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  1. Simply beautiful! Grohl's outdone himself. Not sure I'll actually be getting this since it's not construction or farming related, but it's a wonderful thing to look at and see demonstrated. Great photos and a great review as well!
  2. Just look at that drivetrain!
  3. Having watched Sariel's video, I'm really impressed with the 42068. The designer (Alfred?) really pulled out the stops, especially with the steering. Definitely an improvement on 8455!
  4. I don't know. It's a pain in the big behind. Especially since these models come in distinct stages.
  5. Ah. Michael's nickname is 'Mic'. And 'slag off' means to insult. Anyway, whaddaya mean 'overbuilt'? Mic's sets always look lovely!
  6. First off, how dare you slag off the Mic? Second, I think Alfred Pedersen has designed the ARV. It has the colour vomit style and odd mechanisms he favours.
  7. Mm-hm. R2-D2 springs to mind...
  8. Love this review, Jim! Great job as always with some wonderful pictures. This thing is overpriced indeed, but with a discount of some sort I think it'd be a fine purchase. That poor bear, though...
  9. That photo is brilliant - if the rest of the review is that good, we're in for a real treat!
  10. On a total change of topic, the designer video for the 42061 telehandler's been posted on the Technic site! Go check it out if you like.
  11. The ARV is a bit vomit-esque where colour is concerned. The gear on top is tan, whereas black would work better. That's just a Pedersen trait, though; his sets are usually overly colourful.
  12. Great news, can't wait for the reviews!
  13. I think it just depends on the set itself rather than where you live. It doesn't really snow where I live, yet I got 42038 because I think it looks good (the B-model especially), and I've built some snow groomers as well (42031-B and 9391-C) because they're also impressive vehicles. I think 42069 will appeal to people based on its features and build rather than their environment. I don't think anyone's been excluded. Plus, tracks can be used on other surfaces as well.
  14. I'll say it again: I don't get the 'let's make parts in a whole bunch of blues' approach. This sort of overproduction bloated the company inventory in the late 90s and early 00s, what with the unique green parts in 8446, the bewildering list of one-offs in 8307 and the metallic green in the 2001 sets. Pick a blue and stick with it, LEGO! Seriously.
  15. I think it's okay. Looks fun to build and play with if the video's anything to go by.