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  1. I watched this video (and even got mentioned in it because I gave them a donation) and at 3:18:40 they are making the sails and he uses a "new piece that he's never seen before" that becomes part of the mast. I can't make it out in the video (it's small and black) but I wonder if it's a new piece specifically designed for the construction of ship masts? I haven't been able to find a good picture of this new piece anywhere. If they stick with the grey guns it would make sense to continue to give black swords to the pirates, because if the guns and the swords are all grey, it might look somewhat dull. I think grey guns and black swords would have to be given to very 'dark' pirates though, compared to the colourful pirates we normally get. But we've had dark themes like Monster Hunters before, so maybe 'dark' pirates could be a thing. I also wonder if these ragged sails could be used for a shipwreck set of some kind. I doubt they'd use it on another pirate ship, it would take the specialness away from this one.
  2. Even though the next non-licensed Pirates theme is 2-3 years away at minimum, it's still possible to speculate on how the new parts, innovations and building styles of today might affect the future of the theme. With the reviews for POTC Silent Mary just coming out, I thought that would be a good place to start. Weaponry: The previous POTC sets all had the classic brown guns and rifles, but the guns in Silent Mary are all pearl dark grey (or something similar). It could just be a new look specifically for Silent Mary and/or any future POTC sets, but it's possible that, after 28 years, grey guns are going to be the new normal. Headgear: The 2015 Soldiers didn't have tricorns, but the ghost soldiers on the Silent Mary did, so I think it's entirely possible we will see tricorns on the soldiers again in the future. Also, I don't see why we wouldn't see the balding bandanna look from the Scallywag Pirate used again, maybe in other traditional bandanna colours like white, blue and green.
  3. Huh you're right. People so often discuss actual upcoming sets here, I'd completely forgotten that it's a 'rumours' thread.
  4. I wonder if there should be another thread made about "wild speculation about sets that haven't even been confirmed yet"
  5. What happens in August? The sets are available now.
  6. Hi I've been waiting for the right Technic sets to buy, just as a token Technic set or two for my collection, and I really like the way they've created a homage to set 8860 out of sets 42057, 42061 and 42063... but I can't find the official instructions anywhere! I can't find a reference to it anywhere on the Lego Technic website. Does anyone know where the instructions are?
  7. This link has some more pictures, one of which has the Modular Modern Home seen from the back. There are no pins or holes on the back, and the things sticking out of the side of the building would prevent it from attaching to anything that way. Maybe the doors can be swapped around? They're very similar builds. I dunno. If they are 'modular', I find it unlikely that they will be modular in a way that interests me, if they can't be made into whole buildings.
  8. Of course, the one I am most interested in is the one still blanked out As a collector of Pirate/Space collectible minifigures, none of the rest interest me... only the retro spaceman's retro gun. I feel the figure itself won't fit with my Space collection? Also the figure has that subtle gender bias. If we're getting a male and a female version of a figure, the male will come first. If the character is a one-off, like this one will probably be, it'll always be 'traditional' gender for that minifig.
  9. Brickset has some new high quality images of most of the upcoming creator buildings, and they seem to confirm that the buildings will have open backs and don't have the ability to fold closed. This is sad for me because I'm really only interested in enclosed buildings. However, very good for my wallet since collecting minifig-compatible Creator sets was getting out of hand. It's possible that the smallest build of the Family Villa set is small enough to have enough bricks to make it an enclosed building, but I'm not interested in buying a Creator set just to make the smallest build... Curiously, the 1st floor (or 2nd, depending on how your country counts floors) of the main Family Villa build has solid grey behind the windows giving the impression of an enclosed space, but this grey wall does not appear to be brick built.
  10. If they released a 'broken' ship and included instructions on how to build a 'complete' ship out of two sets, that would be the most diabolically clever way to entice me to buy two copies of the ship because I'm not interested in incomplete ghost ships....
  11. I don't think they'd be smaller when folded closed, just differently shaped. And obviously they've been made to be viewed the way they were presented at the fair, so might not look so interesting folded closed, with features on either side of the buildings. I'm fairly certain at this point that the Family Villa and Poolside Holiday sets can be folded closed, but I'm still worried about the Modern Home. There just doesn't seem to be enough wall area to make a complete building. I miss the old Creator houses too, like the Modern Town House, which I also didn't get because Dark Ages. I was hoping that the Family Villa would be more like one of those houses, but I think they're focussing too much on features at the expense of substance. I'd quite like a more solid house, even if it is more plain.
  12. Yeah, now that I can see the pictures that @Ondra just linked, I can see the distinct split down the middle of the house that suggests it can be folded the other way... good for my collection, bad for my wallet
  13. Is it just me, or are these new Creator buildings open at the back? And I'm not entirely sure they fold up to make a complete building the way Creator buildings normally do. If this is the case, I'm disappointed because one of the most appealing things to me about Creator buildings is that they are whole buildings. I'll have to wait and see. The Family Villa looks like it could fold in half, but then there's that windowsill across the centre on the top floor that would look a bit weird if it was split in half. Oh well. This might be the excuse I need to slow down my acquisition of Creator building sets, it has been getting a bit expensive
  14. I once asked them to do a Creator Expert Lambourghini Countach, and they told me to submit one through Lego Ideas if I really wanted one. I don't think they pay much attention to individual requests, unless those requests are backed up by 10,000 votes. So people need to vote for, or create, a UCS Cloud City Ideas set if they want it to happen...
  15. It took me a moment to even see the ship, I'm used to them facing to the left on the boxes... but this is facing to the right? What I can see doesn't exactly inspire me, but I'll wait and see. It would be great to get another ship, but it would also be great to save a bunch of money. A D2C Black Pearl would have been a day one for me.