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  1. Why a missed opportunity ? I actually like the fact that it was used as a purely structural element, it did show that this part wasn't only good for gearboxes. Now, I wouldn't be against a bigger set with a gearbox (which I hope will be Snoke, rather than Kylo Ren ). PS : Or 75530 could be a 2-in-1 set. Like C-3PO and R2-D2, for example. Aren't they still available somewhere ? At least the 2016 sets ?
  2. Yeah, if he wears the same outfit as in TFA a new Kylo set would be pointless, but I think these four would make a good lineup. You know, two good guys, two bad guys, two old masters, two apprentices... Also, about Rey, a new version could use the female torso shell introduced by Jyn.
  3. If there are only four sets, I rather think it's going to be Rey, Luke, Kylo Ren and Snoke. On another subject, I always found weird that set 75119 was called Sergeant Jyn Erso. This Entertainment Weekly article tells us why Lego used that name :
  4. Box size and weight for the TLJ sets are listed on Brickset. Sets 75526 to 75529 seem pretty standard (size and weight very similar to most recent sets), but set 75530's box is the same size and almost same weight as Darth Vader's box. That means it should have between 150 and 200 parts. That also means it's a character (or a creature ?) larger than usual. If what's on Brickset is correct...
  5. The #1 connector isn't new in gold, and if the flex axle is 16M long, it's not new either.
  6. Impressive ! How did you attach the cheese slopes at the end of the mandibles ?
  7. Erm... "Posted February 22, 2010". That topic is seven years old, Veebs, and apparently @Primus hasn't been active since 2014. Either you're super late to the party or you're a time traveler.
  8. The Scout Trooper does have dark bley bones, so they're not completely abandoning it. Anyway, I hope the future sets will give us bones in more (opaque) colours : I was glad to see that Chirrut Îmwe had flesh-coloured parts to make his bare arm, and I think it would be nice to have some bones (not necessarily all of them) that match the colour of the clothes or the skin of some characters. I'm actually planning on ordering four flesh bones for Rey's arms, to replace the black ones.
  9. The good thing with the Stormtrooper is that it (finally) brings part 90615 in black. The helmet looks great, but I'm really annoyed by the "edge" at the bottom. The speederbike looks good, although it seems a tad too small for the Scout Trooper. I hope it can be removed from its foot. Unless... Boba Fett comes back in TLJ. But yeah, the remaining sets should be from the next movie, and BZP and Brickset seem to confirm this, although nothing is 100% sure until we see some actual pictures.
  10. I rather think it seems medium azure because of the lighting. The panels near the rear of the truck (see here) aren't that strongly lit, and they almost perfectly match the shade of dark azure, whereas the medium azure parts are very slightly greenish.
  11. Well, it looks like there will be pink Technic (or at least magenta) :
  12. We might see the new sets this weekend at the NYTF. The press release says that "Popular characters also appear in buildable figure form with nine new sets." Three of these are Rogue One sets, and we know at least two OT sets. That means there are still four unknown sets. I doubt they will show any TLJ-related sets this soon (assuming there will be TLJ Constraction sets this year), but I hope the Stormtrooper Commander and the Scout Trooper will be shown.
  13. Have you seen this gif ? We can see the XL motor, below the cab, and what seems to be a L4 engine below the hood.
  14. Oh, yes, I thought you were talking about the new add-ons. But you're right, it's nice to see the new thigh shell in new colours. With the Stormtrooper, we could also expect it in white. Then build a new gun yourself, perhaps something with two spring-loaded launchers side to side.