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  1. Just my 2 cents here, but who cares if the car does not look like the car he is saying it is. I think it looks great, sure it is not perfect, but I think it looks really cool. Nice build LEGO ADAM. I look forward to seeing more of your builds in the future.
  2. I thought you were done with LEGO and moving onto RC cars?
  3. sounds like there are pros and cons to using a bunch of motors. I will just have to test it out and see what works the best. I am not sure what my next build will be, but it could be a larger model of my battle bot using what you have have been talking about the past couple days on this thread. Thanks for all the feedback.
  4. I just got done sorting my latest purchase. I am hoping to post pictures tomorrow. I use drawers and organizer containers. I am surrounded by Technic when I build
  5. 1 battery box per motor will not happen haha, Do you wanna buy all those batteries for me??? 6 per box * 12 boxes...... 72 AA batteries
  6. I was thinking 10-12 L motors and like 4 battery boxes. I think that would be a good amount of power supplied for that amount of motors
  7. I want to rebuild my battle not, except without any constraints. I want to see if I can build it any better. It needs lots of speed and torque. i have enough L motors and XL motors. What you guys are saying makes a lot of sense
  8. how many gears would you say is too many?
  9. Hi guys, I am not sure how to really explain this.... All numbers are just for example, nothing is legitimate. If I had; 1 motor with 1lb ft of torque and 1 mph output speed 2 motors 1 lb ft of torque per motor, but geared up to give me 2 mph output speed 3 motors 1 lb ft of torque per motor, but geared up to give me 3 mph output speed Does that make sense? I am not taking battery box supply into effect, but basically do more motors give me more torque and speed?
  10. That's no good, did a shelf come off the wall??
  11. I'm sure Jim has a list of contest ideas that have been talked about on the forum. Plus, I think that has been done before, not 100% sure
  12. Great truck, not only does it look great, but it also performs very well!! Nicely done! What are your plans for the truck? Let it the way it is or maybe add the dump bed? Hook lift? My opinion of the new rear axle setup; nice if you add something else to the truck, but if you only keep it as a semi truck that would only pull a trailer. I would say go with the older setup, looks much better IMO. Congrats on a great truck!
  13. That idea is very interesting....
  14. Hey guys, Whenever I am building a model I like to do something new, this time it will be adding suspension to all my axles on the truck. I am going to be redoing the chassis of 42043 and using the same cab for my truck. I personally 100% disliked the steering used for the actual model. As I work on some ideas for front suspended axles using these hubs. I am wondering if anyone else would like to build an example they think would work. I am going to do my best and build my own, but sometimes it is helpful having something to look at. Same specs and dual steering as the arocs, but different steering method and using those hubs. Thanks for reading