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  1. Congrat son your special tag.

  2. You haven't made a post in over a year!

  3. Get active on EB would' ya!

  4. Your my little servant!

  5. They do look alike. Now I'm wondering if this is just another moc with just a really good box art? Then again if it is a real set it's gone a be on my wish list.
  6. Good job Fat Tony. I really like how you made the chameleon droid. But what do you mean it isn't that epic? All StarWars scenes are epic and you did very well at making this scene. Good luck with your entry. Keep Bricking! Admiral Woodhouse
  7. Name: Admiral Woodhouse Allegiance: Redcoats Bluecoats, bring it on!
  8. Name: Admiral Woodhouse Allegiance: Redcoats (Bluecoats it's war! :pir-skull: )
  9. My votes go to: 16. Newright. Battle for Concord .1 point 18. Etzel. The "Kalabalik" at Bender .2 points
  10. My vote goes to exotrator and his Cannon Foundry. Good luck to all! Admiral Woodhouse
  11. I asked myself the same question. I think plates and tiles are the most important thing for "any" MOC. I find that a lot of people use Bricklink because it's cheaper and you can buy older bricks that they don't make anymore. Admiral Woodhouse
  12. Here is my EB Community Build Entry, Coastal Cannon Battery. Main view. Top view. Back view. Officer. Inside view. More pics on Flikr Admiral Woodhouse
  13. Very funny! That lightened my day. Food chain......epic! :pir-laugh:
  14. Thank you. I tried to put in as many details as I could. It was a small space but I made use of it. Also those are the only cannons I have. Yes it is very beautiful. Thank you lightningtiger, I will keep bricking! Thanks Big Cam. I do agree, the extension does make it look nicer. Yes yes YES, DOWN WITH THE PIRATES! :pir-skull: :pir-skull: :pir-skull: Your right Mike, it does look better up close. For all you people who like the extension here is another pic. Thank you everyone for all your comments. Admiral Woodhouse.