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  1. Liking the new banner! Also, seems we have 1x1 bricks in green and ones with a present-like stripe to accompany such next to threads.
  2. I made a video covering some LEGO errors as well.
  3. I believe Rogue One sets release soon enough, but yeah, this is my educated guess - that the other sets release in Spring.
  4. Oh my... thanks to CM4Sci for pointing this one out.
  5. It's from the image servers. These are NOT leaks so don't worry, as they are added by LEGO themselves. These links are 4000x4000. Full size picture (edit set number): http://cache.lego.com/r/dynamic/is/image/LEGO/60142?op_sharpen=0&resmode=sharp4&wid=4000&fit=constrain,1&fmt=png-alpha To find alternates (i.e. minifigures / different views of the build), edit the "_alt" after the corresponding set number by counting upwards: http://cache.lego.com/r/dynamic/is/image/LEGO/60142_alt1?op_sharpen=0&resmode=sharp4&wid=4000&fit=constrain,1&fmt=png-alpha
  6. For those wondering, these images were found on LEGO's image server. These are NOT leaks so don't worry, as they are added by LEGO themselves. Just mess around with the set number: http://cache.lego.com/r/dynamic/is/image/LEGO/60142?op_sharpen=0&resmode=sharp4&wid=4000&fit=constrain,1&fmt=png-alpha http://cache.lego.com/r/dynamic/is/image/LEGO/60142_alt1?op_sharpen=0&resmode=sharp4&wid=4000&fit=constrain,1&fmt=png-alpha
  7. Here's a new set, this image was found on LEGO's image servers which has hundreds of new pictures for 2017 sets. How to use it: Full size picture: http://cache.lego.com/r/dynamic/is/image/LEGO/60142?op_sharpen=0&resmode=sharp4&wid=4000&fit=constrain,1&fmt=png-alpha To find alternates (edit the "_alt" after the set number by counting upwards): http://cache.lego.com/r/dynamic/is/image/LEGO/60142_alt1?op_sharpen=0&resmode=sharp4&wid=4000&fit=constrain,1&fmt=png-alpha
  8. Woah! Where'd you see that?
  9. Alright, hope it's okay if I use it for a video!
  10. First off, what's the source on the picture? Second off, dang, this confirms my theory of the retail exclusives having no exclusive villains.
  11. Ha, well, I mean, I wouldn't count the character inclusion as a spoiler really.
  12. If you don't mind sharing, where was suh from? If you do mind sharing - don't worry. Maybe it's because I'm on mobile but I can only see the Imperial BP.
  13. I wonder if the Summer 2017 sets are spoilerific. Either way, the toy fair is more than a week after the movie comes out, so I wouldn't mind seeing 'em there.
  14. Russia usually gets sets super early. Wouldn't be surprised.