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  1. It does make me wish they brought back the E-Wing concept to sprinkle some variety into the ST fighters. Just like the F-22's relatively small production run which failed to fully replace the F-15/F-16 models, I can see the E-Wing doing the same. However with that said, the plethora of X-Wing's and Tie's still makes a ton of sense for the ST.
  2. @ToaDraco I read your comments about ship design in the Lego Star Wars 2017 Rumors thread, and the apparent lack of innovation between ROTJ and TFA, compared to the massive technology shift between ROTS and ANH. I decided to pen my thoughts to that here instead of derail the other thread. I think Star Wars technology logically has followed and mirrored real history. In WWII aviation went from prop propellors to jet airplanes and V1 rockets. In comparison, modern era changes have been less dramatic. We are still flying F-16's almost 40 years after that airframe was introduced, while it's replacement the F-35 is rolling out slowly yet to fully replace the F-16. How does this apply to Star Wars? From Attack of the Clones to Return of the Jedi; the Galaxy is in a constant state of war. A growing Empire had to replenish it's fighting force, and constantly sought out new designs. Rebels had to scour for odd ball fighters to use, and got a wide variety of strange fighters for their forces. Conflict drove innovation. In comparison in the new Canon, the 30+ years between ROTJ to TFA is rather peaceful. The T-70 X-Wing was introduced at the end of the Galactic Civil War, with it's successor vehicles relying on the same airframe (I think a T-80 is shown in the Poor Dameron comic and it looks identical to the T-70). Meanwhile the First Order was building up their army, yet rather than invent new designs they updated the proven TIE airframe (much like how Russia still fly's Soyuz capsules, or how the F-15 was modified by the US to become F-15E ground attack units). Why waste resources on a new fighter airframe when resources are thin and being taken by the massive Starkiller project? I think then seeing classic Star Wars ships in the Sequel Trilogy makes sense considering the inter-war peace during that era. With the galaxy in chaos again though I hope by episode IX or the following Trilogy (Sequel of Sequel Trilogy?) we get to see new designs.
  3. The film props were actually busses covered in a trolley car shell, driving around metal ribbons placed on the road of the film set. Anyways, really impressive MOC!
  4. I want it just for the comic book store owner's Galidor shirt! Oh and it's a beautiful build too!
  5. Battle of Takadona for $33 dollars!
  6. It doesn't look like any confirmation that Venom is part of the MCU to me. Sony can say what they want and do what they want, but until Kevin Feige says "It's MCU canon" it isn't! (At least in my opinion)
  7. Wow, such simple and small improvements turned a this good set into a great set with your build! I love that Dormamu too... "Dormamu, I've come to bargain!"
  8. How about a CCBS C-3P0 with a Technic R2-D2 as a two pack? Sort of a flagship set like the Speeder Bike has been for this year. Find a way to incorporate BB-8 too and it would probably be well received.
  9. Wow very impressive! As much as I love the interior of the official set, this makes a great display model; its smaller size allowing the possibility of building neighboring parts of the theme park!
  10. Yeah that actually is exactly the type of engine I am thinking of in the exact same paint scheme too! I forgot one of the Kennecott Copper Nevada Division RSD-4 units is preserved in Washington. The ones nearest to me in Ely are at the railroad that one came from.
  11. Brickset's review of the Arena Clash set is up: I don't like it at all seeing these new photos. 2017 has been super lack luster for Marvel sets, and this just continues that trend. The best of this year (Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, etc.) looks "just okay" compared to the 2016 and 2015 sets. I hope this trend doesn't continue though, I don't want Infinity War to get overpriced blank wall sets too!
  12. A year away and we are getting a teaser already? Marvel stop working overtime!
  13. Keyboard warriors strike again! Its a fantasy setting so why bother about it? The "south pole elf" in the film Elf was far more offensive than this! (Then again I am 6' 3" so I might not measure up to the be the right judge of this situation. But still, just seems to be people crying out for attention ) Also go and count the "good" Lego dwarves:
  14. That Alco with buffers and chain is messing with my head; not used to seeing RS units looking like that! There are a few RS units operating across the state line in Ely, your MOC reminds me I really need to go pay them a visit on a day they are running...
  15. Something some of you might find interesting. I have a coworker I was talking to the other day. He knows I like Lego, and he mentioned to me how his grandfather collects Lego Star Wars constraction sets. Yes, his grandfather. I sure never recall hearing about Bionicle or Hero Factory being picked up by geriatrics, but hearing about a CCBS Star Wars collector in his golden years is probably a testament to the wide appeal the line has beyond Lego's traditional CCBS fanbase. Something interesting to think about indeed.