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  1. Thanks!
  2. This is my MOC of a minifig-scale U-Wing from Rogue One. While the official set was one of my favourite sets, it fell short in many regards and decided to make my own. I encountered a few problems while building it, such as attaching the engines which I rectified with the usage of click-hinges and it was overall a good problem-solving experience. The ship features a compartment for 6 minifigs and two pilots, radio control area, and swiveling and locking wings. Measures 75 centimeters in length. LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC
  3. Thanks!
  4. This is a MOC of the Y-Wing featured in the original trilogy. I tried to make all the components of the greebling as close to the studio model as possible, as well as getting the front of the bomber to look authentic. The grey component of the nacelles was based on 7658.
  5. I attempted to motorize the wings by attaching a geared-down M-motor to it but there was too much strain so I ended up using a crank-driven wing. As for piece count, I'm not too sure. The official UCS set has a count of 2503, including minifigs. But judging from the enormous amount of different slopes used and the complexity of the cockpit design, I'll put the piece count to 2900.
  6. Thanks! It took me a while to figure out how to do the sides, I ended up using a combination of hinges and Mixels joints.
  7. This is my take on a minifig-scale UCS scale Imperial Shuttle from Return of the Jedi. Since I wasn't sure where to start, the worm gear mechanism is loosely based on the official set. However, the rest is a mix of my design with subtle cues taken from Marshal Banana's MOC and 10212. It features gear-driven wings, detachable landing gear, poseable weapons, and an opening canopy with room for 4 minifigs.
  8. This is awesome!
  9. Thanks so much for the advice.
  10. Thanks! I agree it is a little wide, I followed the width of the 24 Hour Race Car as a guideline.
  11. Just a bit of an introduction before I start. I'm pretty used to building small-scaled MOCs, nothing using the TECHNIC building system. I've got a couple of the sets, but that's pretty much it. This is my first TECHNIC MOC. MERCURY features a 4-speed transmission based on one of Sariel's designs, independent front and rear suspension, HOG steering with linked steering wheel, and shock-absorber assisted doors and rear engine cover. The spoiler is operated by a small switch on either side of the car, and can be moved up and down. The car itself is mid-engined with a working V8. Please give me some feedback if you can, I'm trying to expand my horizons with TECHNIC, as it's very different from what I'm used to.
  12. Thanks. The hardest part was building the cockpit, I think I achieved the combination there the best.
  13. This is a pretty old MOC of the Quinjet from the Avengers movie and Agents of SHIELD. Cockpit has seating for 2 minifigs, and there's a lot of room for storage on the inside.
  14. I've taken some pictures of how the wheel guards mount onto the Batmobile. You're all free to use it, but please give me proper credit: