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  1. I like the solution to the Park Street Townhouse with the flipping-up wall where the heights of the building halves don't match, I was wondering what they were going to do about that. It's one of those sets where I actually prefer the B and C models to the A model... that little restaurant, and the house with the conservatory, are gorgeous. Also, is the waitress at the restaurant serving up dog parts from the townhouse dog??? What head does the pilot of the sea plane have? It appears to have a beard on one side and no beard on the other, I'm unfamiliar with it.
  2. just2good has done a review of the Moana Ocean Voyage, and I think there are a couple of things that might be of interest to Islander fans, in particular some of the stickers that the boat uses, if you like stickers. Very Islander-y patterns. Also has a cool Pineapple piece I haven't seen before. Lots of foliage too.
  3. Cool! I saw the leaked pics but didn't pay attention to the seaplane because I had assumed it wasn't minifig compatible There's not enough 'land' in that pic to build anything on... I wonder if that means the underside of the plane has beige plates, or the floor inside.
  4. I'm excited to see that the Seaplane Adventures set is minifig compatible, after the Vacation Getaways last year. They've started making minifig-compatible Creator sets that aren't just buildings. And like the VG, I'm looking forward to seein what the alternative builds of SA are. I'm guessing at least one of them is some kind of boat, and maybe a building but I can't picture what kind of building they'd make that doesn't have doors and windows? Maybe some kind of fort. I like how they've managed to do Creator-style wings, very cool.
  5. Park house looks... okay. I understand these Creator buildings often have halves with two different sets of colours, but in this instance I think it would have looked better with a consistent scheme across both halves. Kind of wish I could see what the house looks like on the other side, or folded together. I don't think the bases will align when folded together?
  6. While I think your recolourings look cool, they look a bit too militarised for the Lego aesthetic. They kind of remind me of something Mega Blocks would produce. Does anyone have any idea when we'll see the remainder of the sets? I especially want to see the final version of House on Park Street.
  7. I hate seeing lists like this because when I see them I always think that the final list has been leaked But I had to highlight this one... as a Pirate collector, I'd especially love to see a female Pirate Captain... it's something we haven't had yet, and we've already seen a female Bluecoat Soldier. It'd prefer to see a female Pirate Captain in a full set, but getting one as a CMF would be just as good.
  8. For some reason I was absolutely convinced we'd already had a circus strongman, and was wondering why no one was talking about it being a repeat. I think I was conflating the weightlifter and ringmaster from S2. For the weights, I assume they'd just use the same weights that the weightlifter used? Although black baby heads would be interesting, and more in line with circus dumbbells.
  9. With a look at the preliminary images for 10703, I think the piece selection is optimised around a few smaller models, like most Classic sets seem to be... small yellow house with red roof tiles seems to be the most useful build, and there are some grey castle building pieces which is interesting. I think if you got several of this set you might actually be able to build some decent, sizeable buildings. Generic small coloured piece packs don't interest me though. I get the feeling they might be good for Secret Santa gifts at the office party.
  10. You've seen preliminary pictures? I can't find those anywhere... Could you describe the 10703 Creative Building one? Like, how many different colours. I'd love to have something with only a couple of different colour wall pieces with matching windows, and a couple of different colours of roof tiles, so that a coherent building could be built, rather than the sort of rainbow assortment of other Classic sets.
  11. This actually sounds pretty cool. I haven't bought any of the Classic boxes yet because the pieces are too... generic? Kind of like the opposite of the over-specialised pieces you get in other sets. I look at them and think, if I try to construct anything meaningful with the bricks in these sets, it's going to turn into rainbow-coloured nonsense very quickly. So getting a huge amount of semi-specialised pieces not focussed around any particular build would be pretty amazing, and maybe the most 'true' Lego set I've seen in a long time. (By my own definition of 'true' Lego)
  12. This is exactly my problem, and one of the things that inspired me to create this topic. I've read a lot of people complaining that the Imperial Flagship is a bad set. Really? For a set made by a toy company and not an MOC master-builder, I think it's actually pretty amazing. We give the Lego we enjoyed as children a free pass because of our nostalgic attachment to them, and now as adults we seem to have unrealistic expectations from a toy company. I'm willing to look at Lego with the same love as the child I used to be. I feel the same way... I'm not sure what Staslegomaster heard, but I'm taking this with a huge pinch of salt for now. They're making a NinjaGo movie, but NinjaGo is pretty much an evergreen theme at this point, and has a huge amount of mythology behind it. Pirates have only had about two years of releases in the last two decades, and there are no stories behind it.
  13. Is this the one mentioned in the "A 'Lego Pirates' Movie" thread by CaptainRoger? Or something official? Because I can't find any reference to this on Google or anywhere.
  14. I was just going but the distance between Pirates II (2009) and Pirates III (2015). Next would be Pirates IV (2021) if they continue that pattern. I tend to disregard 'rumours', unless there are enough sources. I have heard nothing about a Lego Pirate movie! What is your source for that? Would it be Classic Pirate themed, or more like crazy steampunk themed like Metalbeard? Incidentally in 'forecast' of what we might expect in the future, I almost made a joke about a Batman-themed pirate ship... turns out this is actually a thing! Batman Pirate Ship
  15. The 'Pirates theme getting worse' topic has been floating at the top of the Pirates forum for quite some time now... basically I just wanted to start a topic where people only talk about the things they like about the modern Pirates theme, and what they look forward to in the future. So I'll start I guess... Modern bricks! One example is the 'brick' brick used in the 2015 Soldier sets. While I have fond memories of of the printed brick pattern in sets like Sabre Island, nothing beats actually building those patterns out of proper Lego pieces. And while I had my reservations about the new bandanna piece, I admit it adds some variety to my pirate headgear. And then there's things like bottles and telescopes, which didn't exist in classic Pirates. Modern torso back-printing! I really appreciate this extra detail. Faster updates! Some of the classic torsos from 1989 were still being used five or more years later. Not so with the updates between 2009 and 2015 Pirates, where all new torsos were being used. (And mostly new faces, I think). Modularity! I really enjoy being able to connect several of the 2015 sets together to make larger sets. D2C sets. Okay, there has only been one of these so far, the Imperial Flagship... but the scale of it totally makes up for not having had the BSB as a kid. And I don't care what the haters say, I love every part of my IF. Even if the next Pirates line is in 2021 or something, I'm looking forward to seeing what new innovations and ideas between now and then keep things fresh and new. Who knows... maybe we'll get a female Pirate captain, or an all female Pirate crew. The future's so bright, I have to put on my sunglasses.