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  1. Sometime tomorrow, I think.
  2. I don't know if its been said before, but the new torso on Mutant Leader would be good for Zsasz, and especially a shirtless Oliver Queen.
  3. I'd have to say Boba. It has a sense of the original Boba Fett minifigure around it, which I love, and the side cape is awesome.
  4. Oh these are perfect. Skylor looks fantastic, and the other Masters are actually really accurate to the show.
  5. So, on the pictures of Collectable Minifigures #17, I see one figure in particular that stands out: the sand green guy with the weird helmet. Almost the entire figure, along with his gun, could not be more perfect for a classic Melter.
  6. Ooooooooh. Okay. I see it now. Thanks!
  7. Okay, so which weapons are these? Nya has a very obvious chain-spear-thing, L-loyd has his sword, Jay has some kind of Nunchucks, Zane has a bow and arrow, Kai has two katanas, but what the heck is Cole wielding?
  8. This is pretty random, but I wonder if we'll have any civilian mini figures in the sets. That is probably the only thing I don't like about the mainstream Ninjago sets; there is next to nobody to protect.
  9. Actually I think the eyes would be good, if some customizer would be willing to add some more eyes. But yeah, with a single silver flat stud on top it could work.
  10. Yep. He just has very glowy-red eyes, which probably threw you off.
  11. That actually improves the quality a LOT. That crab looks adorable now.
  12. Nice! He of course seems a bit too smiley, but whatayagonnado.
  13. The newest episode is fantastic, real Clone-Wars caliber stuff. I won't go into to much detail, but I always love it when the Kanan-Sabine dynamic is explored, and this episode showed a new facet of this relationship. And the voice acting was on point. Tiya Sircar (Sabine) was especially great. It is probably the best so far of the season.
  14. They look pretty good! Very Lego-Movie-ish. I am getting really excited for this and LBM.
  15. I was kind of hoping for a full on LEGO Bionicle movie, but now that Gen2 is cancelled, I can't see them doing that without rehashing all of the original sets or making Gen3, both of which are extremely unlikely. I'd honestly like to see a movie about the origins of the Master Builders: Who were the first Master Builders? How did they come together? How did a place like Cloud Cuckoo Land come to be? That would be pretty awesome.