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  1. @Toastie, you could almost sell these!!! Well done with the ingenuity!!!
  2. If you come up with a working solution, it would be nice to see some kind of tutorial on how you did it. I think a lot of people would like to play with a non-Lego battery solution for narrow trains, but just don't know what they are doing (me included!) with electronics and gadgets.
  3. Insane amounts of design and engineering in that MOC!!! I think you've just unlocked the next level - please insert coins to continue!
  4. Stunning!!!
  5. I love this layout!!! My own layout will be size restricted as well (3 x 9, 32 x 32 baseplates), so I can appreciate the work that has gone into your layout. I am drawing a lot of inspiration with what you have done and I am going to head over to your Flickr page now to see the other photos!
  6. Thanks for the detailed reply. Goodbye SBrick, hello 4DBrix!!!
  7. That is such great news!!! From that photo that you posted, is that a genuine Lego train motor attached to the bogie? And is your "control unit" running via bluetooth? I'm just trying to work out how multiple trains could work if it's wifi or another protocol.
  8. The only thing I can see as missing is a way to control the motors in my trains from the nControl software. Or am I missing something? I'd be happy to invest in your products at this stage, but, I just can't work out that missing piece of the puzzle. Keep up the great work though!
  9. You truly are almighty, Arjen!!!
  10. Ha! I never thought of that before and your logic makes perfect sense. Indeed 32 doesn't divide into 3! I always figured that it was a software limitation with BB and I just lived with items not lining up properly. I now have to go play with BB and see if I can update my layout designs, Thanks for the tip!
  11. Apologies for resurrecting an old thread, but, I was wondering if there are any updates to SBrick that haven't been reported here? Has the slider/stop issue been resolved? How is the performance with multiple bricks/trains running in one profile? Are many folks (apart from @zephyr1934 and the others mentioned in this thread) using an SBrick for controlling their trains (or any other part of their train layout)? I was thinking about purchasing a couple of them, but, considering their price, I wanted to get the "lay of the land" before committing.
  12. That is such a unique video!!! And I was wondering the same thing as Beck - did the cold temperature affect the train in any way?
  13. Yep, that portal window is spot on!
  14. Looks quite accurate. Well done!!!
  15. In one of your videos I seem to remember seeing some sensors being used. Are they still on the cards? Where I want to go with my layout you sort of alluded to in the following post: 12 volt-era equivalent parts is what I have been hoping/wishing for. I have started getting all the bits and pieces together to build up a 12-volt layout, but I soon found the cost of some of the parts to be prohibitive - and general life expenses getting in the way of a Lego train project (that's the wife talking!). There's also the risk of parts becoming more and more scarce and therefore even more expensive in the future. Your system has the potential of being better than the 12-volt system as we won't be as locked down as that system was by the fact that we can use controllers like Arduino. Also, nothing is stopping you from inventing various add-ons down the track (such as proximity sensors). We also get the added benefit of mobility with a tablet device (if wanted). De-couplers, switches, lights, motor controls - this is all going in a fantastic direction, and one appreciated by those of us that aren't as technically-minded as some of the other people on this forum.