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  1. No problem!! Since it got buried on the previous page I wanted to make sure you saw it. I'm skeptical too, no brand name, Lepin, ect. But, I'm sure an "official" one won't be far behind. Thanks, I plan on picking up all the retired one to catch up. So, looks like I'll be buying a few baseplates. Thanks, Jamie
  2. Captain Pirate Man, did you see the link I put up before with a Statue of Liberty set? Still a little pricey, but, cheaper then Ebay and Amazon. Not sure what brand it is, didn't say in the description. Also, what did I miss about the base plates? These are thicker? Thanks, Jamie
  3. I've order a few bootlegs and the hair is tough to get on some. But, I was able to get with a little love and banging it on my desk head first! Jamie
  4. Still pricey, but, cheaper then the original. https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Limited-Statue-Of-Liberty-3010pcs-Building-Blocks-World-Famous-Architecture-MiniBricks-DIY-USA-Legoelieds-Children-Gift/1041264_32687403093.html Jamie
  5. I think what you are referring to as her belly button is a zipper pull for her suit. So, they're not that low!! Jamie
  6. Maybe use some yellow/ gray tiles to line the R2 units area and white for this body and legs will offset the dark red? Jamie
  7. My horror story is not about missing pieces. Mine is about getting scammed. Which only happened once, but, still makes me mad, even today. It was years ago! It was for an Airtech Claw Rig, 8868 and it was before paypal, Eurobricks and FBTB. I was about 20 years old and fairly new to the internet. Didn't know any better and lost $120. I learned my lesson and it never happened again. Jamie
  8. Great build!! Nice room, wish mine use that neat.
  9. Nice. My only suggestion is to use the Dark Red R4-P17 head that came with 10215, Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter. I really wish Lego would have given use R2 in this size with 10240. Then again, that maybe too much red red?! Jamie
  10. I just order this. I'll let you how it turns out when I get it. Now, bring on Blob and Kingpin. Jamie
  11. Wow, I love this ship. You did an awesome job making an UCS model of it. Good luck in the Olympics!! Is there a cockpit? Jamie
  12. Right, but, Disney has pulled the plug on Infinity. So, the door is open for Star Wars and Marvel to show up in Dimensions. But, so far nothing official! Jamie
  13. You will probably have to make some landing gear, like 10179. Tie them into the frame some how with pins and axles. Any new progress? Jamie
  14. Which figures are supposed to be in it? Jamie
  15. Has anyone been able to find a plate that would work for Atom? Like the one the Lego one came on? Thanks, Jamie