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  1. That is exactly what it is. half is construction, half is paper work. It says this in the rules (or it did in the beginning anyway.) This is why Sea Rats pay half, there is no paperwork, but there is still materials.
  2. I feel if someone had a cricket handy, that this cutting could be really easy, and done in mass numbers quickly. Anyway, as always, these look great, Ayrlego!
  3. Stop spreading viscous filth! Gods Save the Queen!
  4. Historically, blockades are not constant, their sizes would shift with ships coming in and out. Also, one or two large ships could usually blockade a small city that did not have some sort of naval defense on hand. It is probably noticeable to any who are in those towns, that it does not seem that more than five vessels are in sight at any one time. Also, I would like to note that there are 1000s of threads, if you need immediate answers, PMing me is easier. Or asking one of your leaders to ask in the court works too.
  5. To break blockades, you may send a predator fleet to the zone, since you know where the enemy is, there is a higher chance of intercept. Also you can send me a PM to remind me that they are going on this specific mission. Finally, you CAN be creative with your fleets... IE there is a way to send more complicated battle fleets then what is normally sent.
  6. A few of these are still sailing in the list, they just have not been intercepted.
  7. can you link it again, I must have missed your post here. This is the thread I check for those. But there were a couple times where i picked up reading and may have missed a page or three.
  8. You already nailed it. On a side note, I would like to say, that not all the game mechanics were meant to be shown to the general public from the beginning, and some pieces, ever. This was a conscious decision early on so that people would not powergame, and would have to take time and "probe" the system, to add some discovery.overtime and add more mystery. Most of the game mechanics are now public, but I think that in MRCA II we will have a probing period as well. There are a lot more things to do in MRCA II, so it should be interesting.
  9. Hey, it was in the forms and said it sailed! So it sailed, perhaps we need an automated checking mechanism Yes Scarst did not put them in there when he wrote that... Its Elysabethtown, Fuerte Unido and Trador --- in the current MRCA, sending a fleet to clear the zone will be the best way to break these new blockades. In MRCA II, there is a specific action for that. We won't see MRCA II this month, but if the blockades last, I thought you should know that. In the new MRCA there is, right now, its luck if they get recaptured. However, we could work on some sort of pre MRCA II story plot so that you could build a story to get the boats back. So, there is something wrong with the algorithm that pulled ship class and told me what each ship is, some ships were mixed up -- I thought I caught all of these, but it looks like I missed some. That is probably what happened. It showed up as a warship, this is one I missed. 345 is the new total, clear sailing! The blockade is NOW active, it was not during the month they sailed.
  10. The new MRCA deadline is March 19th. Elostirion, much of what you have asked is based on gameplay balance. I can't really get into going through them line by line tonight, I will try to share some thoughts in the next week. Although, some may be moot, since we will be publishing new rules soon (hopefully! Most have been written since December)
  11. Kings Port Advertiser and Ship List New Terra’s most reliable source for shipping news. February 617. VOL 2 ISSUE 1 The War Goes Well For Mardier! A bright sun is shining on Mardier today in these dark times, for the lesser nations learn their place this month, at the heel of Mardier’s boot. The Mardierian fleet has blockaded three major Eslandolian ports and is awaiting action from the rogue nation. Surely king Alphonse XIII is awaiting a swift surrender from the green menace, along with a great amount of compensation for this unwarranted hostility. Rumors are already flooding in that major Eslandolian moguls are already turning tail and fleeting to Redder pastures in Corrington. Among the brilliant news lies a bit of levity, the Garvian fleet that was seen heading towards our fair Kingsport was repelled. “How?” you may ask. “Surely our navy is busy dealing with the Green coats!?!” you cry. Both are valid inquiries dear reader. The truth is in the Tuna. The Bumbel corporations Merchant Armada seeing the danger to our beloved city sailed out to meet the Garvian fleet and made quick work of the scoundrels sinking a ship and capturing two others. When asked for comment the leader of the Bumbel Corporation, Harvey W. Bumbel III, was kind enough to give us a quote: “The Garvian menace affects us all, we must all do our part to ensure our great nation endures these malicious attacks. The Bumbel corporation is committed to the security of this nation and the good people we serve. It is for that reason our fishing fleets have been granted notes of Marque by our gracious King Alphonse XIII. Starting today our fishing fleets will be manned and protected by a minimum of one war galleon. And I will personally reward and take responsibility for any Garvian or Eslandolian ship captured during this war. I call upon the good people of the world to see these scoundrels for the scourge they are and take up arms against them. Today they attack Mardier but tomorrow it could be your home!” These chilling words have already made quite a stir among those on the streets. Rumors are abounding that Corrington has already made a deal with the Bumbel Corporation to strike at Eslandolia’s colonies. There have been an awful many Mardierans returning from Skaford Heights claiming a growing foreign presence, a shade other than Green, on the island. Kracken Attackin’ ? Although last month’s paper was full of tales of the Kracken, this month there does not seem to be much news. Although it was said that the Kracken was under control by no other than Queen Beatrice of Oleon! Supposedly she uses the foul beast to attack her enemies, foreign and domestic! Beware a woman scorned, indeed! Great Treasure? The Bumble Tuna Company’s pay ship LaCrosse sunk off of Terraversa two weeks past. Surely the adventureous salvager can find the ship before the company does! It is said that she had over 500DBs aboard when she was lost. Hurricane Season a comin’! Last year’s hurricanes were devastating to the New World trade. If my bones are correct, a new storm may be brewing here in the southern waterways of New Terra. Travel at your own peril! Ship List: Builder Ship Nation DBs Notes gedren_y Consort's Duty ESL 952 Sailed smoothly gedren_y Island Rose ESL 230 Clear Waters CelesAurivern Valkyrie II COR 0 Capture 4A "Tomahawk" CelesAurivern Peregrine COR 93 Almost foundered Brickwolf Eliza COR 157 Smooth Sailing Brickwolf Corland Provider 2 COR 197 Chased by pirates Brickwolf Corland Supplier COR 116 Chased by pirates Kai NRG The Golden Snake ESL 0 Caught Mardier Privateer "Blue Whale" 2A Kai NRG Dark Spirit ESL 58 Chased by pirates Tomsche HMS Green Dragon COR 181 Smooth Sailing Garmadon Shooting Shuriken ESL 52 Turned back after one port Tomsche HMS terrigan COR 0 Orders not clear Tomsche Sea Sparrow COR 0 Orders not clear Tomsche Crepe Fruite COR 0 Orders not clear Tomsche Fingernail COR 9 Found some fish Tomsche La Espada COR 6 Found some shrimp Tomsche The Cod Hunter COR 0 Tomsche The Wailing Whaif COR 0 No prety caught puvel HMS Alice COR 291 Good sailing Ayrlego Lady Jacqueline COR 742 Chased by pirates Ayrlego Alexander Keith COR 1112 Golden Voyage! Phadeout El Heraldo de Oro ESL 574 Good sailing Phadeout Ultimo Fenix ESL 0 Sunk in heavy gails Mike S Black Marlin COR 256 Chased by pirates Puvel The Defiance COR 124 Sailed well! Garmadon Fog-Breaker ESL 0 Eslandola Plunging Dagger ESL 95 Outran a pirate Legostone Wringe II ESL 265 Chased by pirates Legostone Reventazon ESL 505 Smooth Sailing MAESTRO La Mystique ESL 459 Outran a pirate Faladrin Raenette ESL 191 Sprung a leak, returned back to port after one stop. Legostone Green Winds ESL 0 Mutiny, nowhere to be found MAESTRO Colour of the Wind ESL 788 sailed well! MAESTRO COR El Rubi COR 565 Chased by pirates Legostone Santiago ESL 0 Caught 5HA "El Tigra" Eslandola Migery ESL 350 Caught Mardier trade fleet: 4T "Pinto" 4T2 "Nino Grande" and 3T "El Pollo" Eslandola Catfish Supreme ESL " Legostone Cardinal ESL " Maxim I Purple Rain ESL 1607 Golden Voyage! Maxim I Prince of Stedor ESL 253 Chased by pirates Maxim I Golden Star ESL 0 Caught by Mardier Navy. Maxim I Puppy Hustler ESL 184 Smooth Sailing TitusV Esmeralda ESL 746 Chased by pirates TitusV Arkady ESL 253 Smooth Sailing dr_spock Incognito SR 0 dr_spock Pink Lady SR 0 Caught Namere Fleet 3T "Punky" 4T 2 "Bombastic Pete" and 2T "Carry Me Away" dr_spock Long John Bronze SR 0 Found no prey Sir Stig Silver Scythe ESL 230 No problems! Sir Stig Winged Wisdom ESL 632 Chased by pirates Capt Wolf Piece of Eight ESL 1015 Smooth Sailing Capt Wolf Far Horizon ESL 152 Turned back to port after one stop because of leak. Capt Wolf Lady of Madrice II ESL 421 Smooth Sailing MCTC Prince Fernando ESL 551 Chased by pirates MCTC Jon El Flurry ESL 551 Smooth Sailing Capt Wolf Wolf ESL 0 Taken By Mardier War Fleet. Capt Wolf Sleeping Siren ESL 0 Taken By Mardier War Fleet. Eslandola Great Scott ESL 0 Taken By Mardier War Fleet. Eslandola La Raya Venenosa ESL 0 Sunk "El Phoenix Rey" Captain Genaro Centurion OL 35 Caught 2T "Poppy" Namere trade vessel Eslandola Maiden of the Deep ESL 0 Mike S Armina COR 0 Eslandola La Salamandra ESL 0 Eslandola Firefly ESL 0 Eslandola Victoria ESL 0 Eslandola Beluga II ESL 0 Caught Mar privateer 4A "Plump Patty" Eslandola Dread Treasure II ESL 0 Eslandola Stormbringer II ESL 0 Eslandola Asesino II ESL 0 Caught Pirate Edgar Teeth, 5HA "Cannonball" 4A "Tribute" 4A "Long Beard" Eslandola Oscuridad ESL 0 Eslandola Blood Diamond ESL 0 Eslandola Golden Grasshopper ESL 0 Eslandola Morning Fog ESL 0 Eslandola The Gallant ESL 0 Bregir Justicia COR 0 Caught pirate Tack Renfrio, 4A "Mule's Heart" Umbra-Manis Aurei Lacerta ESL 230 Smooth Sailing Ulric Brickenheim Little rat SR 217 Smooth Sailing ETTC Belson COR 640 Chased by pirates ETTC HMS Sparta COR 509 Smooth Sailing ETTC Supreme COR 93 Chased by pirates Bregir Dozy Dragon COR 0 Sunk in a storm. ETTC Golden Filly COR 0 Did not leave port due to disease. Bregir Blazer COR 556 sailed well! Corrington HMS El Bellos; HMS Bagg of Bolton; HMS Badger; Don Obello; COR 0 Caught pirate "Octavia" 5A, Sunk three other pirate ships. Bregir Sphinx COR 0 Sunk at anchor in second port. Salvage value 60DB Bregir Revenant COR 271 Chased by pirates Bregir Goshawk COR 362 Smooth Sailing Corrington HMS Pandora; HMS Golden Goose; HMS Captain's Chest; HMS Publius; HMS Huntress; HMS Friend's Forever; Mardiers Misfit; HMS Mars; HMS Victoria COR 0 TitusV Dragon's Revenge ESL 0 Corrington HMS Whisper; HMS Bullshark; HMS Gauntlet; Carnage COR 0 Caught pirate 4A "Coldsnap" and 2A "Spice Merchant" sunk 2 others. Elostirion Cotton Lady ESL 153 Good sailing Elostirion La Presta Canosa ESL 230 Chased by pirates Elostirion Colonia ESL 0 Mutiny, turned back to port, recovered by authorities. Elostirion Pearl Diving Canoe ESL 15 Found some pearls. Nova Terreli Joans Raft ESL 5 blackdeathgr Little Hermes OL 122 sailed well! Captain Genaro Le Protecteur OL 0 Captain Pirate Man Swift OL 0 Please check the licensing on this one. Franco Clarke Black Barbarian OL 161 Chased by pirates Matthias Cog 1 OL 161 Smooth Sailing Mpyromaxos Le Fierté OL 207 Smooth Sailing Khorne Dagger OL 122 Chased by pirates azog La Fleur Pourpre OL 276 Chased by pirates Captain Becker Pegasus OL 298 Smooth Sailing Captain Genaro Pride of Poseidon OL 298 sailed well! Col. Brik Empty Barrel OL 276 Chased by pirates Dannylonglegs The Singsong OL 298 Uneventful Journey Dukesc The Corcel OL 0 Dukesc The Galaxie OL 0 Caught 4A pirate "La Cranibia" Dukesc The Navigator OL 0 Dukesc The Ranger OL 276 Smooth Sailing Dzoni90 Comet 2 OL 596 Golden Voyage! Franco Clarke Vif OL 298 sailed well! Franco Clarke Colombe OL 0 Franco Clarke The Pharaoh OL 0 Kolonialbeamter Vigilante OL 0 Oleon HRS Tigre OL 0 Caught 3A pirate "Credibility" Oleon HRS Eltina II OL 0 Oleon HRS Triton OL 0 Phred The Resurrection OL 0 Phred The Turgut OL 0 Brandon Stark The Torino 2 OL 229 Good sailing Keymonus Mr. Twistie OL 275 Smooth Sailing Zaael The Fiesta OL 229 Good sailing Sebeus I Piranha OL 0 blackdeathgr Gladiateur OL Caught the pirate El Capo his ships 5HA "Tigerfish" and 4A "Alabaster" blackdeathgr Crete OL 498 Smooth Sailing Dukesc The Taurus OL 529 sailed well! Dukesc The Aspire OL 0 Sunk in a gail Dukesc HMS Tiddlywinks OL 0 Franco Clarke Stingray OL 373 sailed well! Gideon Zephyr OL 622 Smooth Sailing Kolonialbeamter Diligente OL 0 Kolonialbeamter Santa Clara OL 700 Good sailing Oleon HRS Ville d'Acropolis OL 0 Squadron sunk 3 vessels. Oleon HRS Breshaun OL 0 Oleon HRS Pride of Oleon OL 0 Oleon HRS Ville de Granoleon OL 0 Oleon HRS Infatigable OL 0 Oleon Fleur Verte OL 622 Chased by pirates Phred The Benefactor OL 420 Good sailing Phred The Demon Sea Turtle OL 0 Phred The Aspiration OL 778 Chased by pirates robinnilsson403 The Prophecy OL 529 Good sailing The Sarge Ètalon OL 373 sailed well! Captain Genaro Étoile du Sud OL 762 Chased by pirates Dukesc The Lightning OL 952 Good sailing Kolonialbeamter La Recouvrance OL 0 Mutiny! Ship whereabouts unknown. Kolonialbeamter Comtesse de Praenia OL 762 sailed well! Kolonialbeamter Persévérante OL 0 Oleon HRS Infatigable II OL 0 Oleon HRS Audacieuse OL 0 RNTC Esprit Tyche OL 0 Could not make this voyage because it is a 5T Kolonialbeamter Pélican OL 17 Found little of value Oleon HRS Ville d'Astrapi OL 0 Captain Pirate Man Jenny 1 Rowboat OL 12 Found little of value Captain Pirate Man Jenny 2 Rowboat OL 9 Found a floating corpse Kwatchi Sirrus SR 499 Golden Voyage! SilentWolf Pinto Filly COR 788 sailed well! SilentWolf Alexander COR 181 Smooth Sailing SilentWolf Flying Colt COR 93 Smooth Sailing SilentWolf Don Obello COR 0 Kwatchi Peregrine SR 0 Gulagurag Hera' Fury SR 0 fleet caught Mardier privateers 3A "Toby", 4A "Mac Quinnes" and 2A "Chumpy" cb4 Parakeet SR 103 Smooth Sailing Gulagurag Night's Whisper SR 0 cb4 Nemesis SR 0 Jacob Nion Queen Annetta's Revenge SR 0 Fleet caught Corrington traders 4T "Bridge To Terraversa" and 3T "Queen Annetta's Price" Jacob Nion Longzhou SR 0 Jacob Nion Lady Arlene SR 293 Smooth Sailing Nivremis Crimson Dragon SR 52 Chased by pirates SR Catfish SR 0 Fleet caught 4A Mardier Privateer "Lillydale" SR Crow's Feet SR 0 SR Corporal Milton SR 0 MKJoshA Tigerlilly SR 72 Good sailing SR Poseidon's Revenge SR 0 SR Walrus Returns SR 0 MKJoshA Darting Frog SR 0 MKJoshA Warped Wood SR 586 Golden Voyage! SR Hades' Trumpet (formerly Strumpet) SR 0 SR Vagabond King SR 0 MKJoshA Clearance SR 0 MKJoshA Viper SR 0 See above to fleet MKJoshA Golden Dragon SR 0 See above to fleet MKJoshA Pineapple Revenge SR 0 Found no pray MKJoshA Jade Piranha SR 0 MKJoshA Freddy's Row Boat SR 6 pombe Absolutely Fabulous SR See above to fleet kaiju Dark Narwhal SR 0 Ran away from a 5HA privateer from Garvey kaiju King Archibald SR 0 Ran away from a 5HA privateer from Garvey kaiju Wight Spider SR 13 Good sailing
  12. It is in the pinned index post .
  13. You can do anything -- you don't have to be part of the EGS at all, or you can build and be eased into it. If you were to build a warship that did not fall under your free ship slot, then I am sure we could loan you the money to register it, or if you were building it for the crown, the crown would pay for it. Build away!