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  1. Well, it`s hard to tell. Many bricks bought from Lego LUGBULK Program (much cheaper than BL, especially baseplates), but overall it was costly project. Thanks all for nice comments guys :)
  2. Hello. It`s my lastest MOC or rather my lastest WIP. It` still missing few buildings and lots of details but I can`t finish this so… Everyone colonizes Mars so I decided to send my minifigs (who are not present as you can see :D) to Alpha Centauri. It`s not easy to explore space with family! Here are some photos: And that`s all.
  3. One of the best MOC`s I`ve seen in the last few years :) Well done Sir.
  4. It looks just awful. This big stud-wals??? Give me a break. 100% pass for me.
  5. I`m a little bit late dmac but have to say this. Just incredible MOC my friend :)
  6. Thanks guys, but... LOL. This is 5 years old :D
  7. Absolutely stunning set. And olive green grass? Ay caramba!!!
  8. It`s just stunning MOC :)
  9. A good looking plane is a good looking plane, and this is good looking plane :) Good work.
  10. Sorry for my late reply. Thanks all for nice words. It`s always for me :) There are more photos in my friend`s flickr photostream. Here: Unfortunately not. Maybe here: page4/ Well..., my wife prefers flesh and blood :D Once again, thanks all :)
  11. Well, it`s not THIS Castle Black, but it`s black so... It`s Castle Black. My lastest creation. 5x7 baseplates 32x32. Special thanks to Darek Mróz, Sariel and Jetboy who helped me with the photos. I have to say that I`m not quite satisfied with the landscape. It should be bigger nad more detailed. There should be cemetary and small chapel, more spooky trees ect... But it consumed a lot of my time nad money so it is like it is. Enjoy :D More photos here:
  12. Even frozen Jasper :) I'll keep it short and sweet. Family, religion, friendship. These are the three demons you must slay if you wish to succeed in Lego business. When opportunity knocks, you don't want to be driving to a maternity hospital or sitting in some phony-baloney church. Or synagogue. I'll keep it short and sweet - this is sweet.