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  1. Lets merge this with General Part Discussion.
  2. Couple of hours after this guess, it is on TLCB :) Once again, well done Andre!
  3. Hello uefchen, Nice and unusual machine! It is a good idea, and preferable, too, if you post some content in your post - picture(s) and some description, instead of just posting a link to YT.
  4. Sweet new part. Merged with General Part Discussion.
  5. Yes, this post sounds much friendlier and more supportive now. Building with this style myself, i can offer a note or two: 1. On the front grill, try to get those lbg tiles symmetrical. Instead f putting 1x8 and 1x6, try to place 1x6+1x2+1x6, and beneath them instead of 1x6+1x4 use 1x4+1x2+1x4 and get the is small cosmetic touch, but will look more organized and better. 2. DBG sunblock, I agree with M...try to make it more round, like on the reference picture. Try to make it similar to the front grill, SNOT, with 1x2 or 1x3 curved slopes at the ends. 3. Front transparent plates will come to life if you put white bricks/plates behind them, if there is a room there, regardless of using Lego lights.
  6. Nice head movements and smart use of blades. I like the shot from the top.
  7. This is your best creation so far! First and third pictures are my absolute favorites. I am guessing that in a few moments it will appear on the TLCB, too
  8. Great work on this digital car.
  9. As already said, this color combo is very appealing to me! I like the frame and the position of the crane. Functions are also great! Hope to see more from you.
  10. Ahh, the nostalgia for old times, when i was a kid, and spending hours looking to Lego catalog with Blactron and M-Tron vehicles and bases! Such a nice model, that brings so many memories! Not to mention all the technology that went into it. Great work. And that video is awesome, reminds me of something like new age Cartoon Network shows, Waiting to see that second version!
  11. First, thanks to our moderator Jim for making this happen, and to all the other Staff members for consenting. I will do my best to contribute toward keeping this great community running smooth as it does now. And, thanks guys, for the nice comments!
  12. Looking sleek! Cant see the bottom part of the side skirt from this angle, but for now, it seems great!
  13. Yeah, the original creation used those, but this mod seems to have black rims. Thats why i ask.
  14. What wheels did you use?
  15. This one may be your best work so far! It has the best shape and i kinda that controversial liftarm use :) Awesome front section! One thing i dont like, and I must say it looks to me that it happens on most of your cars, is that wheelbase seems too small, and front and back sections overhangs a bit too much, compared to the picture of real Venom.