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  1. Maybe a stupid question, but, is it possible to display this on a stand? I haven't seen a pic of it on a stand. Wouldn't mind displaying this next to the shuttle. Is there a spot to insert a stand? Thanks, Jamie
  2. Geez, for me to drop that on one set is going to be hard!! I'm hoping for at least a small interior, similar to the original Kenner Falcons from the 70's and 80's. Just the back half under the exhaust ports. Any news on piece counts??
  3. Are there LDD plans for this or did you just order parts and use the Force? Jamie
  4. If it has an interior and it looks like they tried to make the exterior different, I will happily buy it on day 1!! If it is a rehash of 10179 with a new set number and limited details inside, I will have to wait and see. Still not sure about the new Death Star?! But, a set costing $800, with a PPP ratio of .12ยข comes out to about 6667 pieces. So, this could be, not only the most expensive set Lego has produced. But, the largest! If the 6667 piece count is anywhere close to the real set. Minus the 5179 pieces in the original, that still leaves 1488 pieces for an interior. Here hoping!! Jamie
  5. I just got out of work and saw this. First thing I thought of was to make it in LDD and hit Bricklink. You beat me to it!! Nice job!! Thanks, Jamie
  6. I made a series of these Mini-Rigs awhile back. But, I made them in LDD, still haven't got around to building in real bricks. I made mine much bigger, but, still drew inspiration from the old toys I had as a kid. The rest are in my Brickshelf gallery in my sig. I like how you stay true to the toy and figured out a way to include a suspension system in yours. Can't wait to see more from you, Jamie
  7. Yeah, that one much better than the one I did!! Mine doesn't have any play features. But, his doesn't have the slants on the sides of the body.
  8. Well, I had a few hours to kill, so I worked on this!! It's not perfect, it needs a little fine tuning and I have to work on some of the lines. But, certainly a pretty good start!! I cheated for time and used the wings from the TIE Striker, thanks Lomis!! I did however make them longer!! I tried to match the lines from the white models Joemmo posted. This background in LDD works well for a Scarif backdrop. There was plenty of room in the front part of the ship with that long slope to I added a pilot and stormtrooper. Not sure if it is canon, probably not, but, I figured the stormtrooper can be a gunner? Without wings and guns. I couldn't get the angles right to attach the back wing to the side wings. So, i cheated again!!Should be a lot easier in real bricks to make that connection!! Also, I need to move the back wing back a little. Room for 4 Death Troopers!! The ramp opens from the back. The LXF is in my Brickshelf gallery. Thanks, Jamie
  9. I was just watching Rogue One last night and was thinking this is cool ship that would look good in Lego. I started an LDD file, but, won't upload till complete. Not sure how accurate it will be since resource material is scarce. I will post when done. Jamie
  10. Yes, there are only 7 for sale on Bricklink now and they start at $25 US. When you look at sales for the last 6 months, they have gone as much as $65 US!
  11. Yeah, looks like there will be 6 of them!!
  12. http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=521001 LXF is on the top row, last one on the right. Not step by step instructions, but, easy enough to figure out.
  13. Agreed, I wouldn't have thought it was THAT big compared to the Falcon!! Now, where to display this?? Thanks again, Jamie
  14. Wow, thanks for the file!! For anyone wanting to this is "scale" with one other sets to get an idea of size. I had to delete the bottoms of both ships so the file didn't crash. But, your UCS Ghost is about another foot longer than the UCS Falcon and wider too!! Impressive work IcarusBuilds. Jamie
  15. 4. Something else? Built, on shelves, in my "play room". Jamie