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  1. I have mine to. Thanks Copmike !
  2. Yeah it's my day baby ! Thanks for this rafle again.
  3. Thank you Withacee.
  4. My tiny train in the snow. Like a musical box the train rotates with a mechanism. Christmas Train by seb toutouille, sur Flickr Thanks for this new Xmas rafle.
  5. Here is my christmas tree. It's a Chris McVeigh inspiration. Thanks CopMike for this new christmas rafle. Eurobricks Xmas 2015 by seb toutouille, sur Flickr
  6. Enigma's chalenge Défit de l'homme mystère by seb toutouille, sur Flickr
  7. yeah pop vinyl was my inspiration. I'm happy you say that steph 104th.
  8. Here my new moc. hope you like it But cyclope without jean is not fun Cyclop is here :
  9. yeah i win again. thanks for this new rafle. Happy new lego year everybody
  10. May the 4th be with you !!! Droids or not? par seb Toutouille, sur Flickr