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  1. @Slegengr I am in a very similar situation (identical actually, my wife also said its time for a camera). Based on your recommendation, and because we have similar interests and I really like that the thing is weather proof, I think we're going to try the Pentax KS-2, which seems to be very similar to the K 50, but a few years newer and with a few extra features my wife didn't want to do without. She always likes to know how all the features work, so would you have any recommendations on that side of things?
  2. When are we going to present these at the event? Some stuff just came up and I won't be able to be at as much of the event as I'd like to (I'll most likely not be there on Friday).
  3. 75881-1: 2016 Ford GT & 1966 Ford GT40 - Speed Champions
  4. Is it Pippi Longstocking?
  5. That wall texture is great, and I like the way you've used the cheese slopes to meet tiles on the roof. Definitely some nice techniques to try out sometime!
  6. Bricklink order finally came yesterday, so mine is finished as well. I was lucky enough to be able to do someone that's already been represented in minifig form, so hopefully everyone will know who it is already. Looking forward to seeing everyone else's.
  7. I think we will also pass on the tour. I would have gladly paid €5 for a model shop tour, but I can't see it being worth it for a mini land tour.
  8. My son had to temporarily give up his Brickheadz Batman, so mine is at least solid on in inside. Just waiting for the hands in the right color and the eyes to come in per Bricklink and mines finished. This challenge was way out of my comfort zone, but I'm pretty happy with how mine turned out.
  9. What's the feeling on decals in this challenge?
  10. Just saw this post again and realized this guys hazmat mask piece is in the Build-a-fig wall at LegoLand. Not sure if that helps or not.
  11. The umbrella is from the Lego batman movie (it's Penguins I think), and I'm assuming the teapot is from Disney, and would also guess the hourglass is friends Disney or elves, but don't know either.
  12. So, as I said earlier, I was at LegoLand yesterday. It was a great day to walk around in a T-shirt! Despite an extremely full parking lot, the park didn't feel overly full, and for the most part, waiting times were very reasonable. When we meet on a Thursday, the crowds should be very small, and for that, I'm very excited. The new Ninjago section of the park was pretty fun to check out. I've heard theres already a similar section in the LegoLand in the US, but I've never been there, so I can't confirm how similar they are. My favorite part of this section rectified to some degree my least favorite part of LegoLand, which is that there are very few opportunities to actually build with Lego. There were 4 stations within the Ninjago section to build in (2 were in line for the ride) compared to the other 2 that I can think of in the rest of the park. The ride itself I had very mixed feelings on. In one section of the waiting line, the room was very hot and smelled badly of sweat. This was a very pleasant Spring day, so I really don't want to know how that room will be in the middle of Summer. The other negative point is that the ride broke down in the middle of operation, which will hopefully be an isolated incident, but still seemed worth mentioning. Otherwise the ride itself was a lot of fun, and my 3 year old had a great time blasting away evil ninjas and skeletons and the likes. Also, in the Ninjago store there was a build-a-fig wall with a lot of Ninjago Minifig elements. As for the Fabrik, there was a great selection of pieces. Most seem to be left over from last year, which was OK for me, as I was able to pick up a bunch of tiles that I never quite seem to have enough of. Most of the new pieces that I fould interesting were already posted in this topic, but I did find a few more, including the tree leaves piece in white! The build-a-fig section was very Nexo-Knight heavy, but also had a decent selection for Lego City lovers. I took some pictures of the bigger wheels there, but I didn't realize how terrible the pictures were until I got home. Sorry for that, but hopefully they help anyway. I can answer any other questions as best I can if you have any! Can't wait to go back with you all! Minifig accesories are 30 cents apiece, Pumpkins were 5/€3, and parrots were €2.50 for the set of 3. If I remember right, the build-a-fig was €2.50 a piece for a fig, or €12 for 6 figs, which includes a head, legs, torso, hair/headpiece, and accessory. With the exception of accessories, Minifig pieces cannot be purchased unless as a whole Minifig.
  13. Country of citizenship or residence?
  14. (Sorry for quoting a picture, can't seem to edit the quote on my phone) These are some good points. Some pieces definitely are not cheaper when buying by weight, but some, especially plant pieces made of the softer, lighter plastic are very good deals. some of the pieces from that picture were there last year, but some I'm definitely excited about as well. Can't wait to look around! @chubays I'm not a big technic person, but I'll see what I can find out. Last year they had an entire wall of technic pieces, and I know there were some very large wheels in there, and some gears as well. Hopefully I can be more specific next week.
  15. I'll be at LegoLand this weekend with my son. I thought I'd post pictures here of the interesting pieces I find in the Fabrik, or does anyone think that'll spoil the fun?