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  1. Thanks for the kind words - they are just 'short, sweet reviews' as I like to call them. There are so many impressive video reviews out there (for example BrickPlanet's stop motion or Jangbricks) but I think that these short 'pictures as video' review are a good, quick way of getting to know the sets. Tomorrow I will do Lagoon Lock-Up and Forbidden Island :)
  2. Thanks for the heads up - I think I'm going to change that and upload a new version of the video. ...and keep that in mind when I make other reviews. But is it because you use a phone to see the review, or is it also a problem on bigger screens?
  3. Hi guys... I've been at it again. I decided to put the pictures from my Pictorial Review of the magnificent Skull's Eye Schooner into an iMovie video. It's so easy, but it gives the review a new life, and it could appeal to those who do not want to read a normal review. Here is the link, if you would like to see it: I'm still not too sure about speaking in my reviews, so for now, they are just pictures, text and music C&C is welcomed
  4. Thanks - I couldn't figure out how to embed the video, so it's great that you helped out. I will definitely try to figure out how to embed videos the next time I post a review here.
  5. Hi guys A few years ago, I wrote a review of the wonderful set 6376 Breezeway Café. Today I took all the pictures from that set and made a little video review - I am in the process of making all my reviews into video-styled reviews for those who are too lazy to read through a review If you would like to see the video, here is a link: Comments are very welcomed - I am still trying to find the perfect recipe for these video reviews Have a nice day
  6. Hello everybody Last time I went to Legoland Billund - I do so at least once a year - I took some photos of the Miniland park. I love to walk around that part of Legoland and I always end up in a great mood. I tried to incorporate that into a small video with all the pictures on a string - iMovie is great for creating small videos very quickly. If you want to look at the pictures, here is the link to the video: What is your opinion on the use of mostly regular bricks and plates? I like it - it's so genuinely Lego Have a nice day
  7. Hello everybody A handful of years ago I wrote a pictorial review of set 6062 - Battering Ram and posted it on this forum. I have decided to try my hands on editing video - I have made the old pictorial review into a short video review for those too lazy to read the entire review from back then For those interested, here is the link Sorry for the picture quality - I can't find the original pictures, so I just used those from the review I am still trying to find the perfect recipe for making video reviews, so comments and critique are very welcomed Have a nice day
  8. Hmmm... I think they try to keep Miniland as classic as possible with the use of basic bricks and plates - if they started to use all the newer bricks, the overall classic feel would get lost in it all. But its a good thing that we have official sets and MOCs on here - they are a joy to look at, too
  9. Yeah, I know... commentaries... I'm still debating whether or not I want to do that - I have seen many great videos with good commentaries, but most of them are made by native english/american speakers. I'm Danish, so I suspect my accent would be a turn off to some
  10. I love how they use the pieces in such a creative way - It must be difficult to design the figures especially - all of the buildings and the machines are probably not as difficult to design, although I appreciate the immense work on all of these. I love the Miniland scale
  11. Hi guys A few years ago, I visited Legoland Billund (I actually do each year) and took some pictures of the Star Wars Miniland. Today, I made it into a short video Enjoy :)
  12. Hi everybody It's been ages since I last posted something on here - although I keep coming back here to read various topics. A few years ago I wrote a handful of Pirate set reviews, and posted them here on this forum. I have decided to try my hands on short video reviews of the same sets... I know that there are already many video reviews of pirate sets, but who are we to complain about even more of them The first one I have done into a video review is Rock Island Refuge - set no. 6273 Unfortunately, the pictures are of bad quality, but the next videos I plan to make should be with better pictures. If you want to, you can take a look at the short review right here: The music is royalty free - the composer: Ross Bugden - thanks to him for making free music for us to use in videos. Enjoy - and I hope to get some feedback, so that I can make even better reviews in the future Blackbeard's Brick Reviews
  13. The blue arches shouldn't be so expensive any longer, as they are in a Christmas set, I think? But the light bluish grey door is very expensive. You could swap that with the version that is hinged to the opposition side... I can't remember which side though ;) Plus, the white panels for the glass-less windows are insanely expensive too. Swap those with the new version panels with side support
  14. I have changed all 56 sand green 1x2 bricks w. groove into sand blue, and then bought a bucket load of 1x1, 1x2 and 1x4, 1x6 sand blues - I will report back when I know how it all adds up :)
  15. Well since I can't replace the 1x3 sand green bricks with 1x3 sand blue (because they don't exits) I was wondering how other people had figured out exactly which sand blue bricks would end up giving the same result as having the sand green ones