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  1. Moved this to our Pub.
  2. 1. Bump it if you have something important to add, in this case it is much better to bump than to open a new topic, for the very same thing. 2. It shows on the first page of the search results when you search for Pneumatic Actuator... Merging with existing topic.
  3. Too late - back on topic. Ok, I don't see harm in sporadic non-related post, but let's not take 6 or so posts talking about ranks and derailing the topic.
  4. @DayWalker Please don't quote whole post with big block of images and text (like on previous page).
  5. Moved! Thanks!
  6. @Darth Max You have already been told by Moderator that site guidelines does not allow new members to create selling topics, and yet, you made the same copy-pasted selling topic in another subforum. Please don't do this again.
  7. You did not make a discussion topic about Buggy motors, you made a poll-like topic: People took their time, answered with numbers, and now you open a new poll topic for same thing? Please don't do that. Use your existing Buggy motor topic, count all the people's votes and edit your first post in original topic and you will have the very exact result you want here.
  8. Hello Milan,

    Would it be an option to merge my two Rugged supercar topics. It was a bad and confusing idea to start a separate thread for the MOC.

    These two topics:

    I hope you can do this. Thanks!


  9. Hi Rolic, All moved! Thanks for your suggestions! I am especially glad that we have that beautiful XJ220 in this forum now!
  10. Any model is eligible, as long as it comply with the rules, and if staff decide it is fitting the HOF. Nominating your own MOC is not really a point of HOF suggestion topic. A MOC should be noticed by other members and recommended by other members, in order for a staff to take it into the consideration. Hope this helps.
  11. I like the turntable. Driving is not working properly?
  12. No, only EB contests. And no, as they need to have EB topic, posted by original builder.
  13. Guys. Please get back on topic. You can discuss wheel colors via PM or in topic dedicated for that.
  14. That is great to hear! I would then suggest you to take another look at the guidelines. There you will find why your Ideas links were removed from both topics, and Here you can see how to post pictures larger than 200kb. They just need to be hosted on another site, like Flickr, and linked here.
  15. Since this member posted exactly the same post in Technic Forum, looking for promotion, I have removed links in both topics, and suggested him to properly present a MOC with pictures and description, not just a link to Ideas.