train? It would be great to see it with this great scale! [img][/img]
  5. Unbelievable mini technology! Thanks for the hint!
  6. Fantastic layout and beautiful running trains! Very well done my friends!
  7. Very well done! Beautiful!
  8. Fantastic main wall and beautiful first floor shop! The fourth picture looks very funny!
  9. Very nice!
  10. I like your garages ...and this one (in minifig scale) is gorgeous!
  11. Amazing! The motorized level crossing is a nice train stuff classic:
  12. Fantastic realization! The window looks amazing!
  13. Delightful tram! The front windscreen looks amazing! Great MOC!
  14. Very creative MOC! I like the pumpkins field and the pigsty with mud!
  15. Epic work for a classic model! Totally cool!