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  1. Murdoch, time I comment on this. Quite cool to see there are more people out here who care for western and work on a layout. So it's great to watch all of this a draw inspiration from it. Lot's of cool stuff to be found. All of this makes me feel like we should get a community build going. Alas, I doubt we're enough people who'd engage ...
  2. Thanks lads, glad you like it! @Titus: yeah sure, why not. And why don't you build a house or two for this? @brickcurve: I took inspiration from Deadwood, SD, the book being one of my favourite Westerns:
  3. It's actually a minifig illusion scale ship based on the current Australian replica, which actually features several mistakes, I know. One being that the stern on the replica is approx. a third too high, so maybe you are right and I should not worry about that stupid window too much.
  4. WIP Main Street:
  5. alright, as I've promised, I've picked up the project again: I'm actually redoing some of the thigs I did before, but this time I'm gonna make the broadside in one take and bend it a little bit to make the hull smoother
  6. Very nice moc: great use of colors and several interesting details. Actually, I don't really miss any fancy building techniques at all considering that western architecture wasn't that advanced in the first place either.
  7. Very cool, as always! The big question that ravages my brain though is, how did you achieve that inside red outside blue effect? I'm absolutely puzzled.
  8. as I've just mentioned in the other thread, I've picked this project up again, pics to follow within the next few days
  9. cool stuff, and funny that you posted this as I've just started another try at the same ship!
  10. Thanks Kai! I've actually used the waterfall technique before but not with snot rocks. But it's definetely better this way. @Garm: here's the pic you've asked for:
  11. Captain, are you okay? Yeah, it's really hard to find any mocs of these kind of boats and the ones I found were not very good. So I had to build my own. The most difficult part to build was wheel. It's at least the 7th or 8th try of creating something decent looking.
  12. well, Renato used to be one of the early explorers but was keen on marrying the King's daughter himself. However, after he got the news that the King had given his daughter to someone else, he was so mad that he went eploring again, especially after hearing the rumors of the fountain of youth ... thanks for the positive comments lads! I basically had to build something to get back into the mocing mode after stress at work had knocked me out for quite a few weeks. So don't take the story too serious ...
  13. wow, this is awesome! I've always wanted to build this crane, but haven't managed to do so yet. So I'm glad you have. Good job!
  14. Thanks for the feedback guys. Not sure why Western is only such a small niche areound here. I've always loved the theme but was in my dark ages when it first came out. Now that I have the nessecary pieces and figs I thought I might finally put together something bigger. I'd even propose a community build if there were more people to join. Alas, as it looks there actually aren't that many people who'd be willing to participate ... I'm actually referring to an old GDR comic series from the 1960s in which steamers were portrayed like this: As you can see here the rim isn't actually that high. I do admit though that this might not be a very accurate depiction of the real thing. As for a water effect, as I've mentioned somewhere else, I'll put this into a larger layout so in the final version there will have some sort of water effect.
  15. Thanks for the welcome here guys! Gald you like what I've put together so far. But as I've said before, this is my first try at a train, so feel free to take apart what you don't like! Well, I'm using the 79111 connection between main body and frontrunner, so at a decent speed it does move through curves. However, I can't run it in 1st or 2nd gear and it also looses speed when I run it in higher gears. Wonder why that is ...