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  1. Has anyone been able to find the 75127 Ghost Microfighter in the U.S. I checked my local Lego store a few weeks ago and they only had the First Order Snowspeeder from the Series 3 of Microfighters. Is this an exclusive or has it not been released yet because Amazon has it for well over double the MSRP of $10.
  2. [quote name='bootz' timestamp='1453689901' post='2448095'] A Twi'lek pilot would have been unlikely in the time period that they were using V-wings. Thay said, the model looks great, I always preferred the Imperial version of these. I love seeing other people's pet projects. I have a few myself between Star Wars and my town scale cars, so I know the pride that goes into them. [/quote] Thanks for the reply. The Twi'lek pilot isn't exactly lore friendly but neither is my origins of the starfighter. I'm actually terrible designing my own stuff and just like modifying/fixing Lego sets to my personal preference. I just became more invested in this model because I'm a huge fan of the V-Wing design. I guess that's just the price of being inspired by only pet projects.
  3. Hi guys, I haven't posted here in awhile, but I thought I would share my MOC/heavily modded of Lego's 7915 Imperial V-Wing starfighter. This has been my project that I've worked on and off since I got this set back in 2011. Originally, I planned to assemble it just to see the inner workings of the ship before modifying the ship to fit the entire astromech droid. I loved the ship (especially the cockpit piece ) so much that I continued to modify it and it has become my pet project. I have since redesigned the ship from bow to stern and added more features while removing the old wing system. The wing design shares inspirations from the X-Wing to Starcraft's Banshee while still keeping the old wing flaps as part of the design. I apologize in advance for the poor pictures and model stand. Any comments or suggestions are welcome. Hope you enjoy! Full gallery of high resolution images: http://imgur.com/a/uHXSe Lore: [i]"The Alpha-5 Nova-class Starfighter was a joint venture by Kuat Systems and the Incom Corporation to win the Galactic Empire's bid for its next frontline starfighter. Built off the chassis of Kuat Systems's V-Wing starfighter, the Nova was created as an air-superiority starfighter at the tail end of the Clone Wars to escort ARC-170 starfighters on campaigns. The biggest draw of the starfighter was its experimental hyperdrive engine, becoming one of the smallest single pilot starfighters to be equipped for hyperspace travel without the need of an external booster ring. The starfighter is armed with 4 cannons, one on each secondary wing, 2 proton torpedo launchers located towards the bow, and rear flares for evading homing missiles. However, the Nova was plagued by its high manufacturing cost not to mention difficulty to be stored in the Empire's new line of Star Destroyers. In the end, Sienar Systems won the Empire's bid to produce much cheaper and expendable TIE/LN starfighter. The few Nova prototypes became popular with Imperial spies and agents as a versatile and well equipped starfighter. The failed Nova design would later inspire Incom's T-65 X-Wing starfighter."[/i] [img]http://i.imgur.com/R0EN2CJ.jpg?1[/img] The flimsy design of Lego's 7915 V-Wing was significantly beefed up in my design. I gave the ship more heft to it and now that awesome cockpit piece fits more appropriately to a much sleeker looking ship. [img]http://i.imgur.com/54F8BqE.jpg?1[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/cRx89zH.jpg?1[/img] A view of the rear of the ship. Also notice how the landing gear are folded up. They fit snugly under the engine flaps but I couldn't really think of a better place to put them since they still do stick out. [img]http://i.imgur.com/w9hx98R.jpg?1[/img] Again sorry for the poor quality pictures. In landing mode, the 4 wing flaps fold down to cover both of the Nova's hyperdrive engines. I imagine from my experience with Star Wars that hyperdrive engines are very easy to damage and especially ones that are placed externally. [img]http://i.imgur.com/l6oKE8r.jpg?1[/img] Here's a closeup view of one of the hyperdrive engines. I originally wanted to modify the wings after Starcraft's Banshee but I lacked the appropriate pieces to make rotors. Instead I used these silver Bionicle claw pieces and they certainly do a great alternative. To the right is a better angle of the flare poppers. [img]http://i.imgur.com/3CR5h2K.jpg?1[/img] A view of the cockpit. There is a targeting display and a switch to make the cramped cockpit more detailed. Another feature I added which I feel Lego never does enough of is provide housing for minifigure accessories included in their sets. Here I have included room for a blaster pistol and a pair of binoculars. [img]http://i.imgur.com/sxFpp2Y.jpg?1[/img] Lastly, my lovely Twi'lek pilot and her astromech droid. Thanks for looking!