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  1. We should all expect that, that way we won't be disappointed if that happens. Who said the head had to be a single piece ? It could be made of three parts : a black one for the back of his head (plus the ballcup), a red one for his face (with some black printing on it), and a tan one for his horns (made of a softer plastic ?), which would be "struck" between the red and the black parts.
  2. No, which was my point : if they want to add a new shade of red to the Constraction colour palette, they would have to create it, because there is only red (or bright red) and dark red, in every themes. It's not only about Technic, or Constraction, or System, but about the Lego colour palette as a whole. Anyway, I think Maul will have red rather than dark red.
  3. If it's TPM Maul, I think his bike would help make his set more interesting. As others mentioned, TPM Maul alone would be terribly boring. A cyborg Maul could be cool. There's one difference, though : the different shades of blue that seem to bother many Technic fans already existed before they were added to the Technic range. It's not because it's new to a system that it's completely new.
  4. I really don't care if it's a woman or a man. I just feel they picked the right person to be the next Doctor.
  5. We don't have Darth Maul's set number, but it's probably going to be 75535. Within a wave, the highest set numbers are usually the most expensive sets. If Darth Maul is the most expensive set, could it be because, like 75532, it's a "vehicle set" ? Darth Maul has (had ?) a small speeder that would be perfect if Lego wanted to do another character + vehicle set.
  6. The 2018 topic could still be useful to discuss the (rumoured) next three sets (unless we count them as 2017 sets, if they're indeed released in December as it seems). BTW, this should answer @TwistLaw's question :
  7. Well... I was wrong.
  8. In addition to that, Rey (75528) will have 3M beams in dark brown, and possibly (but I'm not 100% sure) a pair of small panels (#21 and #22) in dark bluish grey (to cover her back). There will also be at least two Technic, Axle and Pin Connector Perpendicular Double in reddish brown on Chewbacca (his heels).
  9. There's nothing hinting at a new System IP. Does that mean System is doomed ? Maybe I'm just too optimistic, seeing the glass half full where you see it completely empty, but let's wait a few months, we're only in July. That could explain the parts count (according to promobricks it has 92 parts). We can compare it to the Shoretrooper : they have a similar parts count, and seem to be built in the same way (or at least it's very close). However, something doesn't add up, the Shoretrooper's blaster is made of 30 parts (32 if you count the extra stud and the 2M axle used to hold it), but I count 17 to 19 parts for the Praetorian's weapon (do weapons like that have a special name in our world ?). That means there are about 15 secret parts. There's a problem, though. The Star Wars torso shell doesn't fit on a Uniter Torso because of the geared part of the hips. They could still use a beam with a balljoint, like Umarak, but the top of the armour seems to be too close to the neck and the shoulder for that. Plus, it looks like the "skirt" would be in the way of the knob, although it means nothing, there could be a hole in it. Perhaps it will have a new torso that works like the Uniter torso but can fit SW shells ?
  10. I thought of something this morning. The fact that they skipped the set 75527 always bugged me, and surprisingly Luke is absent from the minifig lineup. They're certainly keeping him for after the movie is released, so I'm thinking 75527 is Luke and they'll release him in December, or in January. That could explain why only two sets are rumoured for the January wave : the third one would be TLJ-Luke. Of course, that's just a theory, perhaps there'll never be a 75527 set, perhaps the third January 2018 set will be another OT character, or perhaps there won't even be a third set. Yeah, I would've preferred a FO Walker Driver instead. What ?
  11. Hehe, TLJ-Rey seems to use 5M B-bones in flesh for her upper arms. Yes, there are pics out there, but remember the rule : If you find an image of a new LEGO set and it is incredibly blurry or stamped "Confidential", it is a leak-please don't post it here.
  12. Oh, okay, I thought you were actually referring the January 2018 wave, since you mentioned Boba and Vader just before. Thanks for clarifying. About Boba, I think the new hexagonal add-ons introduced this year could be used in yellow for his kneepads and in dark red for his wrist gauntlets. Anyways, I really don't see him simply being a recoloured Jango Fett.
  13. What do you mean by three waves based solely on new movies ? Did you forget the Stormtrooper Commander and the Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike that have been released this June ? Hehe, I had a similar idea, yesterday I jokingly said to @TheOneVeyronian that this new version could be Vader before he gets his suit, and that there could be a play feature where you can cut his limbs. More seriously, that's an interesting idea, but I think that would require either a very small head, or a very large helmet for the parts to fit, so I'm not too sure about the final result.
  14. But such parts have already been there for years : Lego is not "drifting more to mech's, brick-built villains, giant brick figs and vehicles", they've already done these before (especially vehicles, they've done hundreds, if not thousands of vehicles before). Look at themes like Exo-Force, or Knights Kingdom. They had brick-built mechs and characters (and that was over ten years ago), but these themes certainly did not kill "traditional" constraction. Something changed, sure, but I don't think Lego is intentionally trying to "dilute" possible constraction sets (or let's say, more generally, articulated figures) into the system-based themes they currently have, at least not much more than they did before.
  15. Now that's a dark color scheme for an Ice Warrior. Couldn't you add some white or gold pieces, to replace the black and pearl dark gray ? The legs are original. I think the SW leg shells "flow" well with the #3 shells above the hips. What would you want to change ?