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  1. awesome, love the detail
  2. Still playing with story lines... AG 2 by Meyerj, on Flickr AG 2 by Meyerj, on Flickr enjoy. Jody
  3. Nice and simple. Thanks. Thank you sort playing with the idea of doing a comic story...maybe...
  4. So I have started to place a small pre story for the up coming AG2 Octan Gazzette_AG2 by Meyerj, on Flickr enjoy Jody
  5. Excellent. Been waiting for this to open up. happy building.
  6. Welcome, from Elliot Lake, Ontario. Nice tanks
  7. Um...there is also the 👽 Threat to the system.
  8. Nice, i see you found a way to make a blue print idea. I really like the lines and colour scheme.
  9. Is there a tag for black sun builders? Just curious.
  10. These are great, are these done in illustrator?
  11. These are truly awesome, I miss the classic space theme. I really like the portal, turned out nice, lots of great things here.
  12. This is looking great, don't think I would want to change that middle tire
  13. Hi Lucas, I would like to try my stars wars hand at building, I have a Death Star still waiting to be built...cheers


    1. LucasLaughing


      Great, thanks @Jody Meyer!  We should be able to start a group PM by the end of the week to give people more details, but feel free to PM me in the meantime with any questions.

    2. Jody Meyer

      Jody Meyer

      Is that black sun logo a vector? I would like to use it for my build's, like Bob did for his in AG...also going through the wookiepedia and wow so much to catch up on. Also I am in the chat room now as well.

    3. LucasLaughing


      Yeah, the version on wookiepeida is a vector; I ended up just taking a screenshot, and then uploading that to GiMP so that I didn't need to mess around with file conversion...