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  1. Is it bad that a part of me just died watching this. I don't even allow my bricks to come into contact with direct sunlight for fear of permanent damage! Now if I were on another forum I would make a Paul Walker joke, but I digress. Even just based off that image, that's not the only damage. Look at the shape of the pinholes on the I beam, and also the stress marks in the beams on the other side of the car. The poor thing It has just occurred to me I have never seen seat-belts incorporated into a set before, either official or MOC!
  2. I agree with @Aventador2004, the play element once built is much more important to kids than it is to us. I recommend getting one of the sets that contain two or more small vehicles - like 42023 or 42062 (no planes, sorry...) - rather than a big, expensive display model. The larger sets have build times that run into 10+ hours and I have a feeling at age 9 he may get bored very quickly.
  3. Here's a quick teaser of my creation: 8258-B Crawler Comparison next to the original 8258-B It's only a teaser so far, because in the first video I made it was waaay too quick which made precision crawling near impossible. I have since geared it down to three times slower (thus three times torquier) as in the photos but not made a video yet. Hope you like
  4. This is amazing. I spent ages on RCT3 as a kid and would love to build my own. I'd have to clear out a few BL stores of the 2L pin connectors first though
  5. They do make fantasy tanks though, which is perhaps what @Aventador2004 desires, such as the 7706 Mobile Defence Tank.
  6. I noticed that too and yes they are!. They're the smooth ones without the notch. I don't know if it's just because these pictures might be renders and not actual bricks, but they might even be pearl grey...
  7. What a fantastic model! In January I stayed in Zagreb in a hostel just 30 studs in front of this model (and yes, that is an acceptable unit of distance!). I have even climbed the rickety stairs that zig-zag through your model, and I can confirm it is accurate and lifelike. Extra kudos for functionality
  8. Amazed at the variety and creativity of all entries. I have scored EVERY entry using (all but two of) @agrof's criteria despite it looking like I'm heavily influenced by bright colours! I wish I could do this in a Eurovision-style announcement... But here goes: 24: 10 3: 6 29: 4 15: 3 16: 2 7: 1
  9. I followed the FAQ to embed a video yesterday and that failed, and I know I'm not the only one - perhaps this needs updating. Like agrof said, copy the URL and paste it directly into the post. Give it a second and it will automatically change from a hyperlink to an embedded video. Also, make sure your video is set to public on YouTube. I found out it won't embed if it's set to private.
  10. Entry submitted! Hope you like it! Some other images from the entry post: And finally a link to my my Bricksafe where you can find a couple of bonus photos if you're interested Now that was hectic week of building! It's good to be back!
  11. 30. Name: Mr Cuddles Category: B - PF IR Signature Move: Grab 'n' Stab Weapons: Large claws grip the opponent so they can't escape, then a powerful axe smashes them from above Power: 2x Battery Boxes, 2x IR Receivers, 2x XL motors for drive, 1x L motor for axe, 1x M motor + 2x LAs for claws Dimensions: 45L x 40W x 18H studs (in idle mode) Claws extend to 60 studs wide to ensure even the largest opponents cannot escape Thick all-round armour plating protects all essential functions and components Ride height is less than 0.5 studs and the centre of gravity is very low down to protect Mr Cuddles from flipper-bots Quick and agile, despite weighing 1.85 kg Battery boxes are easily accessible for quickly replacing flat batteries ( see video) Other features: Intimidating name 12 sharp horns (possibly venomous!) The link to the discussion topic is here, and more images including some WIP can be found here. I hope you enjoy!
  12. Good News! Mr Cuddles is complete Here are a couple more photos for you: A few stats about Mr Cuddles: Weapons = Gripping Claws & Swinging Axe Signature move = Grab 'n' stab Drive = 2x XL motors Power = 2x Battery Boxes Axe = 1x L motor Claws = 1x M motor + 2x Linear Actuators Control = 2x IR receivers + 2x PF remotes Weight = 1.85 kg Defences = Thick armour plating covering all internals, low ground clearance (<0.5 studs), low centre of gravity, VENEMOUS SPINES! Favourite food = box frames; he has eaten 15 so far! A quick demo of the functions below. As you can see, all functions operate quickly (drive, claws, axe) which should give him the edge over the slower, more cumbersome entries So all that's left now is to edit my entry video together! Please let me know your thoughts, I'm really keen to hear them
  13. After a couple more days of solid building, I have a quick update for you. Weapons are mounted and operational, most of the armour plating is complete around the sides and the armour plating for the top is about 70% designed. The pincers/claws can open up to well over 45 studs ensuring no opponent is too big to escape them before the hammer crashes down on them. Unfortunately I can't build much tomorrow because of Easter commitments so it will have to be finished off tomorrow evening with the photos and filming for the entry post taking place on Monday. Talk about cutting it fine! Your impressions so far?
  14. Thanks! You're correct, there are only the two wheels which are individually driven, plus some tiny caster wheels from the 42020 for support. I've been a bit overzealous with box frames and bracing etc so the whole chassis is solid! No flexing or flimsiness.
  15. Hi everyone, First off, I'll do a little introduction. Even though I've been a member for many years I've mainly just lurked in the shadows, probably because I've felt I don't have the time to build or the expertise to make a contribution. But there was something about this competition that has me really excited, and so far I've followed all of the participants closely. Then at the weekend when the first entries started being posted, I thought "what the heck, why not". So (if I manage to complete within the VERY short time frame I've allowed myself) this will be my first MOC in nearly six years and my first ever posted to this forum! I've been building for just four days now, but nevertheless, meet Mr Cuddles. The drive is already working, except I haven't worked out where the IR receivers are going yet. It is very dense and compact; a total of 15 box frames so far! The ground clearance is less that 0.5 studs to protect it from flipper bots. I eventually hope for it to have two large pincers/claws on the front, powered by the LAs, to grip the opponent. This is where the name Mr Cuddles comes from. Then when they are caught and can't escape, a hammer mounted on the top will smash them from above. Wish me luck!