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  1. The Creator theme has been producing a sort of mini-modular subtheme for the last three years now, with these sets: 31026: Bike Shop & Cafe 31036: Toy & Grocery Shop 31050: Corner Deli It's great for people like me who enjoy being able to expand their street every year, but can't afford the time/space/money for the proper modular series.
  2. I've found some preliminary pics on Reddit, is that what people are looking at? I'm only really interested in the townhouse. It's hard to tell, but the front door section does look a bit thin... I guess they needed space for those steps. And it appears to also have one of those odd extra corner plate bits like the sandwich shop had, I wonder if that means it can also be displayed in three different ways: fully open, half closed with the corner part filling in the wedge, and fully closed. That's a neat way to make the set a bit more flexible. I wish I could see better how those windows are built, because they almost look like they're using a new piece? Maybe one that'll also be used with the next Modular building... Well, it's not quite what I expected but it'll make a good addition to my Creator town.
  3. Thanks for sharing this! As a fan of both Lego and G1 Transformers, I really appreciate this.
  4. [quote name='Captain Pirate Man' timestamp='1473940707' post='2658131'] Really? A branded item? [/quote] Maybe branded is the wrong word... more like proprietary? Since this is the POTC thread I'm sure someone will have more knowledge about this though...
  5. [quote name='Captain Pirate Man' timestamp='1473939862' post='2658123'] The sword sheath was cool. I am also surprised they didn't bring that back. [/quote] I'm pretty sure I read that they couldn't use it with generic Pirate sets because they made it specifically for the POTC sets, and that made it a 'branded item', like trying to use a batarang in a Modular Building or something. I may be wrong about this, though. They didn't use the monkey either, so it might just be a design decision.
  6. I think I'll wait until I see the ship before ordering additional characters, if I got an old Barbossa and then there's a new Barbossa I'd just put the old one in storage anyway, or cannibalise him for parts. I expect this set will have a pretty extensive crew. Maybe not Death Star extensive, but the Imperial Flagship had nine characters, so at least that many. It'll be nice to see the licensed POTC parts again, like the sword sheath. It was so frustrated when we didn't get them with the 2015 pirates.
  7. So just to clarify, the City House is definitely compatible in style to the previous pseudo-modular buildings of the Creator range?
  8. There's also various different Hogwartses. I don't think there's a UCS Hogwarts but definitely there have been versions at different scales. I feel like the Black Pearl makes sense. It'll have been in five POTC films and its one of the most iconic vehicles Lego have the license for. I doubt they'd make a UCS ship set for something in the fifth film, we saw the classic Ghostbusters fire department headquarters in UCS form, not the Chinese shop from the latest version. It'll be something we've seen before. I'm not so keen on such a monochromatic ship either, though. It would have to have sails that more closely imitate the sails from the film, because the plain black sails of the previous BP set make it look like a Megablocks set to me.
  9. I didn't get any of the original POTC sets, partly because I just didn't enjoy the fourth film, partly because I knew it would be a short lived theme. Possibly regretting that now. Based on the Ghostbusters pattern, I think we'll see a UCS ship and maybe a smaller more affordable set? Like, maybe the ship will be the Black Pearl of the entire franchise, and the smaller set will be based on the fifth film. I probably won't get this set if it's the Flying Dutchman... it's too gimmicky, like Metalbeard's ship. I could imagine myself getting the set if it's the Black Pearl, and will definitely get it if it's a generic ship that will fit in with my yellow pirates. The BP probably won't fit with my other Pirate ships, but if it really is larger than the IF, and if it's good enough, I'll probably want to own it for itself. It's good to see that they're continuing to release at least one sailing ship of some sort every year, eventually we'll get back to a good classic pirate ship.
  10. Regarding a 30th anniversary celebration of some sort, I don't think that's likely, just because Lego haven't shown any inclination to celebrate the 30th anniversary of things. Look at the classic Yellow Castle from 1978 - the 30th anniversary of that would have been in 2008, but nothing from that year celebrates its anniversary, and that's a hugely iconic set. Pretty much every year is the 20th, 25th, 30th anniversary of something. Anyway, regarding the topic of 'Pirates theme getting worse', I don't think it is, really. I think the sets are just different, and have a high quality in a different way. The 2009 and 2015 Pirate sets were just products of their time, as the 1989 Pirates were. I really enjoy both, and because I can't get hold of the original Pirate sets at a decent price, I'm quite content with the more recent sets.
  11. Any idea when we might be getting names for these numbers? I'm trying to decide whether to buy some sets right now and it depends on what we might get in the future...
  12. I'm actually sort of hoping for fewer Creator sets with minifigs, we had five this year, which is almost too many since they're the only Creator sets I've been collecting and I want to cut down on how much Lego I buy a year :\ The previous [url="http://brickset.com/sets/8403-1/City-House"]City House[/url] looks like something that could be modified easily to fit in with the pseudo-modular shops we've had previously, which I think would be cool, since I've been using them in lieu of the proper Modular Buildings. They're not to the same scale or quality obviously, but they are a decent substitute. Having a residential building among the shops would be neat. Of course, 'city house' could also be 'town house', and the previous Town Houses have been the more traditional standalone buildings. Either would make me happy, frankly, especially since we haven't had a proper full-sizes 'house' in a couple of years.
  13. Has anyone spotted the latest Minifig series yet?
  14. [quote name='Robert8' timestamp='1468887145' post='2615209'] I think you forgot about the S12 Swashbuckler [img]http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/pirates/pir_laugh2.gif[/img] [/quote] Oh right! Yeah I forget about him because he's a different style from the rest of the pirates, less 'yarr!' and more Errol Flynn. I don't put him with my other Pirate crews, whereas this Skallywag fits right in.
  15. [quote name='Robert8' timestamp='1468777534' post='2614174'] In this[url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp5MzR_8pBU"] review video[/url] we can see the S16 Scallywag Pirate in all his glory Love his new bandana hairpiece [/quote] He looks perfect, finally after all these series we get a non-captain, non-Disney pirate figure... Next can we have a pirate woman plz [img]http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/pirates/pirate_laugh2.gif[/img]