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  1. I've been following along, this is a pretty good game you've got here Bad guys always seem to win...hmm. I like the scenes and all the acting abilities of you guys.
  2. That is plain insanity! Theres so much fine detail, all crisp lines, every bit of the tattoos are impressive, and I very much give a lot of applaud to that artist
  3. Awesome! The clown afro was a perfect fit, and the details are so good that they look like they were printed right on, not applied. Why are clowns always so creepy
  4. Yeah, with tuskens and jawas. The tuskens never win on my game
  5. Nice job. It really looks like a robot from a star wars video game or something of the sort.
  6. I play as Darth Maul on Pollis Massa instant play, set to like 750 reinforcements, and go on killing sprees in the tight hallways
  7. Those are great, especially since they look like a ton of work! The two final ones are great, so much detail that they look professional. The proportions are excellent as well.
  8. Great job! It is a definite improvement to the goofy looking official one, even though thats a frontal view. I agree the legs could be taller, since the brain jar (lovely) is supposed to be off the ground a bit more.
  9. That is epic! Its around 6 feet long, eh? I really like how it is shaped so its covered with studs on top, makes it have extra greebley look to it. good job.
  10. I really like the design! Its different then the standard dart shaped ships, so it gets creativity points. I like how you gave a little story behind it. Good job!
  11. Good job! I seriously love how you put so much detail in a MOC, large or small. It really looks nice with greebles and tiles mixed.
  12. Ha! Thats pretty cool, both look perfect to their cartoony selves. good job.
  13. Nice. I always liked that grass technique and all those Kashyykk troopers Good job
  14. I'll be going with the open back design. Thanks for the suggestion.
  15. SCORE!!! Thanks, that looks nice, I'll have to get the pieces. Good find