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  1. Oh heck do we really need a separate discussion for this film? We already have an MCU chat going on to discuss MCU films and tv, and Guardians is very much a part of the MCU! This feels super redundant to me.
  2. All relative. My collection is the largest I know of with all my personal friends and acquaintances (292 sets). However when compared to the collections of many people online mine still looks rather modest... So all relative, I think maybe once you hit the 200 set mark it is in the "larger" collections; but not the "largest."
  3. Rebel Trooper (Basteren?)
  4. Imperial Hovertank. I am going to get the AT-ST sometime soon I hope too. Really tempted to finish the entire Wave 1 of System style Rogue One sets (I also have K2SO in CCBS so there is that too...) Possibly my favorite Star Wars film and single Lego set wave ever? Maybe...
  5. I hope the price is a bit cheaper... I like how it looks though, and the figs included are fun.
  6. I wanted to vote for the Imperial Tech, but since it is so close I'll give the vote to Kylo to try and break the tie!
  7. Well now I have an idea of what I want to do with my spare Lego Batman Red Hood figure's head.
  8. U-Wings, X-Wings, Bo-Katan?, Saw Guerrera, Hover Tanks, Tie Defenders... Oh my gosh looks like fun. But the last season? A little shocking. I knew Rebels wasn't exactly reaching the popularity The Clone Wars had, but I am a bit surprised to know it is ending so soon. Yet I am glad they will have plenty of time to wrap the story up with a full season to prepare the table. It also explains why we are starting to get hints of what happens to some of the characters, such as Hera's confirmed survival to the Battle of Endor; Disney is probably preparing to move the stories of the characters on in other medium now. Really makes me wonder what is next though for Star Wars animation since Forces of Destiny is not a full length series the same way Rebels and TCW are...
  9. Yes to be honest Kanan and Ezra are the only loose threads in Rebels for the overall Canon. Heck, I could see Kanan dead and Ezra running away from it all in some self centered move... thus making him absent for the rest of the OT. Meanwhile Hera, Sabine, Rex, and Zeb continue to kick butt for the rest of the war and are deemed war heroes by the end and retire to a happy life on Lothal... (Actually if the Sabine-Antilles shipping ever becomes reality, Sabine is good as dead since the canon has already hinted the Empire "murdered" one of Wedge's first love interests...)
  10. Some Celebration rumors/news bouncing around both Rebels and the new Forces of Destiny hinting at the fate of some major characters from Rebels
  11. Imperial Tank Operator
  12. Well I would have preferred hand drawn rather than flash... But considering there hasn't been a 2D animated Star Wars series since Genndy's original Clone Wars it could be a welcome change of pace.
  13. Well the next canon animated series has been announced. Not the Old Republic like many people hoped, but looks interesting. And they managed to get most of the original actresses back too (Daisy Ridley, Felicity Jones, Lupita, etc.):