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  1. I haven't seen them for a while, but they were for sale on eBay some time ago. I haven't seen the Dutch Garrison version before... and yes, they will be expensive
  2. [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] Did you mean these Sir von Lego? I know the first three were commissioned from The Litte Arms Shop by LEGOLAND Germany and given to the German 501st Garrison in 2007. As far as I know the one on the right was made for the US 501st garrison.
  3. [quote name='ChiefPie' timestamp='1455147695' post='2468228'] How did you make the display walls? [/quote] I used 8 silver-gray plates and drilled 1120 little holes . A 2x2 brick with hole and axle ([url=""]BrickLink item[/url]) fits perfectly in the holes. This way the brick looks glued to the plate but is easy to move around (with the fig on it). I use the hole in the brick for figs like the IT-O Interrogator.
  4. [quote name='AndyRiley8' timestamp='1454932264' post='2465596'] WOW! that is a huge collection. Do you have every star wars figure ever? I would like to see some more pics if possible please? [/quote] Yes, accept for the metal limited editions, I have them all. [img][/img]
  5. Hi there, it has been two years since I posted my collection display here. Here is my wall (again)... It holds 922 minifigures (including key chains and magnets) and I am running out off space :o) [img][/img]