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  1. We go very far back in time with this collaborative diorama that is currently exposed in Utebo (Zaragoza- Spain ) with other wonderful works. Contrebia Leucade or Leukade was celtíbera city conquered by the Roman Empire in the first century , a siege of 44 days as Titus Livius wrote in his History of Rome http://www.contrebialeucade.com/ In the diorama participate : Hyperion , which has been the promoter and ideologist of it and who has borne most of the construction work Praetorian Dongo Dr Who Gobernador The diorama has many details, some perhaps ... for adoult public ;) .. so I leave them in flickr gallery I put some pictures: More photos: https://www.flickr.c...157660025263404
  2. Politicial Moc?? Its an historic Moc. Many thanks for your comments!!
  3. Really an excellent work!!
  4. Hi, I recognize you! And I used Modern and old bluecoats. Its expensive for me have a lot modern, but i have a lot old bluecoats! The fireplace its really a lamp, as you can see in goya´s "Fusilamientos del 3 de Mayo" in this work its very importan the use of the light, Madrid people are iluminated but french soldiers stay in shadows.
  5. The S. Trooper its an Easter Egg fron a contest, the scene was exposed in Alebricks2015, our principal event in Spain. Many thanks for your comments!
  6. Hyperion and me, ALE! members, create this scene of the Dos de Mayo Uprising in Madrid, 1808 in the war between Spain and Napoleonic Army. We use three famous pictures to provide storyline. Goya Tres de Mayo Dumont Malasaña Dead Manuel Castellano, Daoiz y Velarde defense of Monteleon Artillery Park We recreate several historical character as Goya, Daoiz, Velarde, Malasaña....
  7. Fantastic ship!!! really very well done, very realistic! I like the colour scheme. Fantastic work!!!!
  8. [pid][/pid]235D This diorama made by Pucelabricks and me, is a part from L-Evolucion Diorama, make by ALE! in the Human Evolution Museum in Burgos, Spain. You can see L-Evolucion until January. If you will pass near Burgos, I recommend so much to visit the city and the museum, where you can see the Homo Antecessor and other important fossils. The diorama represent the battle of Gamonal, in november 1808. Napoleon came to Spain to control the imperial army, and when he arrived in Burgos, a very young spanish officer commanded a small and very bad prepared army against him. Spanish army was defeated and Imperial army plundered the city, all the city except the cathedral. They burned houses and farms and steal everything who can be useful. After that, Napoleon continued his way to Madrid and his brother Jose Bonaparte stayed in Burgos. If you want to see more from L-Evolution visit www.alebricks.com or https://www.facebook...29524572&type=1 [bloggedcp][/bloggedcp]
  9. Its a very amazing country, when I was there I undestood why Peter Jackson filmed the movies in this natural paradise. My minifigs enjoyed so much the travel.
  10. Time has passed since the Single Ring was destroyed. Mount Doom is a peaceful place today, and Frodo has come to see if everything is correct But that Sauron is gone, does not mean it is not free from dangers A couple of orcs wandering around, and you better hide until they disappear into the arid territory in search of something to plunder You better go home, the hobbit think... Gandalf has been to see how things go for Isengard, after the demolition of Saruman´s tower It seems that the forest is recovering, that's good. Gandalf decides to go to The Shire, to see his old friend Frodo. Hobbiton, still as beautiful as ever! Both friends find themselves at Bag End, these stairs where so many adventures began! down the hill to "The Green Dragon" cross the bridge over the lagoon, is a sunny and beautiful day for walking .... and drink a good beer remembering all the adventures! These photographs correspond to the following locations: Hobbiton, near Matamata in a private farm Mount Doom is in the Tongariro National Park, and is a trekking I recommend to everyone, it's like walk on another planet. Isengard is located near the town of Glenorchy, and other locations, which have no proper figures, I could not include in this cartoon. And I'd recommend New Zealand to everybody, is an amazing and very beautiful country.
  11. Is really great. I saw it in the expo and I enjoyed a lot. Rocks, walls... everything is build with great technics.
  12. Im so sorry, now photos are with a better size. I wish you like our dinorama
  13. Thanks Andy! Sorry for the video, i think it would be interesting to see nother mocs and constructions!
  14. Group Project HispaLUG Expo 2012 DINOTOPIA Títle: Dinotopia Constructors: Jig, Queen of the bricks, Sehjo, Hyperion, Gobernador, L-DI-EGO Pieces: +20000 Description: In the depths of the ocean, away from the trade routes, where no boat sails, a small tropical island. Here, residents live with the last living dinosaurs exist on the planet. Both groups live in complete harmony, human care, heal and give food to the Lizards, and these, grateful, offered to take charge or take the dinotopianos from one place to another. Very occasionally, an enemy ship is approaching, and both species are organized to defend the city . The guards tell us that the Emperor has landed on our shores in an enormus Ship of the Line!They bring hundreds of troops and heavy artillery to demolish the walls! To arms! The defense of the city is in our hands! More Photos: http://www.hispalug....p?topic=17057.0 And More Photos of the HispaLUG Expo 2012 http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=517250 A video:
  15. Was my first lego set, and one of my favorit ever! Its my tribute