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  1. A visit to the car boot this morning yielded 4x Rebel Scout Troopers Jawa Hoth Princess Leia all for £10
  2. Hi, not sure if this is the correct thread for this ? I have just received a couple of Rebel Scout Troopers that I ordered from eBay and they are like new apart from they each have different faces. One has a smile and 'pupils' while the other has a grimace and solid eyes...Is this correct ? If not, Could somebody please post a pic of the correct face please ?!
  3. My rebel forces were looking a bit low compared to my Imperials, so I picked up the new Rebel trooper pack. Also ordered a couple of Rebel fleet troopers from eBay that I found for a decent price
  4. As I need a Bossk and a Dengar, I'm definitely going to pick up the bounty hunter pack. 4 Lom looks cool too. I held off from buying the black spaceship set with Dengar this year as apart from him, it looked a bit naff. That will be the only set I buy from this wave though...absolutely zero interest in any of the others. Most of which don't even look 'star wars'. Apart from that ucs snowspeeder of course.... it will be mine...oh yes, it will be mine 🙂
  5. Picked up 2x Imperial Battlepacks to bolster my Stormtroopers. Now going to mod my Assault Hovertank to be a troop carrier. I have an idea to make modular units with different functions that slot onto the rear deck. The armoured troop pod will have room for a squad of stormtroopers, and will provide covering fire for them from a turret mounted weapon
  6. This month I've picked up 75155 U Wing: fantastic set, one of my favourites 75173 Lukes Landspeeder: nice little build with some cool figs 75152 Imperial Assault Hovertank: only grabbed this today so still boxed : ) i was strictly OT until recently, but the design of the ships and quality of the Rogue One sets has swayed me.
  7. Great little wave review, thanks. I think lego have done a fantastic job with this Rogue One wave. My collection was strictly OT, but I've actualy picked up the U Wing and the Imperial Hovertank because they looked so good. The U Wing is a fantastic build, the Hovertank is still in its box but I can't wait to build it ! I think two things let this well designed wave down... 1: the prices ( I know, I know. But there is no getting away from it) 2: Disney seems to have tightened its grip on included mini figures. It seems there's one less fig in each price bracket ? Although Luke's landspeeder came with 4 good ones.
  8. Looks great. I've just picked this set up, so once I've built it I may well copy this mod : )
  9. Haven't bought anything for a few months, Kind of feeling a bit priced out with these last couple of waves. The U Wing has intrigued me since the first images though, so I picked up 75155 yesterday and wow, what a ship ! Absolutely love it. Sleek, looks perfectly 'Star Wars'. Lovely detailing, and I was surprised by the 'glass floor' for the pilot.. great little detail
  10. I'm glad somebody else noticed it. I was convinced he looked different to my Death Star Final Duel Vader. Have They done it to make the printing more visible? Or is it to highlight that it is actually new print?
  11. Wow that thing looks fantastic. I'm not a star trek fan but the detail on that build is awesome. Come on Lego, pull your socks up
  12. Looks very nice ! I wonder if that pylon design with the technic beam would work with a standard TIE fighter build ? Might open up some possibilities ?
  13. Whoa that looks fantastic! If megablocks can pull off that design for 250 bucks, why can't Lego do similar for a New DS ?!
  14. Review

    I was a bit unsure, but I think it's captured that kind of 'looking down his nose' at everyone around him attitude that Vader has in the films. I havn't watched them in a few years but I think Vader kind of sneered down on the people around him in his swaggering arrogance, and this mould has..intentionally or not, captured this. I added a black 1stud square to the bottom of each foot to give him that extra bit of imposing height over Luke too, it looks pretty cool
  15. Great work ! I remember the Interdictor ships from the old Empire at War game..they were used to disable the enemy ships so that the SD's could destroy them weren't they ? Like the look of the gravity well generators, and the scale looks perfect against your Tyrant