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  1. Oh man, this is so nostalgig that it creates a really warm and cozy feeling inside of me ... *sighs* On another note, would it be impolite to aks how much you payed for this piece of childhood heaven?
  2. That is a very cool ship and it showcases some great details I didn't get into my version of a western steam paddler. I really like it as you don't see too many of these being build these days. However, I think it's a little short thus making it look a littly stubby.
  3. so Titus, are you the one who voted for that lump of black bricks :D
  4. Such a shame I couldn't come, shame on my boss to make me work on a saturday ... Anyway, this puts me in the shoes to vote though, and I guess I'm going for theTribute. My own ships still sits in the docks but my bigger son has stolen a midsection from me to build his own ship ...
  5. yeah man, those servecas in Mexico hombre, I like 'em! Thing is, airfare for 4 people is just ever so expensive ... Wow, really interesting to see where this other discussion is headed. I was under the impression that I was the only one thinkig that this "DC-style-building" was heading over the top these days and that I quit going that direction altogether. And just like you I started going more for realistic colors and shapes and will continue to do so in the future. Definetely more satisfying for me to take mocing down that road!
  6. very nice city scene, much to look at and pleasing to the eye as usual. I wonder, have you actually started building a city yet?
  7. The name is kinda strange since there weren't any potatoes around medieval Europe until the Condistadors brought them from the Americas ... But the construction itself is really nice.
  8. oh man, we really haven't had one of those for quite a long time ....
  9. Mind if some Eslandolians will not respect this "council"?
  10. Hah, great ship Titus. I like how this is actually replacing the Rose of Asgard that I've just taken apart. What I like the most though is how you took my design a step further giving it an interiour I wouldn't have thought possible. Cool stuff dude!
  11. a certain wip appeared on my Lego table over night ...
  12. thanks for putting all of these together, it was quite fun to watch all of these together. Makes me definetely wanna build for the Guilds again ... oh wait, what's that castle doing there on the Lego table ...
  13. Very nice stuff! And although I haven't been to Chichen Itza yet, I've seen a few other Mesoamerican temples. It's definetely awe inspiring architecture and this is a great depiction of it!
  14. As much as I like this build, please resize your images, they are way too large!
  15. Rumor has is that Renato Filamento might have survived the jungle healthy and sane!