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  1. I'm interested in the questions you raised as well!
  2. Hello Justin :)

    1. just2good



  3. For me, the mobile site doesn't work on my iPhone properly. It just squeezes the forum to half of the screen.
  4. Great news to hear. Hopefully they'll win the case.
  5. Oh dang, this is missing. That was pretty useful. Easier to spot spammers.
  6. Looks alright, but where's the "View New Content" button that used to be in the top right corner? The "Unread Content" button is not working the same as that was (only this topic shows up).
  7. Thank you guys for the kind response! Actually, the U-Wing is the only one I don't plan on buying (it's my least favorite), but we'll wait and see. Hoping to get my hands on Krennic's Shuttle soon. If you're referring to the control panel being a print, it's actually a sticker. My bad for any confusion! And yeah, other set is the Hovertank. Review shall be up by tomorrow if I can get work done.
  8. I got two Rogue One sets from a seller I usually get stuff early from! Here's a look at the AT-ST: Sorry about the lesser quality of these photos, I ordered a new light studio and one of the lights died immediately after set up.
  9. Strange, weird, I friggin' love it!
  10. I know last year when they re-released Hoth Han in Fall, it was the same packaging as it was in 2013, so I doubt they'll change Revan's.
  11. Oh my, PLEASE no like buttons to posts here! It's the reason I don't go on the Brickset forum. What it does is make people put funny irrelevant posts just to get likes. There's no point in a like button, except maybe to support a MOC (even then, a reply means so much more). just2cents
  13. While I'm really not into dropping news much more, I have a little tidbit that was too exciting not to mention. We will be getting a Wonder Woman movie set in 2017 - albeit an exclusive (like the Doctor Strange set), but it really makes me happy we'll be getting at least one. Almost confident it's minifigure based and under the DC Super Heroes line, but the only facts I know is that it's coming and it's exclusive. Cheers!