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  1. I have an annual pass, so I will not need a ticket. But that is a great offer!
  2. I (barely) finished my Cat. B in time. Here it is.
  3. Everyone in Historica could sense the war coming, especially those in Nocturnus. Most of Nocturnus, particularly those unable to stand up to him, knew that they would rather stay loyal than oppose Raavage. An old Imp named Chir, who lived on the outkirts of Nocturnus wasn't much different. Although he had typically used his workshop to build furniture, he had converted it to build siege machines for the Spire, to show that he didn't oppose Raavage. Quietly, he had hoped he would not be called on, and his siege machines would not be required. However, today, the time has come. Raavage himself has come with a small entourage. This would be disturbing enough on the most pleasant of days. but Chir could sense that Raavage had a particularly nasty disposition today. He seemed desperate, almost crazed, as though he would let nothing stand in his way. This build ended up being too rushed for my liking. I've really been short on time this month, and I don't think that will change until shortly before the Category C deadline. Hopefully I'll finish all my builds for that one in time. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. As always, all comments and criticism is welcome.
  4. It looks like they're going for around €15 on bricklink, but I'd consider €10 to be fair.
  5. That's how it worked for us last year when we renewed. However I think there's a certain time frame you're supposed to renew it within. If it expired in October you might be outside that window, but I'm really not sure to be honest.
  6. This should be what you're looking for. As I understand it, only the Merlin Premium Annual Pass gets you into LegoLand in Günzburg and Billund. It's a lot ,ore expensive however. While the basic LegoLand annual pass pays for itself after going twice, I think you'd have to go three times to make the Premium Pass pay for itself. Unless, of course you buy a lot at LegoLand, since you will then have a 10% discount off most shops in the park, including the Fabrik.
  7. My wife just told me to get all 3 (if they're still available), and any time my wife tells me to buy Lego, I listen! Is there anything you're looking for, or would you just want cash? We can also do a cash sale, or work something else out if you prefer.
  8. My son has been going nuts for everything Cars related. Do you know which Cars 2 sets are there?
  9. With as many couriers that were carrying messages of the Heir's return, some were bound to be caught by the Spire. It isn't long before a band of sorcerers catch a courier and bring the message straight to Raavage. Bit of a rushed build here for the deadline. Almost didn't bother since I like my Alliance build more, but this will play into my Cat. C build, assuming I finish all my builds in time.
  10. There's nothing in particular that I'm after, so I'm open to offers. I do like fleshy figures, particularly those that fit into historic builds, but I'm certainly open to other stuff.
  11. My sister picked up the new Kiss Kiss Tuxedo Batman Polybag for me. I'm not really that interested in it, so if someone wants it let me know.
  12. I guess I understand the concern, but I don't think it'll be an issue. After all, Historica is a kingdom with four regions. But it is ruled by a unifying King, which means Historica has to be unified against...something that's not Historica. If you read the books from a song of ice and fire, or watch the game of thrones, the world there is pretty similar. Westeros has 7 (actually more like 9) distinct regions, all of which are unified under one King. And although some of the story takes place in estoros, the focus is very much on westeros. I don't know yet if I'll be able to do anything For the other two categories (although there's plenty of time before November), but I'm so psyched for the minifig challenge again! Thank you for bringing it back!
  13. Thanks for the feedback, all. I struggled with opening those two polybags for quite a while when planning this build. In the end, I'm very happy with the result, which makes opening them worth it for me. After all, Lego's meant to be used, not sit in its packaging! It is the Lego caveman body. There weren't too many figures in the series that I was interested in, since I really only build in the historic theme, but I do really like this one. As long as you use a beard or chest piece that covers the bat symbol, it looks pretty nice.
  14. Last year they also had a big selection of plant pieces, and since a lot of those pieces are made of softer, lighter plastic, you can get a lot for cheap. However, on some items, and I think it includes the plant pieces, they will limit how much you are allowed to buy. But they really have an amazing selection on pieces. I hopeful to see some of the newly created pieces this year.
  15. Need reservation at Kirchenbauerhof: No, Thank you. I will likely be staying at my wife's grandmother's house, who lives right at Guenzburg. - Apartment sharing: yes/no -> N/A - Number of persons and length of stay? Still difficult to say, most likely my wife and son will be with, but I can't yet say if they will attend the whole event. I will try to be around the whole event though. - Are you member of a registered LUG? Only those will be eligible to receive a discount of 15% on Saturday - Yes, 1000steine, but I haven't heard anything about these stickers until now. What should I do? - Anything else we need to know? (help needed in flying/transport ...) Nothing else comes to mind.