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  1. Please read the rules on the first page. Yes, you do need a video. No there is no maximum video time. The shorter, the better, as voters wont have a time to look all in details.
  2. And that's what we are looking for. A machine that will look like what is supposed to look - a fierce gladiator capable of push, pull, punch, drive over and destroy the opponent. No one said it has to look pretty. It has to look good for what it is. It needs to be subjective. Each of the builders and each of the voters will have its own opinion which machine has the most "likeliness to win the battle", and will build and vote accordingly.
  3. Rules say your model needs to have steering and driving, and at least one motorized signature move. Besides that you can have additional motorized functions. Someone might want to use all the channels available, or signature move could require different movements with different motors.
  4. Yes, you can! Happy building! Also, try to use capital letters at the start of the sentence.
  5. Correct. No, it has to be a single bot. No, but it can shoot rockets and other stuff, as long as the trigger is remotely operated. Arena is the space where you will take the video and pictures of your model. There are no rules or requirements about that. Your "arena" must be sufficient for your bot to demonstrate its ability to drive/steer smoothly and show off its signature move. So enough space and enough light.
  6. You can build any battle machine you want, as long as it fits the rules. There is no fixed rule about the look, BUT try to follow the spirit of the contest! So, unmanned tanks, walkers, bipeds...are okay. Just make sure it can drive/steer and to have a signature move.
  7. If you have already posted pictures of the model of battle bot, then you can't enter the competition with that model. But you are free to start a new one! I really don't understand what you mean here...
  8. 1. No modifying parts. 2. Will get back to this. 3. Yes, video is mandatory, it is stated in the rules :) Still just Studs.
  9. That's correct, or lets just quote our TC11 Expert Guest Judge: “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”
  10. @Madoca 1977 Their pictures and promoting them in any way (even in negative context) is not welcomed, and we will remove those, so don't worry about the pics. Your work is very appreciated and hope we will see much more great models from you!
  11. None of the contest top three entries wasn't added. They will be soon. Thanks!
  12. Having quoted that, thanks for your and thanks to Imanol BB suggestions, I have already made a post for HOF. But, we will have those in mind for the next update, which will be regular again. Also, I am looking for a volunteer to help me out with some short (one line) creative writing, once every two weeks. If someone is interested, let me know via PM.