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  1. This is a royal collaborative build by (in order of appearance): @blackdeathgr, @Kolonialbeamter @robinnilsson403 @Captain Genaro, and @Brandon Stark. Comments and criticism are always welcome. Riding a few dozen yards behind the rest of the convoy, partially for privacy but primarily to avoid the dust tossed up by the convoy of horses, men, and wagons, Lieutenant Wolfgang Hochstetter worried about his future. The unsigned letter, the cause of his worries, sat in the lieutenant’s saddlebag as he pondered every possible reason for the unexpected order to return to Breshaun and report to the Royal Mint. The lieutenant was in charge of overseeing the convoys of pure Belson silver that traveled from the isolated mines deep in the island’s untamed wilderness to the massive smelting operations, and finally at the Royal Mint, where the metal was turned into coins, bars, and whatever else the King desired before being placed on massive galleons destined for Granoleon. Sure, there had been delays, the young lieutenant knew. The natives were getting restless again and there were reports of robbers, possibly even pirates, ambushing travelers along the isolated island roads. But these weren’t his fault, Wolfgang told himself, he was simply in charge of ensuring the silver kept flowing, something that, despite a few delays, he did very well. Still, despite his near perfect record, that single piece of paper in his saddlebag consumed the young lieutenant’s mind more than hordes of cannibals or violent brigands could. The sun was just beginning to set by the time the convoy arrived at the city gates. The convoy remained together for a few miles, but as they neared their destination, the wagon and guards took the right path which lead to the freight entrance behind the Mint, while Wolfgang took the left path to the front of the majestic building. The lieutenant rode on for a few hundred yards, the shadows growing longer, before finding a stable where he could keep his horse. Delaying only long enough to pay for his horses’ supper, Wolfgang continued down the winding roads before turning onto the tree lined boulevard which lead straight to the Mint’s main gate. Despite seeing the building on multiple occasions, Wolfgang couldn’t help but be in awe of the building’s sublime splendor. But it was not the intricate stonework or gold-plated royal crest that Wolfgang reflected on; rather, it was the sheer size of the imposing structure. And as the last rays of the setting sun disappeared behind the Mint’s enormous roof, Wolfgang passed the black iron gates and into the dark foyer. Immediately upon entering, Wolfgang was approached by a porter who, upon seeing the letter instructed the officer to “follow.” The two quickly took off and within a few moments were completely lost in the labyrinth of halls, stairs, and rooms. P2280008 by Robin Nilsson, on Flickr After countless turns and endless corridors, they arrived at a portion of the Mint Wolfgang had never seen before. A long simple hallway flanked the corridor, empty apart from two vigilant soldiers guarding a massive gold-plated vault. Like most visitors to the Mint, Wolfgang heard stories about the massive vaults deep within the building, but had never seen them. Walking past the guards, Wolfgang’s worries disappeared for a moment as he tried to imagine just how much wealth lay behind the massive iron door. But as imaginative as he was, Wolfgang couldn’t begin to fathom the plethora of chests filled with coins, the stacks of silver bars too heavy for the strongest draft horse to carry, and the long rods of pure silver destined to be melted down and turned into whatever the artisans (or more accurately, whatever the artisans’ customers) desired. P2280016 by Robin Nilsson, on Flickr They finally arrived in a rather large antechamber, empty apart from a few chairs and a secretary’s desk. After confirming that Wolfgang was ready to meet his host, the porter turned to the massive French doors and gave them two loud knocks. After a brief pause, a firm voice from within replied. “Enter,” the voice commanded, and the doors swung inwards revealing the immense office of le Intendant General des Finances d'Oleon. Realizing who sat before him, Wolfgang froze for a moment before walking forward. Reaching the Intendant’s desk, Wolfgang froze and, looking at the life-sized statue of Tyche that stood behind the Intendant’s desk, he clumsily blessed himself in the Oleander fashion. While he did this, the Intendant got up and proceeded to stand next to the young lieutenant who, upon finishing the blessing, turned, knelt on one knee, and kissed l'Anneau de Vele, the Ring of Vele, which rested upon the Intendant’s right middle finger. P1110334 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr “Lieutenant Wolfgang Hochstetter, reporting as ordered, my lord” said Wolfgang as he stood up. The Intendant stared for a moment before speaking in his firm, cold voice. “Fortuna iuvat pias [Fortuna favors the pious], Lieutenant. I have seen men greater than you, men of Oleander birth, who upon entering my office kneel before me before paying homage to the goddess,” replied the Intendant, his cold voice showing just a mere hint of kindness. “Those men have all failed. You, however, a foreigner no less, knows the proper order of things. I am pleased to see this. Sit,” the Intendant gestured toward two chairs. Wolfgang bowed and thanked his lordship and walked towards the chairs while the Intendant walked towards a liquor cabinet and filled two glasses from separate bottles. Speechless, Wolfgang struggled to grasp his situation. Not only did he meet a Peer of Oleon, but he received some rather high praise and was now being served drinks by the same Peer. P1110341 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr “I believe you are found of raspberry schnapps” said the Intendant as he held out a glass to Wolfgang. Wolfgang nodded before the Intendant toasted “To the King” and they both took a long swig from their glasses. “You must forgive the secrecy, but there are those that must not know of my presence in Breshaun and especially of my meeting you” stated the Intendant in a conversational tone. “You are aware of the fate of Major Leon?” Wolfgang thought for a moment. “The RNTC officer who drowned in Lavalette?” “No, the RNTC officer who was drowned in Lavalette. Make no mistake, Lieutenant, Major Leon was killed, and he was killed by the Order.” “But how can you be so certain, my lord. I don’t mean to doubt your lordship, but these are serious accusations” a stunned Wolfgang replied. “It’s all in a report I shall give you. But I did not order you here to explain my reasoning. No, I ordered you here because there is an opportunity you should accept.” The Intendant took a sip of his wine before continuing. “It appears that the RNTC is in need of an officer to command its forces in Lavalette. You are my primary candidate.” Stunned, Wolfgang couldn’t believe his ears. “Me, sir, my lord?” stammered Wolfgang. “I don’t mean to question your lordship, but are you quite certain.” “I have reviewed your record,” replied the Intendant. “Your intelligence and brutality, especially your unique methods of interrogation and native pacification, are in high demand in Lavalette. Better yet, as a foreigner, I have nothing to fear from you. It’s a miracle you made it to a lieutenant, but you won’t advance any further in the army. You need me if you hope to advance, so you can’t betray me.” “Your praise is too much, my lord. I simply served the Crown as best I could.” As he said this, Wolfgang reflected on the Intendant’s words. They were all true, and what choice did he have? As an exile, he could never return to his home country and his welcome in other lands wouldn’t be any warmer than Oleon. With no skills other than his military knowledge, he couldn’t exactly change careers and he had no desire to spend the rest of his days as a lieutenant taking orders from men half his age. Besides, he had no family and the new settlements further east offered untold opportunities for fortune and fame. “What do you command of me, my lord?” At this, the Intendant stood up, walked over to a smaller desk and pressed two seals onto a sheet of paper. “Your orders, Major Hochstetter, are quite simple. Restore order in Lavalette, check the spread of the Order’s authority, and find the assassin who killed Major Leon.” P1110344 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr “The assassin, my lord?” “A cleric of Hades. I only know of two priests of Tyche in Lavalette right now, so the cleric has not decided to make his identity known. Your report includes a list of names, one of which is our cleric. You are to identify him, arrest him, and have him sent to me alive. Is that clear?” the Intendant asked with a threatening tone. “My lord, I’m not sure I heard you correctly, sir, as I’m merely a lieutenant and the next rank is,” “I am well aware of military ranks, Major, and I hope you are aware that in this matter my word is final.” “Yes, my lord. Certainly, my lord, forgive me, I never meant to question you.” Wolfgang paused for a moment before continuing. “May I ask how you know so much about the assassin?” The Intendant stared for a moment before continuing. “Your horse and personal affects have been loaded onto the Philip Roi, and you are expected onboard before the morning tide. Your uniform is in your cabin along with a tailor who can make the final adjustments. Congratulations on your promotion, Major,” said the Intendant as he stood. On que, two servants opened the massive French doors to the Intendant’s office. Wolfgang stood, feelings of fear, pride, and confusion all competing inside him, took his leave, and began to exit when the Intendant interrupted. “Major, the assassin shall be delivered to me alive. There is no debate on this point.” P1110315 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Brandon Stark's Story: Breshaun Collab 1 by Brandon Stark, on Flickr Breshaun Collab 2 by Brandon Stark, on Flickr Brandon walked through the Royal Mint of Breshaun, on his way to a meeting with the Intendant General des Finances d'Oleon. It was two weeks ago when he had received a summons with the royal seal asking him to come to Breshaun for a meeting with the Intendant General. After a long journey and a brief stop in King's Port, Terraversa, Brandon arrived at the port of Breshaun. He had no time for a stop in Eltina. As he walked through the halls of the large building, which reminded him so much of the palaces back home in Oleon, Brandon couldn't help but wonder why he needed to meet with one of the kingdom's top officials. He thought he was summoned to be reprimanded or punished for settling an island without the Crown's permission, but that meeting would've been with the Secretaire des Colonies. Maybe they were going to force him to pay a fine? As Brandon continued walking down the hall, he noticed a familiar young woman walking in his direction down the corridor. She also seemed to be wearing a very familiar dress. Brandon assumed it was just his eyes, but he decided to get a closer look. As he got closer, he immediately noticed the young woman. "Lady Maelynn of the House of Couture. What brings you to Breshaun?" Brandon said in a half joking manner. Brandon also saw she was wearing the silk dress he had sent her with the money he made from investments and mayor pay. Maelynn responded with. "I'm not a lady yet, Mayor Lantell. And I'm following my father, who's helping run this mint for the crown" Brandon quickly bowed and kissed her hand. Maelynn Couture, the daughter of a prominent aristocrat back in Oleon, was Brandon's betrothed. He had gone so far in life since that day in the Juniper grove, he thought to himself. Though he and Maelynn were to marry soon, Brandon left for the colonies as part of a royal expeditionary force more than a year ago, though he stayed in the colonies even after his duties were done. "It is pleasant to see you after a year of being apart. You've only grown more beautiful since then." Brandon then looked at his watch, then remembered the time of the meeting. "Apologies, Maelynn, but I must go now. I have to meet with the Intendant General des Finances, and he is one you don't want to make angry. Now, after I'm done, would you like to come with me to the mayor's mansion tonight? I hear he's hosting an event for nobles and other prestigious people like us." "Brandon, I would be more than happy to go with you. Please meet me at the Poseidon Garden at 6 tonight. I have to go home first to prepare for the event. Just wait for me there. Until then, Brandon." Maelynn then begun walking down the corridor. Brandon then walked in the direction of the Intendant General's office, wondering what the meeting would be like. But Brandon had feelings of joy after meeting his betrothed after a year of being apart.
  2. This is my place holder. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
  3. Is there any restriction on the size of the MOC? I didn't see one, but I just want to make sure I didn't overlook anything.
  4. PVT Pierre Nochet reporting for duty to serve the Glorious Nation of Filace PVT Pierre Noche by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Having just turned 18, Pierre had his heart set on attending the National Naval Academy where he could earn a commission in Filace's unstoppable fleet. With the support of his family and friends, Pierre filled out all the paperwork, passed all the physicals, and completed the interviews. From there, what should have been a waiting game quickly turned into a race against time when, following the declaration of war, Parliament announced a draft was necessary to fill the military's meager ranks. Pierre lost this race when Filace Brick News announced that P59 was one of the first ten draft groups. In 24 hours, Pierre went from an Academy candidate to a verbal punching bag for various drill sergeants at General Indoctrination Center 16.
  5. This, sir, is a very nice, chubby merchantman. You did an excellent job with all those curves to give her a very tall yet chubby look. Lovely job with the stern details and the head rails. I'm not too familiar with this type of prototype, so I can't offer any advice on how accurate she is, but I can say that she's a well done MOC.
  6. That is one heck of an introduction. An excellent job all around, especially considering that you used prefab hulls. You incorporate plenty of good details that one would expect to find, the brick-built guns on the upper deck are a great addition, and it's really neat that you included an interior for the lower decks (even if it is harder to access now). As for advice, I would recommend working on the sails and rigging. Some stays and backstays should be simple to add, and could really help with the rigging (not to mention helping to keep your masts steady). Can't wait to see your next design.
  7. What a neat and unique little boat you've built there. It's nice to see some native vessels sailing the waters and it's even nicer when they have a fun backstory to compliment the build. As for the build, it looks quite nice. The ballista looks like a very interesting design (would it be possible to get some pictures of it without the black deck?), and the various ladders and crates are good details to include. I'm not sure about the holes beneath the cabin's windows; they are a little low on the hull and it seems like even a mild wave will result in water flowing into the boat. Keep up the good work.
  8. I'm interested in joining, but there would likely be times during the year that my participation would be limited (Jan-Mar). Would this be an issue?
  9. Don't shed too many tears for the Major, he was merely a pawn in a much greater game. That you for the compliments. Thank you for the compliment. I'm glad you like it. The results will be released shortly. Thank you, I'm glad you took the time to comment. I'm pleased to see that you like it so much.
  10. You're showing some good improvement here. Nice job incorporating some texturing into the quay wall and the use of different colored plates for the road. It helps to give it a less-uniform look that is very appropriate for a heavily-trafficked harbor area. I also like the use of a timber frame for the house. I've always liked those designs for pirate-era houses, and I'm glad you see you made one. I would recommend finishing the roof and continuing to experiment with the timber frame design. Keep up the good work.
  11. A lovely build all around. You did an excellent job with the beach and incorporating the corner of the jungle into the beach is a great touch. And of course, it doesn't hurt that the vegetation is well done, too. The sea weed washing ashore is nicely done as is the use of trans-clear and trans-blue to create the transition as the ocean hits the shore.
  12. Right now it shows that you licensed a small fort and the city hall as a small residence. Did you mean to license the city hall as a medium residence?
  13. That's a great jungle build you have there. I love the use of the sea plant piece to create hanging vines and branches; very convincing. I also like the use of different flowers on several of the trees. It helps differentiate the trees and makes it appear that they are different species. The slight variations are very realistic, too. Overall, nicely done. I would recommend replacing the brown path with green. Brown makes the path appear well-tread, but the growth in front of the explorers suggest that the path is just being cleared now.
  14. I'm glad you like it. As for the river, you only see the workers in the shallow banks as the barrels flow just fine in the deeper portions (at least that's my excuse). That's some very high praise, thank you. Our IT team informs me that just as soon as someone invents the internet we'll be up and running. Just give it a few centuries or so. And thank you for the compliment. I'm glad you like it. I'm pretty pleased with the way the water turned out. Well, the mayor's doing just fine (if a little hung over); it's the major who got canned. Hopefully his replacement is a bit better. I see what you mean about the trees, and I will be sure to take it into account next time I use trees in my build. I'm glad you like the story as well. I didn't even consider the rock issue, thank you for pointing that out. I'm sure that you could make thicker trees using this technique, though you might need to experiment to help give the trunk a round shape. Hopefully you'll like the major's replacement a bit better. And it's a little premature to give the Order a victory here...