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  1. You should ask @Scrubs. He has already modeled these parts for Mecabricks, so perhaps he could be able to "merge" them easily.
  2. No, flat silver parts are moulded in a silver plastic, it's metallic silver parts that are painted.
  3. Lego DOES paint parts. The Mini Cooper is a good example of this, because it contains both parts moulded in silver and painted in silver. More precisely, the parts for the front and rear bumpers are painted, while the hubcaps, the front grid, or the handles, are moulded. If you have the set, you can compare these parts, and you'll see a slight color and texture difference. If you don't, then you may wonder why bricklink lists some parts as Metallic Silver and some other as Flat Silver.
  4. For sets like 75532, or the older Bionicle vehicles, do you provide help for making the vehicles ?
  5. I've just noticed two rendering errors on the back of the box of the Stormtrooper : on the main picture, the shells on his left arm are swapped, and there is a 1M thick liftarm holding the scope, instead of a thin liftarm. PS : Now that they're available, I've ordered them from Lego Direct (among other exotic CCBS parts), here's the result : I actually don't think it looks that good, what do you guys think ?
  6. It's reddish brown. I haven't seen the 5x3L beams and the 1x11 beam, but I've counted 9 1x3 beams, and I see 2 Axle and Pin Connector Perpendicular Triple (part 63869) in reddish brown. There are also at least two 22961 in dark bley (the handles). Two of these are used for the pedals, but I don't know if they are black or dark bley. Also, there's one white 1x1x1 beam on the Scout Trooper, and two on the back of the Stormtrooper.
  7. No, but there are some details on Brickset. As I said earlier, this is about the same size and weight as Darth Vader's box, so that gives us some clues about what's inside.
  8. No, but given the price and the box size, it would have to be a small character with a small vehicle. Maz Kanata's hover-scooter ?
  9. 15 : 10 23 : 6 21 : 4 14 : 3 25 : 2 1 : 1 Good luck to everyone !
  10. I'm relieved to see there's a 20€ set ; after the six Rogue One sets, which were all priced 25€, I was afraid there wouldn't be 20€ sets anymore. On another hand, I'm surprised to see that the biggest set will cost 35€, given how close it is to Darth Vader. I rather expected it to cost 30€, like Vader, so I wonder what can justify this difference.
  11. A rOtring B20. I don't know if it has anything special though. I used it a couple times before to remove the printing of some CCBS chestpieces (example here).
  12. There's nothing 100% confirmed so far, but I would be really surprised if we don't. In this case we might as well wait for his own anthology movie. Speaking of which, the January or June 2018 wave could be dedicated to Han Solo's solo movie, and since Ep. IX doesn't come out until 2019 (May or December ?), we should get plenty of opportunities to see characters from previous movies / TV shows in Constraction form in the next couple of years. If Lego keeps the current schedule and if they don't put an end to the SW Constraction theme.
  13. Thank you. (: I did consider using Mr Incredible's legs, but I chose Mickey's legs so I wouldn't have to swap the hips. As @Robianco said, the Artic Explorer's boots are dark blue. I think this page on Brickset shows the complete list of plain dual molded legs.
  14. Just gave boots to my A-Wing pilot : As plain dual molded red / black legs don't exist, I've bought Mickey's legs on BL, and I removed the printing. I could use an eraser for the white dots, but I had to use nail polish remover for the yellow shoes.