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  1. Wow, that was a great scene, but it was really the story that drew me in. Such contrast and such darkness is foreboding and helps to bring out the terrible nature of war. The terrain is nice, and the ground looks nice and rugged. My main concern is with the grass along the road the vehicles are traveling on. In some pictures, it almost looks like the vehicles are driving over the grass and not the dirt.
  2. Ha, that's funny. I'm planning on posting my own artillery build later today. As for your build, it's very well done. The artillery is instantly recognizable, and I like the various defensive elements, like the mortars and machine gun nests, that you've added to protect your position. The bunker is nice, but I feel that it may be a little too tall and exposed. The terrain is great, too, but I think that you might want to consider putting the tan and brown plates that represent dirt either at or below the level of the green plates that represent grass.
  3. Nicely done. I wasn't expecting to get a double feature, and I was pleasantly surprised. The terrain looks very nice, and the gray with the greens work surprisingly well together. The foliage is great, too. The howitzers look really nice as well. I'm not too familiar with SPHs, but you've incorporated some nice details.
  4. That's a nice little MOC you've built there. I'm particularly fond of the subtle angle you've incorporated into the trench. Not too obvious, but it does a nice job of breaking up an otherwise straight line. The vegetation is decent, too, but I would recommend adding some more colors (such as the dark green you added) to add some variety and color to the landscape.
  5. Glad you like it. As for the fee, if you have to ask, you can't afford it. I actually think Pierre has a few more titles, but there's a point where it just comes across as pretentious. It is management's view that the lack of prior MCRA income is not representative of our MCRA prospects moving forward. As of May 1st, we have three merchantmen in our fleet which helps spread the risk of loss. Furthermore, there was no MCRA in March. Issues related to January and February can be found in Note 5.
  6. Attention Subjects of the Brick Seas, Here are the links to the Q1 617 financials. Any questions should be asked in this thread. Questions asked via PM will not be addressed. Report on the Financials Financial Statements Vive le Roi et Pour la Prospérité! Pierre Lavalette Genaro Duc de Vele, Pair d'Oleon, Intendant General des Finances d'Oleon, et Directeur de la Compagnie Royale de la Nouvelle Terre
  7. Hopefully later today, and tomorrow at the latest. I originally thought the last MCRA would be applied to March, thus impacting Q1 results, but they were added to May. As such, I just have to go and confirm one last time that the ending balance per the March summary matches what the financials show (I think there might have been one or two transactions towards the end of the period that I didn't record).
  8. Very nice story. Glad to see you're reintroducing your character (hopefully he stays around for a while). The tent is nicely done, and I like all the details you added throughout the MOC. The story is good, and it's neat to see how you incorporated some historical elements into it. Hopefully this unit will continue to contribute to Oleon's greater glory!
  9. What a lovely build. The style reminds me of Victorian architecture (at least, I think that's the right style), and the colors work well together. Having it span a canal is a neat idea which adds a nice, unique touch to this build. The interior is simple, but nice, and the side conversations make the building appear busy. As for the story, I'll eagerly await the next part.
  10. Thanks for taking the time to do this writeup. @All: Accounts will be updated with these DBs in the next couple days.
  11. That's a nice looking and (I think) the first tank in GBW. I love the open studs on the sides and the various equipment and weapons you've hidden on the tank. Though outdated, I do like the large exhaust system at the back of the tank (it reminds me of a Tiger). The building is well done and really looks like a high tech testing or manufacturing facility. As far as advice, I'd suggest reducing the size of the roof hatch and removing the thin bar from the end of the barrel. Right now the hatch is unnecessarily large and the skinny end of the barrel significantly reduces the caliber that you can shoot.
  12. That's a neat way to portray a bunch of troops and their backgrounds while adding to your nation's traditions. I really enjoyed the story and getting to read the background about each of the different units. I get the feeling that this build was mostly to present troops, but I think that adding a few details would really help. Yes, cemeteries tend to be fairly simple in design, but adding a few details (exterior fence, paved path, flowers at headstones) could be something to consider.
  13. The issue has been corrected. It should show up momentarily.
  14. Thank you. The boat is something I wanted to do for a while, and considering the lack of time, I think it turned out really well. Thank you. A sandcastle would have been fun. I'll have to remember that for my next build. I'm glad you like it.
  15. That's a nice mine you've built there, and based on all the silver, a really rich vein. The cutaway is a clever technique to show the inside of the mine, and I really like how you incorporated the support beams into it. The colors work great together, and make me think of a mine in the American southwest. Are you sure you don't have me confused for someone else? I don't recall using any techniques similar to yours.