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  1. I could see LEGO doing Saw as a regular minifig with printed beard, regular legs, regular cape and one of the existing hairpieces. Perfectly accurate? No. Some would complain, some would be happy to have him as a fig - like with every SW minifig.
  2. Snowspeeder looks good to me! Considering how long it's been since the first UCS version I don't mind that this is a remake. I have the old one, but I will buy this as well.
  3. Here is a Villa I built for a competition at our LUG It was limited to 32x32 so I had to make some compromises. Olive green and dark tan looks great, but I soon realized that the range of parts I have in those colors were very limited so the facade ended up a bit simpler than planned. I'm happy with how the interior turned out even though I was in a bit of rush to get it finished in time so had to drop the final tweaks (and dusting apparently...) . As always, comments are most welcome! You can find larger versions on Flickr
  4. Just saw it, liked it a lot!
  5. You are right that there isn't much that wouldn't be a repeat, but a repeat from 10-12 years ago would be so much better than a repeat from a 2-3 years ago. Personally I would be happy to see any new set from Cloud City or Dagobah. For example a Twin-Pod Cloud Car, Luke & Vader duel, or a Cloud City Escape set. For Dagobah, Yoda's hut combined with the force tree could be a cool new set. I understand that Cloud City is a bit challenging to turn into small sets that appeal to children as well as AFOLs, but I think it can be done. Personally I would love a Cloud City Dinner set, but it it probably wouldn't fly of the shelves... In the end though, it's the minifigs I'm after (and I know many others are too), so if TLG could throw us a bone and give us: Cloud City Lando w/ cape, Luke in fatigues and Leia in a dress or jumpsuit I would be a happy camper. That's why the carbon chamber set was a bit of an anti-climax, first Cloud City set in ages, and only a single new fig (albeit a good one). If that set had been larger and included Lando & Leia, we would only be a Luke & Vader duel set away from the full lineup.
  6. I seriously don't understand what is hard to understand about people complaining about receiving the same stuff over and over again as opposed to getting some new stuff. I do admit that the previous sentence can be hard to understand though. 3/3 OT sets are repeats... let me do the math... yeah that's about 100%.
  7. To repeat myself: The main point though is that I want the minifigs we are missing instead of the same figures over and over again. In that regard the A-Wing set is the best of the bunch, while the land speeder and desert skiff (as expected) are disappointing. I am disappointed because I already have all the figures in those two set. Sure, Stacey has a new hat but that's about it. The builds themselves offer nothing new, I don't have any issues with them, but I already have pretty much those builds. I don't complain about missing arm printing & dual molding, etc like so many others, I just want something from the OT that hasn't been done multiple times already.
  8. Ok... so in Norway the new A-Wing is €66. Did not see that coming to be honest. Same number of minifigures and less pieces than the Imperial hovertank, yet 50% more expensive.
  9. Lando in an A-wing set doesn't make that much sense anyway IMO (and I'm fine with that). TLG have a track record of putting odd minifigs with some of their ship (like Leia in an Y-Wing, Han & Ackbar in the previous A-wing), and having some odd minifigures is a good choice compared to just including a single pilot for example. The main point though is that I want the minifigs we are missing instead of the same figures over and over again. In that regard the A-Wing set is the best of the bunch, while the land speeder and desert skiff (as expected) are disappointing. Having R2 in the speeder would mean that either the set costs $5 more, or they would probably cut the Tusken raider. As for Lando, Cloud City Lando was in a single set in 2003 and is long overdue for an updated version. Lando in the general outfit was in a 2009 set and is much easier to figbarf. So... Yay for Lando, bummer they didn't give us the version that would be the most useful.
  10. I would have prefer a Cloud City outfit for Lando (and the torso color is a bit bright), but overall that is a good minifig selection. Pilot & ground crew are both excellent. Pretty rare to find a set where I want all the minifigs these days!
  11. Thanks for your comments guys, glad you like it!
  12. The fish market scene from the movie "The Tourist" starring Angelina Jolie and Johhny Depp. Built for a competition in our LUG, Larger image on Flickr
  13. Walked past the Tie Advanced set today at TRU in Norway with a 40% discount (which translates to about 72 Euro after discount). Still not interested.
  14. A proud girl with her snowcastle Thanks CopMike!
  15. I think that's the way it usually goes, new parts (or existing parts in new colors) are reserved for LEGOs own use for a while.