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  1. Thanks for the pic! Btw, has anyone run across any sets or links with Lady Sif (video game variant): Thanks!
  2. Why are the other figs scratched out?
  3. Thanks, is it yours? Do you have build details on this you could share? :) Looks great :)
  4. Sorry to hear about that and thanks for the PSA. Could you post a pic of the helmet piece you are referring to?
  5. Where is the Hulkbuster from?
  6. Sharp Dressed Avengers: Sharp Dressed Avengers [A DAY IN THE LIFE] by agoodfella minifigs, on Flickr
  7. Thanks! Btw, I started a YouTube Channel, here is a Teaser Trailer of my first Episode:
  8. Hey Jeduh, sent you a message, not sure if you got it...
  9. Can you post a pic of the White Tiger? Thanks!
  10. Can anyone else make out which Marks these are supposed to be? I'm guessing the Orange one is Peacemaker -- I hate how they cheaped out by not doing the helmets...
  11. Looks great! Where is the Red Iron Patriot from (back right)?
  12. That looks like Dormammu doing Groot cosplay.
  13. I tend to agree. I can't see TLG acknowledging specific bootleg brands and then reprinting those very logos (ironically without their permission presumably). It doesn't feel like a TLG move.
  14. Anyone got a link to the new Pogo single sale Batman series? Looking for the new Poison Ivy fig in particular. Thanks!
  15. I wonder if the Homecoming Spidey will incorporate the new web-wings? Hope so...