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  1. So as we get closer to the deadline of the contest we are starting to see so real progress on these bots and they are looking great. It looks to be instead of having pf and Sbrick categories, we should have had pf and buggy motor categories..... Harvester of Sorrow and hypnodisk (do not think is officially apart of contest) but use buggy motors for their main weapon and holy crap.... They are gonna destroy the competition. The buggy motor has a much higher speed output compared to any of the PF motors. And by the looks of hypnodisk, it packs a punch a mining truck. I know it is late in the contest, but I just wanted to share my opinions. Great job guys and good luck to everyone participating.
  2. Well I better stop wasting my time building my bot, because yours looks awesome. Nice job! It looks good and seems to perform good as well. Lets see the main weapon hit something!
  3. I do not mean to sound rude, but focus on your bot and I will focus on mine. I can focus on whatever part of the bot I want. If I want it to be fast enough to just run away from the enemy bot, I would have done that. Instead I am concentrating on the weapon, which in my opinion is the most important part of this contest. As it has been discussed a number of times, these bots are not fighting either other. We are only to show case our bot and the voters are to vote for the bot they think would preform the best. If you are voting for the bot that can maneuver around the arena better, than that is fine, but I do not think that is right. Also, looking at the real bots on the TV show, SoW had its flaws, but so did most all of the other bots. During the TV episodes, each on had their own strengthens and weaknesses. I only said I was basing mine slightly off of SoW. Keep in mind, we are building these out of LEGO, not titanium steel alloy that is bullet proof with car batteries inside for a source of power. These bots are not going to be meant for the main arena.
  4. It is very unbalanced in that video because I am just testing everything. The final bot will be balanced. As for speed, why does my bot need to be fast? Is it in the rules? it doesn't matter how fast your bot is, it is all about how effective your main weapon is. That is what I am focusing on. The problem I have with my drive system is not the speed, but the amount of space it takes up, so I might be changing it soon anyway.
  5. I am not posting this to self promote, but to have you guys make sure what I did is a legal move. I did not want to post the same thing on 2 different topics. It is a way around the size constraint, but still staying inside the 45x45x45 box
  6. Update for today is interesting, I was working on how to strengthen the "clutch", instead I decided to test it with a battery box. In the video I test 2 different things, the battery box is the second of the 2 and the less interesting one. I think I am satisfied with the result as it is now. It knocked over a full battery box no problem and kept spinning like nothing was there. In the video I use 2 battery boxes, again no problem. Now for the interesting idea. Looking at my bot, I realized I was getting very close to the size restriction, not good. I had an idea to fold up the arms of the bot and use no motors or actuators or anything. Instead the arms would fold done strictly from the centripetal force of the spinning motion. I am not sure how lite the arms would have to be for this to work, but I still wanted to try it out. Here is a short video of what I have. I am still learning video editting, but I think I am getting better, I hope..... As always, comments and questions encouraged.
  7. It is hear to tell how much force I am applying to stop the arm slipping around. It is not a lot, but it is more than I expected. I am not done reinforcing the "clutch" so many doing that will keep the wheels closer together and make it a stronger "clutch". If that does not work, I will go there my wheels and find a tighter fit. At the base of all my arms, I plan to have a battery box or 2, so imagine at the speed it was moving, having a battery box hit you in the face. Have a nice day
  8. Sorry for all the updates today, but here is a video of the weapons drive mechanism. I just added the beams to simulate the arms, they will be much beefier than that Also, The video quality does not seem good at all. I took the video on my iPhone 5s but it doesnt seem good, what do you guys think?
  9. It looks really good, I must say the yellow and green combo looks good together like that You said about wanting to slow down your bot, I am going to guess that you mean the drive.... I might have a suggestion. I am going to send a you PM, if you are ok with what I send you, we can put it on here.
  10. oh, sure you could control 2 functions with a worm gear, but I do not advice it. Using a worm gear is normally used to change direct of an axle and increase torque
  11. You would need a gearbox to accomplish what you want. One motor and as many functions as you want. But, you would need another motor to change the gear since the contest is all remote control. Hope that helps.
  12. now you have me confused, what do you mean
  13. Ok good, I will not be needed them, at least for this build. Thanks BlakBird
  14. UPDATE: I did some more building last night after I posted this topic. I mounted the tracks, powered them, and added some armor. I wish I took pictures during the build, but I did not sorry. The picture above is the front, but it does not really matter which way is front and which is considered the back. And here is a picture of the drive. Using Sariel's gear calculator I found that the gear ratio is 1:4.5 Things to come: Add 2 more battery boxes in the back Add Sbricks once they come in the mail Figure out where wires can go to get out of the way of the moving parts. Then figure out a strong spinner for the top. That will be last though. Hope you guys like the progress. Tell me, would you rather progress pictures more often or like one big post once a week?
  15. A motor would get connected to the bottom axle. Then the motor would be connected to the receiver.