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  1. Okay, that would make sense. But it's always rumored to end and then it gets renewed.
  2. I wish we'd get a Simpsons 3, but it'll never happen.
  3. 10730 Lightning McQueen's Quick Launcher ($10) 10731 Cruz Ramirez Race Simulator ($10) 10732 Guido and Luigi's Pit Stop ($10) 10733 Mater's Demolition Site ($10) 10742 Willy's Butte Speed Training ($20) 10743 Smokey's Garage ($30) 10744 Thunder Hollow Crazy 8 Race ($30) 10745 Lightning McQueen's Team Race ($50) Prices and names are not final!
  4. There's two sets missing there... eight total for LEGO Juniors.
  5. Oh, okay. Thanks!
  6. Can you explain to me the difference between the two? Like, is one a regular torso?
  7. Hello all, there's a few themes I'm trying to complete my collection for. I only buy sealed sets and am willing to pay via PayPal. Contact me via PM or post here if you're interested in selling these. I also have a few sealed sets for trade (see below the wants list). I will only buy/trade with members with 600 or more posts. Wants LEGO Cars 9484-1 Red's Water Rescue 9485-1 Ultimate Race Set 9486-1 Oil Rig Escape 8484-1 Ultimate Build Lightning McQueen 8486-1 Mack's Team Truck 8487-1 Flo's V8 Cafe 8638-1 Spy Jet Escape 8639-1 Big Bentley Bust Out 8677-1 Ultimate Build Mater 8678-1 Ultimate Build Francesco 8679-1 Tokyo International Circuit LEGO Power Miners 4559288-1 {Power Miners Promotional Polybag} 4559385-1 {Power Miners Promotional Polybag} 4559387-1 {Power Miners Promotional Polybag} 8708-1 Cave Crusher LEGO Fabuland 3647-1 Lionel Lion's Classroom 3663-1 Merry-Go-Round 3676-1 Cathy Cat's Fun Park 3622-1 Rowboat with Lionel Lion and Hannah Hippopotamus 3623-1 Beauty Salon 3646-1 Catherine Cat in her Kitchen 3680-1 Caravan and Rowboat 3683-1 Amusement Park 3721-1 Clive Crocodile on his Skateboard 3798-1 Hannah Hippopotamus on a Picnic 1516-1 Promotional Set 3636-1 Lucy Lamb's Bedroom 3645-1 School Room 3659-1 Playground 3662-1 Double-Decker Bus 3674-1 Bonny Bunny's New House 3675-1 General Store 3682-1 Fire Station 1570-1 Fabuland Character Polybag 3644-1 Mike Monkey and his Taxi 3668-1 Merry-Go-Round with Ticket Booth 3679-1 Flour Mill and Shop 3624-1 Flower Car 3625-1 Sandy Seagull's Aeroplane 3641-1 Car and Camper 3642-1 Fire Engine 3643-1 Police Van 3660-1 Fisherman's Wharf 3673-1 Paddle Steamer 3681-1 Amusement Park 3714-1 Workman and Barrow 3716-1 Telephone 3717-1 Mouse in a Tub Fishing 3792-1 Bedroom 3793-1 Boris Bulldog and Mailbox 3794-1 Police Motorcycle 3795-1 Catherine Cat in her Kitchen 801-4 Fabuland Characters 3630-1 Percy Pilot 3639-1 "Paddy" Wagon 3664-1 Bertie Bulldog (Police Chief) and Constable Bulldog 3670-1 Service Station 3671-1 Airport 3711-1 Tubby and Tuba 3712-1 Robby Rabbit 3713-1 Mike Monkey 3789-1 Constable Clarke 3791-1 Wally Walrus 3626-1 Roger Racoon and his Sports Car 3627-1 Bonnie Bunny 3637-1 Gertrude Goat the painter 3638-1 Fire Engine 3709-1 Henry Horse the carpenter 3787-1 Hannah Hippopotamus the public gardener 3788-1 Paulette Poodles' Living Room 3654-1 Lisa Lamb's House 3666-1 Billy Bear and Mortimer Mouse's Service Station 3667-1 Pat and Freddy's Shop 3669-1 Fire Station 3672-1 The Motel 3678-1 Lionel Lion's Lodge 3694-1 Figure collection 3695-1 Figure collection 3703-1 Peter Pig the Cook 3704-1 Marjorie Mouse 3781-1 Maximillian Mouse 3603-1 Boris Bulldog and Mailbox 3615-1 Percy Pig 3629-1 Barney Bear 3635-1 Bonnie Bunny's Camper 3602-1 Pram - Lisa Lamb Goes Walking 3604-1 Mark Monkey with his Fruit Stall 3665-1 Harry Horse and Clara Cow's Ice Cream Shoppe 128-1 Taxi Station 132-1 Cottage 134-2 Service Station 137-1 Hospital 140-1 Town Hall 324-1 Ricky Racoon on his Scooter 325-2 Percy Pig with his Barrow 328-1 Michael Mouse and his New Car 329-2 Bernard Bear and his Delivery Lorry 338-2 Blondi the Pig and Taxi Station 341-2 Catherine Cat's House and Mortimer Mouse 344-2 Service Station with Billy Goat and Mike Monkey 347-3 Hospital - Lucy Lamb and Charlie Cat Visit Dr. Dog 350-3 Town Hall Paradisa 2870-1 Paradisa Barbeque 6489-1 Seaside Holiday Cottage 6547-1 Fun Fair 6418-1 Country Club 6403-1 Paradise Playground 6416-1 Poolside Paradise 6419-1 Rolling Acres Ranch For Trade 5000022-1: The Hulk 5000281-1: Chase McCain 5000062-1: Darth Maul Batman's Flying Bat Car Toys"R"Us Take Home Build
  8. I thought the Bossk was a placeholder??
  9. Wait, what? I thought we were getting Zuckuss and 4LOM. What changed?
  10. Oh, my tweet was not confirmation of no shark. As I said, I was guessing that, not sure of it (the Dimensions one I am sure of).
  11. You guys are so respectful. I really appreciate that. I'm not sure how it would work but it definitely was any character you build opposed to more than seven characters at a time.
  12. What I heard Year 3 was going to be bigger than year 2 - there was going to be a new peripheral (a collaboration between TT Games, LEGO, and PhotonX) that would've wiped out all other toys to life competition, allowing any character and vehicle you want in the game. No idea how that would have worked. Well, it won't happen now unfortunately.
  13. I didn't see this way at first but you have helped me understand it. Thank you.
  14. Legit, it's kind of making me mad to an extent. Not really the people here. Mostly the people on the LEGO Dimensions subreddit. I'll say what I said there, but I think you guys deserve to know what's going on, you won't hear it right away from TT Games. They want to make the most money out of you guys. They're going to announce it as late as they financially came. I understand the game means a lot to you guys, in terms of time and money invested to get the most out of it. That's why I'm telling you guys now. If you don't want to believe, wait, and get your hopes crushed, go for it. I think some of what they're doing is scummy, keeping your dreams up that this would last more than three years, doing console exclusives, doing less content than expected, etc. Many are asking me to reveal my source or wherever I heard such from but of course I can't do that. I'm putting my credibility on the line for this, but that's because I know how important this is for some people.