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    Turns out he couldn't remember his username.
  2. It is responsive now. The theme is the same. The menu moves to the upper right corner. I'm not sure what you are referring to. If you mean the blue brick on a topic you have already replied to, it is still there.
  3. That will be turned off as soon as I find the setting. Death to hyphenation!
  4. Thank you for apologizing. Hopefully, you will learn to identify that before you do it in the future. Owning up to what you did is admirable. A lot of people would've just ignored it. Sincerely, thank you. As for the layout and design, I will always be trying to learn and improve, yes. As for the single click is a paragraph break, sorry. For now, it will stay that way until I can think of a work around. If we turn it off, it merges posts without paragraph breaks, smashing everything together and starts replies directly after quotes and I can't stand for that. I really can't. My head will explode. I understand how frustrating that can be. I am also used to using cmd+Enter but I know it can be frustrating to get used to something new. I'll ask our Tech expert if there is any way we can get around the board software on that one. No problem getting the darker color on the post border. I'm working on some of the other "easier" ones but the new software has triple the amount of .css files and everything is in a new place. And there's this stupid new editor interface I'm trying to override. Chasing it all around with Firebug and real life keeps getting in the way. Thanks all for the constructive feedback. We're working as hard as we can. We've had a small number of accounts that needed to be manually approved on the new board software. I think I was able to find them all but if you are not able to login but can read this as a guest go to our Facebook page and contact me there with your display name and I'll fix that for you quickly. Days.
  5. No...um... ...unless you like it! Then, yes! I'll mess with that. It does look a little stark right now. Something a little warmer behind it might be nice. Maybe if there were a background color behind the + quote would also help. Or either or both... And again, thanks for the feedback from those who are being constructive. Reading back I feel my diatribe didn't iterate that enough. That's because I was pissed.
  6. See? That's specific. I can work with that. Ahem...you have severe dementia. You need in–home care. See? Problem solved.
  7. If anyone wants to make comments like this, here is why it's useless to us: 1. Phone could mean this: Tell us what device you are on. What browser are you using. Is the OS up to date? Do you think we didn't check this on our devices before we performed the upgrade? We need more information to be able to help you. 2. Absolutely horrible is a better description of your attitude than it is of your experience. If you think you are entitled to have everything perfect and we are here to work for you, think again. If you think you should demand things from people who do work as customer service for you, then you are a horrible person. 3. Can't see anything properly. Is it a white screen? Is it a shop for men's motorcycle boots? Or is the table askew a little? The upgrade came with a fully responsive set of cascading style sheets so it should adapt to any screen. Maybe be helpful and take a screen cap for us. Or just pout and throw out crappy language. It's really up to you what kind of person you are. You choose your actions. 4. Can't search anything. Were you able to fill in a search field? Could you not find the search field? Did the lights go out and you dropped your rotary phone? 5. Nothing opens on the menu tab. So, just to clarify, you have opened the menu tab and then none of the links work? This would be where knowing if you have an outdated device, OS or browser would be pertinent information. I say this a lot in the Rude Moderators thread, we are a volunteer staff and we dedicate our free time to this site and the Administrators have just dedicated weeks to this software upgrade. Why did we do this? Because a lot of people had complaints about their experiences that we couldn't do anything about since we were running on unsupported software. So we are giving our free time to improve our community and your experience and it only takes a couple seconds for you to poop on it. So, if you are experiencing any technical difficulties with the upgrade, we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. We continue to do as much as we can to make this a great community for LEGO fans. You are all very important to us, even those who aggravate us occasionally and we wouldn't dedicate our free time to you if we didn't have an abundant affinity for you and the entire community at large. So please, as most of you have, continue to be patient with us and provide constructive feedback with as much information as you can so we can do whatever we can to help solve the issues at hand as quickly as we can. And be warned, if you are rudely demanding of any of us, I will tell you what you can do with your entitled attitudes. Thank you all.
  8. I will be sure to ignore this. I volunteer to do this and have put a lot of time in to make this theme look less generic. I'm not the World's greatest CSS expert and this is what was able to do in the time I had to volunteer to the site. We're certainly willing to work on things that people want but you can be sure I'll leave the things that you don't like in because you are disrespectful. If anyone has any constructive requests, please feel free to request them but if you talk to me like I owe you something, it won't get anything done. There's more I can do on this, too. I need the time to get to it, but we have a lot more responsive capabilities. It was you!!! That's driving me nuts! Turn it back on! Correction: I will look into constructive requests. I will not look twice at anyone who acts like a dick. Thank you.
  9. If you cannot reply to topics, be sure to upgrade your browser, OS, java, etc and restart, clear your cache and restart your computer. If the problem persists please find our Facebook page and let us know. .
  10. It is not allowed as per our Site Guidelines regarding joining only for self–promotion. Feel free to be a productive member with one small link to your project in your signature. But as for this topic, I have removed the links. Thank you.
  11. This is fantastic, thank you for sharing. I'm going to move this to a forum where it's more likely to be seen. This forum is for info about the site itself.
  12. [quote name='fordtruckin' timestamp='1473564731' post='2655438'] If it was a separate read-only thread no one would have to sort through anything because it would only contain official Lego information, pictures, and descriptions. You would get everything you need to know in one spot with no pointless filler. And all discussion could take place on the rumors\discussion thread for those like myself who don't mind reading through members' comments. Like I said, I don't even know if it's possible. This is the only forum I read and I do not know a lot about forums in general. It just seems like the simplest solution to accommodate people who want to voice their thoughts and people who just want to know the facts. [/quote] It is possible. Right now, as I said, we intend the first post of the rumor or news (or combined) thread to be such a post. Check the first post of the Marvel news thread, it should have all the up to date news pics in it. All we would have to do to make a read–only topic would be to take the first post, make it its own topic and lock it, pin it and leave a link to the discussion thread. That is a possibility. [quote name='CM4Sci' timestamp='1473564721' post='2655436'] I want a thread where I can post and find leaks [/quote] [quote name='x105Black' timestamp='1473565537' post='2655443'] The only real issue for me is how much Discussion is allowed. Can we give opinions of a set once details or images are revealed? If so, can we compare and contrast with other sets? Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell where the line is between on and off topic. Also, all of the price discussions grind my gears. I don't want to read page upon page of speculation of prices for each set in each market, then read many more pages of complaining about pricing after it has been revealed. That gets old. So does posting about whether or not we should be allowed to post leaked images. We can't. Yes, it kinda sucks, but that's the way it is for many reasons, so deal with it rather than clogging up a thread asking about it, or complaining about it for several pages. And when a Moderator posts to reprimand for leaks or something, or asks us to get back on topic, reactionary discussion about that Moderator action should not happen for an additional page in that thread. Have some respect for the team here. Such discussion should be in a PM, or in this forum. Maybe a dedicated forum where people can question Moderator actions would be good, but I see that being a huge pile of complaints and potentially making their job more difficult. [/quote] I am on the same wavelength as you and we get a lot of reports and complaints from members along the same lines which is what I try to explain to people whenever they complain about a moderator trying to keep the discussion on–topic. There's a thread in this forum called "Some Rude Moderators" where people can bitch about us.
  13. I agree. We had a lot of opportunities to let our frustrations get to us and delve into a non–productive discussion. Thanks to every who made positive contributions. I'm a bit biased but I'm especially impressed with Nemo for tackling a tough job and coming in afterwards with an open mind to discuss people's opinions. I am a big fan of our staff members. And an equally big fan of all of our forum members too. We have a pretty cool site.
  14. [quote name='fordtruckin' timestamp='1473562497' post='2655426'] I don't know if this is an option but could there be a read-only thread with only official information but not for discussion? That way the official information thread only bumps when legitimate news occurs so everyone can look at it. No one gets there hopes up. And only mods or confirmed reliable sources could post. Then all discussion would take place in the rumors and discussion thread for the appropriate year. [/quote] I love you. At least your idea here. The point of the news threads is to keep the first post updated with set news so people who are sick of combing through off–topic discussion can still see the updated news in the first post. But, we get really busy and sometimes don't keep up.
  15. Or maybe that's what the parenthesis mean? I don't know... [quote name='just2good' timestamp='1473557879' post='2655398'] I want the discussion threads to be like this. News, discussion of the news, and rumors - so the second choice. But not BASELESS rumors. The rumors have to be from a reliable source. We just can't keep having new users make an account and post fake rumors; or people who CONSTANTLY provide false information. [/quote] Unfortunately, that's not a setting of the board software... [quote name='just2good' timestamp='1473557879' post='2655398'] just2cents. [/quote] Clever.