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  1. I don't know to be honest. And even if I did, I couldn't post it for obvious reasons.
  2. This is exactly the reason why we don't discuss these sort of things here in the forum. Not only is it against the EULA to reverse engineering the LIF and start fiddling around in the files, but it is also messes up the discussions since we get "issues" reported that has nothing to do with the core program and brickset. It only leads to confusion. Sorry to be so harsh, but please don't discuss and bring up issues here in the forum related to or caused by fiddling around with the internals.
  3. LEGO Customer Services is the best bet.
  4. They only connect for single stud (e.g. a 1x1 round brick, 1x1 plate etc) into a single Technic hole. It's the same behavior as previous releases.
  5. I did a check, and luckily it seems to be the only brick that was removed.
  6. Look at the image I posted above to see if it's there.
  7. Nope, not that I could find at least....
  8. A new version of LDD was released today with what is estimated to be 44 new bricks. Cudos to TLG for the maintaining the (hopefully) steady flow of bricks to LDD! Read more about it in the Digital Design forum
  9. I count 44 new bricks. List coming soon. EDIT: Picture EDIT2: New picture with highlighted multi-coloring. No surfaces that I could find that could be decorated (e.g. missing on mini-minifig head)
  10. Anyone can start such a topic Anyway, I now create one based on the posts in the 4. 3.9 topic
  11. Firstly, hello and welcome to the Eurobricks community! I can understand this is something you want, but even so, I would kindly ask you to post your recreations of official sets in the Official Sets topic instead. That way we can keep all LXF's together in a joint and shared resource for the community. And you'll have much more exposure for your sets that way. The Official Sets Index is also a good and common way to keep track of errors etc found during building - and you can get feedback on your models. Thanks for your understanding.
  12. Brickset has a part database that is collected from TLG, and made available via an API. Not sure if/how it's usable for other purposes and what the conditions are. But I guess since Brickset managed to harvest it from LEGO, it should be possible for anyone to do the same.
  13. Let me link to the source file here in the Section Index instead.