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  1. Yeah, if you go see the movie.
  2. This is really good stuff.
  3. There is a mold in the lego movie that didn't make any sets though, the "ten gallon hat" from the old west saloon - so something will probably slip through the cracks.
  4. This is really a good one. Good luck!
  5. "Let's talk about your relationship with your mother" I like the legs and the back with the little Star Wars fella the hoses attach to. Also the dainty big hand arms and the robot speaker mouth. Pretty unique! Also see a therapist :D :P
  6. Something I realized I'd like, playing through the force awakens video game, is Lego space micro fighters. There are some fantastic ships in there that aren't traditionally star wars looking. I know that probably wouldn't satisfy everyone, but a few waves of pocket money riffs on the vehicles and figures of all the different old factions would definitely scratch an itch for me. Get some space out there with a lot of variety and without committing to a full line. Waiting for Benny the spaceman to pull through when the Lego movie sequel shows up.
  7. Leprechauns? I'm down for leprechauns.
  8. I feel like the banana suit guy is the cartoon Maniac kid from LEGO Mania Magazine
  9. I'm feeling like it's a tshirt cannon
  10. I approve this hyperbole.
  11. Marceline is a necessity. I wonder: if they're doing villains as evil as Voldemort, buddying up with the heroes, the Lich is a visually interesting character. (Not that I expect it, ice king with a brick Gunter sounds likelier. But boy I am looking forward to all the quests and areas and NPCs in the adventure world.) In the same vein: if they've done characters as not-really-a-character as ACU trooper, couldn't everyone's Rex Fury prediction become a.. CMS clown or something? Oh wait shoot, Chase's whole thing is changing into wacky costumes right? That figure is gonna be worth it then. I saw the pirate ship in the banner and got excited for a minifigure metalbeard or some pirate property entering the game - and then I remembered the goonies. Also I wonder if they'll get to do another double voice work deal like emmet/Owen for Alfred/Voldemort.
  12. You don't think there's room for one of the Dad's terrible inventions as a gadget?
  13. There's no replacement parts for CMS. I had a Shakespearean actor with a yellow arm, my only defective fig so far (out of full sets of every series, except gold, Olympics, and football). Had to try to get refunded through TRU and the manager was a real dillweed.
  14. In fairness, I can't imagine that there won't be fuel for physical toy discussion in the same reveal.
  15. Also de-supernaturalized. I was actually shocked to peek in the sarcophagus and see the mummy was just no-nonsense historical dead fellow. I'm into it!