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  1. So if we didn't have the hints, people would be complaining that we hadn't heard enough. With the hints, people are complaining that it's too vague and they only want definitive answers. I prefer to hear hints AKA RUMORS, because that is, after all, the name of the thread. Without these rumors, the only discussion in here would be wishlist requests and packaging discussions which I am not interested in.
  2. Thanks to CopMike for having this contest again! Merry Christmas!
  3. So I'm thinking it's a gladiator. The Viking would be from around 750 AD, and the Spartan and Egyptians would be BC. I would also guess that #6 is a female elf, and #5 is either a musketeer, revolutionary soldier, or Roman counterpart.
  4. #3 has got to be fireman then. No chance yet to look into your other clues. Thanks!!!
  5. I'm thinking it is a medieval/rennaissance fig - merchant? Astronomer? Michaelangeli? DaVinci? The shoulder piece looks new to me.
  6. Three ornaments that I created for a local display that we have through December. Merry Christmas!
  7. It does have seasons, but they are milder than normal. You would have a couple of months of fall, and some winter months, but they have not been highlighted that much in builds.
  8. You have the freedom to create whatever characters and families you want, as long as you are not claiming land, or interfering with other storylines or families (unless OK'd by their creator). You can however create characters that live in the City of Albion, and build buildings there.
  9. Yes, Mystic Isles. I was thinking of the large island in the NW, which is off limits. Responding by phone, hence the errors. Northern Mystic Isles should be fine.
  10. 1. You can only build in one location, and the Enchanted Isles are currently off limits. 2. If you have a general location where you want a small island as your realm, this can be probably be accomodated. There are certain areas (along tall cliffs) where islands wouldn't make sense. If you want something warmer, it will need to be down by the Kaliphlin border. 3. There is no hurry to build. Feel free to participate in discussions
  11. The first post has finally been updated. Anyone that was listed as a "resident of Avalonia" a year ago, or has posted a task or Challenge build has been listed as a Lord, all others as residents. Please let me know if there are tasks or challenges that I am missing from your entries, as well as your character name if I missed it.
  12. Congratulations! I won't expect to see muchh from you for the next couple of months...or years.
  13. This page will not be open a month from now, but there will be a new thread for the final "quarter" of Book II while things get wrapped off.
  14. Despite the mistakes, it was a beautiful layout that showcased the Guilds very well.
  15. Don't try to get too bogged down into specifics for things like gunpowder and compasses. The weaponry and technology restrictions are in place for 2 reasons: 1. To keep Historica in the medieval era in terms of weaponry and general technology. In other areas such as culture and architecture, Historica is more advanced, but it is set in the era of castles, swords and bow and arrows, so advanced weaponry and technology would disrupt this. 2. To provide more freedom in writing your own lore for your lands and your builds. We don't want power struggles or contests to be the strongest or best at things. Historica is specifically set up so that anyone can build or write their stories without having to account for all the lore of the other members. While it isn't an issue to build off someone else's stories (which has been done frequently), the current status of the main Challenge storyline is the only thing that people may want to consider incorporating into their stories, and you don't have to do that if you don't want. The one thing that should be avoided is saying, XXX is the best Magician in Historica, or a certain army is the strongest in a certain guild. There is always someone better, stronger, smarter or more advanced than you. This also helps keep you from having to comb the threads to see if anyone else has already claimed they are the best at something, or established a certain technique for gun powder use, etc... because it doesn't matter.