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  1. If possible, please share the LXF (or portions of it that contain the problematic area). It makes it easier for us here in the forum to help you look into the problem.
  2. A review of beta is now up on Brickset: Anyway, apparently there is some nasty fine print in the Legal agreement where you hand over all your designs to BrickLink when you upload models. But it will rewritten apparently. Could be worth keeping an eye on though. Not sure where BrickLink is going with this?
  3. If that is the case, are there any news/info about BrickLink making their created parts available to the Ldraw community? Has it been discussed?
  4. Hispabrick issue 26 is hot of the presses. Still free and made by fans for fans. In this issue you will find a lot of the information from the LEGO Fan Media Days, interviews to brick artists Sean Kenney and Chris McVeigh, author of The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book. And much more.... You can download it here
  5. For some accessories (e.g. 10052), you can get around this by first putting the head on, then the accessory. An alternative method is to put the accessory first, and when you place the head, make sure to "force it" downwards and it will snap to the position closer to the body. However, this doesn't work for all accessories, for example for the cape you showed.It is a limitation in LDD due to some collision errors that prevents the head from seating to the body. I suppose it could be worked around by LEGO if they reduce the collision box size in the cape, but it could have other implications. (PS: We discuss multiple LEGO Cad tools in the this forum, so I added a "LDD" to your topic title to help clarify )
  6. Like said above, unfortunately there's no way to import parts into LDD. As for 4529239, looking at BrickLink it translates to a 1x1 Cone, which is indeed in LDD. Have you switched over to Extended Mode? That'll give you access to all the bricks in LDD
  7. Thanks for the update 62bricks. (Like your webpage BTW. Nifty set of tools)
  8. Next step in the evolution of LEGO building? It's getting closer. Or?
  9. I'm curious where the 3d bricks in the software come from. Could it be Ldraw? Anyway, it's going to be interesting to see what the building experience will be like. The GUI looks sleek - a bit Meckabrickish with a hint of 3D Studio Max? From the pictures there is a SNAP and COLLISION button.
  10. Just read about this new upcoming software by BrickLink. Thoughts? (took me an while to figure out the "stud".io name. But I guess it all goes in line with the AFOL pun tradition )
  11. Great review Draggy! Love all the sharp and detailed photos.
  12. I don't know to be honest. And even if I did, I couldn't post it for obvious reasons.
  13. This is exactly the reason why we don't discuss these sort of things here in the forum. Not only is it against the EULA to reverse engineering the LIF and start fiddling around in the files, but it is also messes up the discussions since we get "issues" reported that has nothing to do with the core program and brickset. It only leads to confusion. Sorry to be so harsh, but please don't discuss and bring up issues here in the forum related to or caused by fiddling around with the internals.
  14. LEGO Customer Services is the best bet.