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  1. Miss seeing your awesome MOCs around here... hope you visit sometime!

  2. Great job everyone! I think it's too bad that Avanaut is penalized for already being a great photographer though.
  3. Easy folks! If my entry isn't right for the contest, no big deal. I try to think outside the box for the contests and maybe I went too far this time. Lesson learned - I'll try to stay within the lines in the future!
  4. Since it was Christmas Eve and construction of Death Star I was ahead of schedule, Vader thought he would surprise the Emperor with the Christmas formation he had devised. Fortunately, Vader had a lot of leftover AstroTurf from the driving range that was being installed on Level 47 by a group of entrepreneurial Jawas, who were nice enough to help out with the formation. It would be the last time the old clone armor would be seen as all units would be required to where the new Imperial Stormtrooper armor come January 1. I didn't get to do everything I wanted to do with this as I just ran out of time! I don't have any other pictures posted yet and won't for a while since I'm headed out of town. Good luck to all the entrants and thank you KimT, Eurobricks and our guest judges!
  5. Awesome, thanks everyone! I really didn't think I had a chance this time with all the great entries in the contest. I would have to guess that the voting was really tight. This contest brought out some really creative ideas that I liked to see. Since I already have the Comic-Con set and it's probably fairly expensive to ship, I'll let the set remain with KimT. I guess it could be offered to the other winners if KimT wants to do that or just saved for another contest. Thank you KimT for your efforts!
  6. Excellent work! I love this one - it looks just like a building LEGO would make for the line. My favorite little touches are the icicles and snowballs!
  7. Without a doubt, another excellent build by you, ACPin. For me, the problem is that for the contest, it looks exactly like something we would see in one of the movies, like a scene from Kamino, rather than being more creative. Again, it's an amazing entry and I'm sure you'll get a lot of votes, but for this contest, I prefer the more "everyday" style entries like Ackbar's Jazz Cafe that aren't like replicas from the movies. I'm just giving my opinion, I don't want this to create an issue or anything!
  8. I don't visit this area enough, but if stuff like this appears here all the time, I better check it out more often! This is simply amazing. Incredible detail and probably my favorite MOC in recent memory. Great work!
  9. He had to sell it and the Falcon to pay for the wedding. I wanted to include it, but unfortunately, I couldn't come up with a solution for it that I liked so I just had to skip it. Thanks everyone for the comments. This was a fun one to build, especially as I'm not usually much of an interior builder. I had a few more ideas for things to have around the room but in the end I thought they just cluttered the area too much.
  10. Han was finally finished. It was the work of many months, but the basement was finally converted into his dream man cave. To celebrate, Han invited the guys over for cards and the Boonta Eve Classic. No man cave would be complete without a full bar, and 3PO is ready to serve! Besides a full selection of wine and spirits, commemorative Alderaan Ale and Bespin Lite are available on draft. Han's most prized possession is this photo Lando took as Han and the Falcon ended their famous Kessel Run. Wicket just can't stop playing the arcade version of Call of Duty 9: Galactic Warfare. I have to admit, the multiplayer is really addictive. Here you can also see Han's trophy and plaque from winning Roon's Annual Mynock Hunt. Lando never passes a chance to play a little Talus Hold 'em. Even though he has to fold his winning hands to Chewie, he's able to take plenty of credits from R2. It feels like you're actually there when you watch podracing on Sony's new 90-inch 4320p Kaiburr Crystal Display Ultra Definition TV. A signed, race-worn jersey of Han's favorite podracer, Ark "Bumpy" Roose, is proudly displayed on the wall. Unfortunately, Leia isn't quite as excited about the new basement. Han hasn't left the room since he finished it 3 days ago. She finds his lack of help around the house disturbing. Keep watching, any moment now Jacen's rattle is going to be thrown at Han. He didn't even know women were allowed in the man cave. If only the remote could turn her off like that one Adam Sandler movie. Han often finds himself wishing he was still frozen in carbonite. Luke just wishes she would get out of the way. Thank you to KimT and everyone else involved with this contest! There are some great entries so far and I look forward to seeing many more as the contest comes to a close!
  11. Nicely done! Very clean build and looks like a futuristic living space. I was a little disappointed when I read the title because my entry is also about the Solos! They are significantly different though so hopefully there won't be any more Solo family entries!
  12. Awesome, thanks everyone for the votes! It looks like I was a year off though with my 3D version of the movie since they aren't coming out until 2012 starting with Episode 1! And thanks again, KimT and everyone else involved in putting together this contest! Jason
  13. +1 Holodoc for a great trade!
  14. +1 to lowbike1 for an easy transaction!
  15. Nice! I don't think I'll reach those kind of numbers, unfortunately.