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  1. Note: for visibility reasons, I have post this topic in main Technic forum. After day or two, I will merge this with Generic Contest Discussion. Hi all, In the last month or so, we have seen few topics where members wanted to organize and run their own contest, in main Technic forum. While we do not explicitly forbid such ideas, we feel that there need to be some communication with the Staff before opening such topics. So, please do not open new topics for your own contests, without discussing it with the Staff. There is Generic Contest Discussion topic, please post there all your ideas. When there is idea fitting to a EB-style of contest, that seems to gather some interest, we will work from there. Thanks!
  2. You can suggest this moc in HOF suggestion topic, and it will be reviewed for entering!
  3. I have merged both your topics into one.
  4. As a big bike fan, I can really just say wow! Everything looks so good. If I would have to nitpick, I would say that perhaps tail sections should be a bit longer. Superleggera has short tail section, ok, but I somehow prefer the Ducati style. Second, I would try to fill in the empty space where the gearbox should be, visible from the side view. Nevertheless, great!
  5. Did you see my remark? There is no point in posting non-Technic creations in Technic forum. I will send you a PM.
  6. Reply is very rarely given, simply because we can't always provide instant Yes/No reply. But all suggestions are reviewed. 8880 evo is on the YES list.
  7. Great. If so, try to post some Technic models in this topic, so we can keep it in Technic forum.
  8. You can post a picture for each of the mocs, if you want, it is even better to do so, as it will provide a instant glance of what it is about. When in spoiler, some might even not bother to look. Other than that, I have to agree with agrof, this really is not related to Technic. So, it is better to post your non-Technic mocs in proper forums (Town, Special etc...).
  9. Yes, you are new, so I expected that you read the site guidelines, as you are required during joining the site. Quoting pictures make post messy. Now, we wont take any more space talking about rules, back to the Lonestar!
  10. Probably Bricks by the Bay event.
  11. @MattL600 Please don't quote pictures from the same page. Thanks.
  12. John Deere 9560R + Vaderstad RDA 800C Builder: @eric trax Category: Farm Instructions: No Topic VIDEO Aston Martin Vantage GT3 Builder: @DugaldIC Category: Supercars Instructions: Yes Topic VIDEO IS-7 Heavy Tank Builder: @Tommy Styrvoky Category: Military Instructions: No Topic VIDEO
  13. Did you check axle collection thread? Maybe you'll have some luck there...
  14. No links and no going further with this, please.