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  1. Oh yeah, true. Alright, mine is a bit different!
  2. Oh my, I'm making my own purist LEGO Twin Peaks minifigures... and you LITERALLY have the same Cooper as me! Well, the face and hair. That is Superboy's face, right?
  3. Most are stickers unfortunately
  4. I heard there's no more for 2017, however if there were, I'd say it would be this: 4 MCU (like the first wave): - SHC Spidey - SHC Vulture - TR Thor - TR Loki 4 DCEU (like the four DC of first wave): - JL Cyborg - JL Wonder Woman - JL Superman - JL Flash 4 Disney (like the first wave): - TLJ Luke - TLJ Rey - TLJ Finn - TLJ Kylo 6 Ninjago Movie: - LLoyd - Nya - Kai - Zane - Jay - Lord Garmadon
  5. I just recently binged the entire series of Twin Peaks in anticipation of the show's return after 25 years - which is tonight! I have to say, it was a good show. After around episode 8/9 of Season 2, the series took a turn for the worse - besides the final episode. Can't wait to see how the new ones are, though, since Lynch is directing all of 'em!
  6. I know for sure the worldwide release for the Ragnorak sets is not August 1st. Maybe North America, but Asia and Europe have it June 1st.
  7. Nah, it's a solid build inside, so no figures can fit. Also, next batch of reviews:
  8. I've reviewed 4/8 sets. While taking pictures is harder than it used to be, if anyone has any picture requests for the seven sets that are out, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
  9. I don't remember saying it's a retail exclusive, it is 70613 though.
  10. I would say that, but the gloves are different colored than the Highway Man. And thanks for the kind words!
  11. That last wave of Chima (from 2015) was on the shelves (and still near me) for a while so maybe they're learning from that and cutting off early.
  12. Ah, okay. Thanks!
  13. Lucky. Now I wanna go to Mexico. Do the instructions show anything of the Mack the Truck set?