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  1. yeah, ive seen that too
  2. thanks guys!!! now im stuck mixing up random clones though i already made a mix of a Phase 2 stone, fordo, and neyo new clones!! wolffe (silver eye, scar, armor) cut lawquane Eeth Koth's squad Captain Lock Eeth koths squad trooper Crys (212th) (in background) 501st Kix (from left to right, Jesse, Kix, Hardcase) Jesse (left to right, hardcase, jesse, kix) Hardcase
  3. WELCOME!!!
  4. i attempted to make it
  5. adho, also can you make the clone "softshell" from republic heroes? (look infront of cody, its really just a red and yellow version of Switch)
  7. i just realized, dont you think they should have Neyo, Bacara, and Deviss in a clone wars episode?
  8. wow, nice job Flash!
  9. really nice job on the SWATs and the elite marine, i love all of them!
  10. mmmmmm........k so, no contest? I do like the idea of the contest you had last time
  11. I know what you mean, I'm 13
  12. Shading seems to be everyones only problem adho, I had an idea, you should have a contest, have everyone make a clone and you judge them to see whos is the best
  13. its mot that youre old, we're just young.
  14. youre welcome btw, i am gonna be gone for most of today, so ill have to try to acess this from the iPhone, sorry if im a little slow at posting.