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  1. I've started ordering 1 or 2 more of pieces for that exact reason. I always seem to have to place one last BL order 2 weeks before BW and hope it arrives in time.
  2. @Gideon This was Oct 16 through April 17 for me, so I can feel your pain. You will however have time to build for Brickworld 2018, correct?
  3. Richchie, that is a giant Lotr collection and I really like the baseplate setup. Exetrius, thank you for bringing those Ninjago pieces to my attention. This year's Ninjago sets are excellent for fantasy army building!
  4. The Elves sets always look so promising, but they just don't have enough high value pieces for me. There are too many brightly colored pieces that are hard to use. I would say about 1/6 of Elves set pieces are pretty useful, but the rest seem to be average or less in value to me. The tans and browns are nice, but I have been relying on Bricklink or parts drafts for the parts I want.
  5. Great Elves Wardancer! The torsos work well, as do the LotR helms. I like the sword as one of the better options available, but we could really use a lighter Elven blade from TLG or one of the 3rd parties IMO.
  6. I am doing the draft and build challenge this year that just got announced from Brickworld. I wanted it to be similar to a sealed draft competition for Magic the Gathering, and hope it will be a lot of fun. There are only 20 spots though, and it may fill up quickly.
  7. I was wondering how there wasn't a thread on here yet for BW 17 or for Dale's pizza party. I have been in panic mode for about 6 months. I moved and have gone through an agonizing separation from my brick of about 7 months. I am scrambling now that I finally have access again, but am very excited for Brickworld.
  8. Excellent work on both! Thank you for posting links in this thread.
  9. Excellent build! I'm surprised there has only been a single response!
  10. So if we didn't have the hints, people would be complaining that we hadn't heard enough. With the hints, people are complaining that it's too vague and they only want definitive answers. I prefer to hear hints AKA RUMORS, because that is, after all, the name of the thread. Without these rumors, the only discussion in here would be wishlist requests and packaging discussions which I am not interested in.
  11. Thanks to CopMike for having this contest again! Merry Christmas!
  12. So I'm thinking it's a gladiator. The Viking would be from around 750 AD, and the Spartan and Egyptians would be BC. I would also guess that #6 is a female elf, and #5 is either a musketeer, revolutionary soldier, or Roman counterpart.
  13. #3 has got to be fireman then. No chance yet to look into your other clues. Thanks!!!
  14. I'm thinking it is a medieval/rennaissance fig - merchant? Astronomer? Michaelangeli? DaVinci? The shoulder piece looks new to me.
  15. Three ornaments that I created for a local display that we have through December. Merry Christmas!