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  1. I can speak for myself. I did not join the contest to win, but I definetely thought I had a chance....
  2. I misunderstood what you were saying. I agree
  3. Where? I dont see anything about this contest except for the contest announcement
  4. @Milan @Jim Aventador2004 brings up a good point, how come the voting topic is not on the front page.
  5. I am not mad that I am not getting as many votes as I thought I would get, ya I spent a lot of time working on it, but this contest is a lot different than others. Voters are all not voting on the same thing. Some are voting for the not that looks the coolest, some on the durability im not trying to sound rude here, but some bots look like they were built in a day and they have more votes. No matter what, I am glad I participated. EDIT: @PKW I only looked quickly but the voting topic does not tell how you should be picking who to vote for.
  6. My bot is now in pieces, but the battery box that were actually supplying power were exposed, but getting to them when the arms were spinning would have been difficult. Sure, I was hoping to get more votes, but hey, everyone did a great job.
  7. Took the bot apart today. The part count was 1092.
  8. Are you looking to have 2 different motors with one output shaft?
  9. If you win and you dont want it, I will get you my address
  10. I mean if you do not want me to vote for your bot, that makes my job a little easier This contest has a lot of great contestants. I am excited to the the results in a week or 2
  11. Follow the instructions
  12. He did not want to do the same, read the post closely. I am not trying to bash anyone else's ideas, but I think having batteries in a LEGO battery box is different than having batteries in a LEGO built box. Totally different. The battery boxes are meant to hold batteries, thats why I do not see a problem with what I did.
  13. I use battery boxes as weights with batteries inside them, that is totally different than have a Lego boxes with batteries inside. If you really want to make a big deal out of me using a battery boxes for purposes it really isn't meant for then so be it
  14. I personally think that is you want to use batteries as weights, they need to be in a battery box where they belong.
  15. I will be honest, when you first posted I was not sure about this bot, but seeing the final result, you 100% have my vote. Awesome bot!!