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  1. Niku, there is actually nothing to see! You should try to fix the links!
  2. I tend to buy Elves sets occasionally, mostly for ladscaping pieces. All the friendsy pieces are actually used for sub structures you can' t see afterwards. Heck, I even use Duplo for that. So in the end I just need to get rid of the minidolls, anyone interested 😜
  3. well thanks for the encouragement here. As for "old school", I'd rather prefer my way of building to be called realistic rather than that. You know, people in the middle ages actually did know how to build straight angles. And in my hometown most medieval houses look straight and in fact not as bend, crooked and twisted as all those "new School" houses that are build in the DC fashion these days. When you look at these pictures from my hometown (North German/Lower Saxon style half timbered houses) you can see nothing weird looking about it. And actually this is what is influencing my way of building caslte mocs the most. And this is how I try to imagine "castle era" houses in Lego: vs. what DC is building: So while I do admit that DC's style and technique are far superiour to what I build, I'd like to claim that my stuff looks just as boring as the original. So why don't we call the way of caslte mocing realistic style vs, fantasy style instead of old vs. new school?
  4. As a father of a 10 and a 7 year old son I'd like to confirm that kids are interested in castle stuff. Heck, due to a lack of LEGO castles, they went on to buy a €150 playmobil castle with their combined savings. And without me telling them my feelings about Nexo Knights, they have decided on their own to give it the name "Nexo Scheiss" (Nexo Shit). I can honestly say I didn't influence them that way, well maybe just a little bit with all my castle, pirate and western mocs ...
  5. maybe it's not even Steen under that mask, who knows ... *whistles GoT intro tune*
  6. well thanks for the positive feedback on only half a moc. To give you an idead of what I'm actually working, let me show you guys this wip shot ...
  7. Who shaved Steen? Is that an Avalonian tradition? True Mitgardians are burried with their beards on!! Other than that, lot's of amazing stuff. Amazing to see, how you've developed since I introduced you to the secrets of snoting 1,5 years ago. I kinda hate it though when my students surpass me in their abilities ...
  8. found time to build a little something again ...
  9. Well, Steen Larsson had been waiting, had been hiding in a castle leagues away from where evil was happening, had survived the elemental war, had survived the Algus, had fallen in love and married a beautiful woman, had fathered a son, had had enough of war ... Off to battle one last time! left at home his wife and son, will Steen ever return? sorry, was planning to build something real big, but didn't have the time to finish, so I guess that all you'll get to see at this point is this. It's actually meant as an addition to Titus story and runs outside the contest.
  10. Obviously I was drawn to this because of the title, but the build is pretty cool too. I always like mocs featuring dwarves!
  11. You might find it easier to encounter ship builders around here
  12. I think I may repeat myself here, but what I don't get is why Lego is giving anything historical the boot, whereas Playmobil does their castle and pirate stuff over and over again and seems to be doing alright. In fact, their current Egyptians/Romans topic is so well designed that my kids forgot all about Lego over it. So why would the folks at Lego assume, that historical themes don't sell when Playmobil proves that there still is a huge demand for themes like that?
  13. Oh man, this is so nostalgig that it creates a really warm and cozy feeling inside of me ... *sighs* On another note, would it be impolite to aks how much you payed for this piece of childhood heaven?
  14. That is a very cool ship and it showcases some great details I didn't get into my version of a western steam paddler. I really like it as you don't see too many of these being build these days. However, I think it's a little short thus making it look a littly stubby.
  15. so Titus, are you the one who voted for that lump of black bricks :D