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  1. Is that singer figure Miley Cyrus? haha jk. Can't wait for these to come out! They all look awesome
  2. Ok just wanted to let everyone know that I just didn't have enough time to make updates to it. I really wanted to but yea. Also Brickshelf is finally working so I got all the pictures up. Link is below pictures on original post. I hope you like! =D
  3. Last night I was thinking and I remember I had planned to have a horse drawn coach to the street. but somehow it slipped my mind to put it in. That's an interresting idea with the torches. I actually entered all three sizes of the competition =] and thank you!
  4. Let me just say I was shocked to see my small entry at the top of the MOC list. lol I'm glad you liked it! That girl scout thing made me laugh
  5. Thank you very much! =]
  6. I appreciate all of your suggestions! but I'm not very good at doing water and since I went with the studs up it'd be hard to put white around the wooden posts. waves I could do.. but we'll just say it's a calm day =P I actually didn't want smooth floors in the buildings. Most everyone is doing that now and I wanted to keep it "old fashioned lego" lol but I really do like your suggestions =]
  7. Thank you for all your complements! That piece that is sticking out in the date (which I latered added under the pictures) wasn't supposed to be like that. it started sliding out while moving it and didn't notice it until later. I knew I need to add more detailing to the white building but wasn't sure what I should do to it so I decided to leave as is and make to look more castleish. I wanted to have more figures on the street but I ran out of the pirate torsos and really didn't have any others that worth fit that era of time. I do have a picture of the front of the ship with the town. I just liked the one I chose for some reason though. lol I think I covered all of your questions. lol Edit: And once Brickshelf is back up you'll have over 100 pictures to browse of this MOC
  8. Wanted to note something about the date. It's not supposed to be sticking out like it is.. it started sliding out while photographing it and I didn't notice it I put together I slide show for this entry. You can see it on YoutubeBrickshelf
  9. Yea I realize I should have done more with the vine, but I ran out of (couldn't find) the peices to connect them to the wall. So I had to leave it as is. And I think it looks rather amusing so I'm happy with it. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  10. Oh ok. haha. Thanks! I'm very happy with how it turned out.
  11. Is that a good or a bad thing?
  12. Thank you all for your suggestions! I have made some modifications as you can see from the pictures. She's now holding a broomm there's a bag and musket added on the yard, vine's on the wall, and redid the pathway. I hope you like it! =]
  13. Well I definately can't wait to see it!
  14. I had considered adding a child. but decided againt it, but I think I may. I wasn't going for the island or tropical feel in this MOC. It's supposed to look like it's in the country. I was going to have the hat in his hand but it was annoying me how it looked, and how I had planned the sword didn't look great. but I will look into that. Good idea. Hadn't thought about that It's rather small in there so I was running into crowing problems of a table blocking the fireplace.. so I'm still not sure on that. and I was going to add a vine but by the time I got around to it I was way too tired to bother. lol Thanks for all your tips. I'm going to make some changes probably later tonight, and then take new pictures.
  15. Thanks! I had planned on taking alot more pictures but I waited too late in the day, so I was competing against daylight. lol but I will try to get around to it tomorrow though!