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  1. There is a lot of information to get into these threads and I don't always get it right but we're going with the 25th as I've already tallied the voting totals and a week is a typical contest time. So, yes, I'm sure the voting is closed. I'll edit the first post to reflect the correct day and date. I only opened this so parsom and Contino could respond but since people are voting still, I'll lock it again.
  2. And the Winners are... After 82 members voted (thank you for that!) a top 3 emerged! Without further ado, the winners are... *drum roll* First place 14. Ice House by LittleJohn Second place 1. Chocolate Factory by mouseketeer Third place 15. Glass Blower's Shop and Workshop by eliza Congratulate the winners and check out all of the great entries in this topic.
  3. And the Winners are... After 82 members voted (thank you for that!) a top 3 emerged! Without further ado, the winners are... *drum roll* First place 14. Ice House by LittleJohn Second place 1. Chocolate Factory by mouseketeer Third place 15. Glass Blower's Shop and Workshop by eliza Congratulations to the winners LittleJohn, mouseketeer and eliza and thanks to everyone who entered. It was great to see so many wonderful entries. Winners please send a PM to me (Hinckley) with your name, full address and telephone number and your first, second and third choice from the prizes below. The Prizes There are three available prizes. First place will choose their preference. Second place will choose between the remaining two sets and third place will receive the remaining set. 10254 Holiday Train 10249 Winter Toy Shop 10245 Santa's Workshop For the full results, click here: Feel free to congratulate the winners and leave your comments on this year's competition in this topic.
  4. Which admin were you writing to? I organized the contest and I didn't receive any PM from you. I had kept a list from the beginning (Pandora started it, thank you! :wub:) and it had the original name of the thread. Personally, I like the German name better. The link to the discussion thread takes you to the 2016 thread. I'm not sure what you're referring to "last year" as the entry must be new in order to be eligible for the contest. @parsom @Contino I'm not sure why you are posting this here, the voting thread for a Winter Village contest. Please read the Site Guidelines. You must post on–topic and in English. If you would like to find instructions for Technic sets, please try the Technic forum. Also, perhaps you can introduce yourself in the Hello, my Name is... thread and get to know the community. Thank you.
  5. Is it possible to change the name of my entry for Winter Village (there is old name in the voting thread  - I've changed it for: "Winter Village: Gasthaus (Moving Nativity Scene)" - http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/145187-winter-village-gasthaus-moving-nativity-scene/)

    And link to the discussion thread is wrong - it moves to the last year discussion.

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      Oh, you left the comment here. :blush: Sorry. I didn't notice this. Send me a PM next time, please.

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      Doesn't matter, it's nothing important :classic:

  6. The Expand The Winter Village VII Contest has concluded. Check out all the awesome entries and vote in this topic!
  7. Thanks to everyone who entered the seventh annual Expand the Winter Village Contest. Once again, it has been inspiring to see the additions to the winter village that you come up with. This year, we have 21 qualifying entries! You can now vote for your favorite entries by replying in this topic. Please read the voting rules below carefully and use this thread for voting only. We'd love to hear your feedback on the competition in the discussion thread. Voting closes on Wednesday, 25 January at Midnight GMT. Voting Rules - You have a total of 5 points to award - You may not give more than 3 points to a single entry - Post your votes in the voting format shown below - You may not edit your post (posts edited more than one hour after the vote was placed will not be counted) - Votes that do not comply with these (simple) rules will not be counted - You must have joined Eurobricks prior to December 6, 2016 to be eligible to vote Voting Format Each voting posts starts with five (no more, no less) separate lines, which list the entry numbers (see below) of the entries you want to award points to. No matter how many points you wish to allocate to any one entry, every line represents one point, as the examples below illustrate. Example 1 If you'd like to award 3 points to entry number 19 and 1 point to entries 5 and 9 each, use the following voting format: 19 19 19 5 9 Example 2 If you'd like to award 2 points to entry number 17, 2 points to entry number 2 and 1 point to entry number 5, use the following voting format: 17 17 2 2 5 Example 3 If you'd like to award 1 point each to entries 5, 8, 9, 11 and 16, use the following voting format: 5 8 9 11 16 After these five lines you can comment on why you voted for these particular entries if you like, but begin your post with the required five lines that indicate the entries you want to vote for. Thank you for sticking to this voting format and making our lives a little easier. The Entries Take your time browsing through all the entries. Clicking on the link or the image takes you to the thread for the respective entry. The bold number in front of every entry is the entry number you need in your voting post. Chocolate Factory by mouseketeer Train Station by kjm161 Corner Store by CarsonBrick Xmas Tree Steam Train by Viracocha Friends bringing "Christmas Greetings" to Ms Stevens by Carebear Old Church by Jellyeater Gasthaus (Kraków szopka) by parsom 8. The Small Winter Village by BrickMark-I Just an Olde Fashion Butchery & Seafood by Kristin W Fire Station by crayonboi Winter Filling Station by toorayray Globe Tavern and Party by Stebai Big Tool Hardware Shop by robbzy88 Ice House by LittleJohn Glass Blower's Shop and Workshop by eliza Tea 'n Tomes by Palixa And The Bricks Curling Club by twigman Veterinary Clinic & Pet Adoption Center by Ruse901 Petrol Station and Service Garage by dfaminis Department Store by mmclelland Train depot by wooster The Prizes There are three available prizes. First place will choose their preference. Second place will choose between the remaining two sets and third place will receive the remaining set. 10254 Holiday Train 10249 Winter Toy Shop 10245 Santa's Workshop

    Use any photo–hosting site.

    Use Flickr. Eurobricks is not a photo–hosting site.
  10. Contest officially (and quite late, sorry) closed for entries. Voting thread will be up in about 24 hours. Thanks to everyone who entered, best of luck!
  11. ASK HERE

    If you are this stubborn, I suppose there is no help for you.
  12. I have removed the first picture as it is in violation of this rule: Please remove the text from that image and re–post it if you prefer that image to be in the contest.
  13. ASK HERE

    You need to host the picture on Flickr or another photo site. We don't allow members very much space for uploads. Host it on Flickr and use the URL to post the image. It is exactly the issue. He is correct. Your account is limited to 30K of uploads. Please follow his or my instructions to post your entry. @TechnicRCRacer
  14. When you tell someone "Good luck" that indicates that you are leaving. But you continue to come back to this thread. Why? You continuously attack the answers you are given, even taking them out of context or missing the point of the statement for the way it was stated. You will never be happy after being suspended for a day for violating one of our Site Guidelines. @Jedi-Bendu & @VaderFan2187, you both were suspended for going off–topic. That is a violation of the Site Guidelines. So, that is on you. You brought concerns here and we have tried our best to answer them. I, personally, have invested a good deal of time in trying to explain to you why we operate the way we do but you don't seem to be able to accept anything that would cause you to be introspective. Everything is someone else's fault, never your own. No matter what anyone has responded to you in this topic, you attack that person or the idea presented. VaderFan, you even admit that your "sense of humor" can come off as trolling, but act offended when it does come off that way. So, maybe your sense of humor doesn't come off online the way it does in real life, but then you need to realize when it does, that it's on you to communicate better, not on the recipient of the communication to receive it better. I am also this way. But I have never persisted on forcing my personality forward over communication. You control your actions only so it's on you to realize when your communication is coming off as aggressive or abusive and take steps to repair communication when it does. Judging by the way you have both reacted to being corrected one time and then quickly reinstated to full membership, you are not positive contributors to the site and I would have no problem banning either one of you and I don't care if other members think that is unfair. I've seen this type of behavior countless times before and I think you're going to cause our staff a lot of work and stress and it's not worth it for us to keep you here where, when you're not arguing with us, you'll take your attitude and misplaced sense of entitlement to other members. To all of our members, I understand that this might be tedious to watch staff argue with members. This is another reason we like to deal with these things in a private one–on–one setting. People who continuously cause problems and violate Site Guidelines usually thrive with an audience and public communication is not normally conducive to solving such problems. Most members, in my experience, are friendly and helpful and interested in contributing to a positive community atmosphere. As I've said countless times, we want everyone to have fun and enjoy this community. We don't like having to correct people or suspend accounts but after over 10 years of experience doing this, we have found this is the best way to handle such problems. And we are evolving all the time. That's one of the many reasons that this thread exists. And I believe you can see our interaction with members here and our willingness to listen and over the years have taken in a lot of feedback and altered the way we do things based on interaction with the community. We would not be where we are without all of you and we care a lot about listening to your concerns and about making all aspects of this site the best they can be for the people who use them and believe in this site as a positive part of the LEGO fan community. So, please, don't be afraid to voice your concerns or feedback here. If you look at this recent interaction, it is negative, yes. The negativity comes from the way an issue is approached. I want to hear everyone's concerns but if you can't have a civil conversation after days of us trying to be reasonable then it's not going to go well. We want criticism but I won't let the staff be abused. There's a difference between voicing a concern about our staff and spending days abusing us and proving you have no interest in conversing, but only bashing the staff.
  15. Let's be 100% clear. I am not making any excuses for any staff member and I do not have to answer any of these questions. That is the point of this thread. There doesn't have to be a place to feed back to the staff about your experiences and we do not owe anybody any explanation on anything. This is a private site, it is privately owned and operated. We reserve the right to refuse membership to any person for any reason. We don't behave in that way, we don't abuse that power, but it's perfectly within our rights to do so. We have this topic and the account suspension because we care about this community and making sure that every member can enjoy the site equally and that every member has the opportunity to be heard if a problem arises or if a Site Guideline is violated. We do it because we have found, in our thousands of volunteer hours that it is the most fair way to handle it for you, our members. Going off–topic is against the Site Guidelines. It is not a style. Or, if it is, that doesn't matter as you, @VaderFan2187, agreed to the Site Guidelines when you became a member. It is also against the Site Guidelines to continue to give the staff a hard time. You went off–topic. A staff member corrected you. It is his right to do so in any style he chooses as long as he is not abusive. We do not and will not have Guidelines on how the staff interacts with people whose accounts are suspended. Staff members are here because we trust them and they've put the work in. We know they don't abuse their staff powers, that's why put them in their positions, we trust them. If they ever did abuse their powers, we have the Chamber sub–forum so that the entire staff has oversight and would know and would remove that person from staff. We won't be developing Guidelines to be nice to every member or try to please every person who feels hurt or complains. Not everyone gets a trophy for participating. When you break the Site Guidelines, this is what happens. You broke the Site Guidelines and now you want to complain because a staff member asked you questions instead of making statements? That sounds immature and ridiculous to me. I don't care what your sense of humor is, your behavior is coming off as trolling and if you continue to troll the staff regarding this topic, you've already stepped way over the line, I will personally ban you myself. We don't need ungrateful, abusive members in this community.