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  1. Looks quite accurate. Well done!!!
  2. In one of your videos I seem to remember seeing some sensors being used. Are they still on the cards? Where I want to go with my layout you sort of alluded to in the following post: 12 volt-era equivalent parts is what I have been hoping/wishing for. I have started getting all the bits and pieces together to build up a 12-volt layout, but I soon found the cost of some of the parts to be prohibitive - and general life expenses getting in the way of a Lego train project (that's the wife talking!). There's also the risk of parts becoming more and more scarce and therefore even more expensive in the future. Your system has the potential of being better than the 12-volt system as we won't be as locked down as that system was by the fact that we can use controllers like Arduino. Also, nothing is stopping you from inventing various add-ons down the track (such as proximity sensors). We also get the added benefit of mobility with a tablet device (if wanted). De-couplers, switches, lights, motor controls - this is all going in a fantastic direction, and one appreciated by those of us that aren't as technically-minded as some of the other people on this forum.
  3. Well done!!! Looks awesome. Getting closer and closer to what I want/need for my layout. Keep up the great work!!!
  4. *Drool* Want this sooooooooooooo bad!!!
  5. Ahhhh, great idea! Didn't think of remote desktop as a solution to going mobile with this. The excuses to not buy this setup are quickly diminishing (although, I would still like the lights that have been posted earlier in this forum :hint :hint).
  6. Congratulations on the new website guys! As others have said, it would be great to get some instructions and/or some LXF files on the site to replicate some of the great MOC's that are out there, and, having a repository for the Railbricks magazines would be awesome (not sure if I grabbed the last couple). Keep up the great work, and, hopefully I can contribute something to the website myself in the future!
  7. Fantastic looking trains! I especially like the lights at the front - very clever!!!
  8. Upcoming Lego Train Set? Hardly!
  9. Very clever. Well done!
  10. I am loving where you are going with all of this, from the controllers to the monorail stuff you are working on. Is there any way that we can get our hands on that nControl software at the moment? I would love to just play around with it to say what is possible with it. Keep up the great work!!!
  11. Fantastic layout. I especially like the train station!
  12. Great looking bridge and a great solution to joining the two sections of scaffold/"frame" (55767) together. I have a similar style bridge at home (nowhere near as detailed) and had all sorts of issues trying to join the pieces together in a sturdy way, without looking silly (I ended up using some Technic pins joined by some 2x4 tiles).
  13. Yep, I just realised Rich! I think I was confused when I was watching your video because your layout is the same as mine, so I think I just saw what I wanted to see - if that makes sense. Hmmm, might need to think about this a bit more before I make a change.
  14. I just discovered this topic and it's great to see the various "drafts" you have done to get to the final MOC. The first version was pretty good, but, the latest version really is the best one. You have really done a good job! Keep up the great work and would love to see other sections of your layout coming together.