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  1. Sounds good! Of course we all knew this was going to come sooner or later, but still it's great news! I'm really looking forward to a possible ship and fort. Now let us indeedly hope the license does not cost us too much.
  2. Good looking battle! And I'm sure the pictures do them injustice towards when someone would be able to look at the scene in real! (not that it are bad pics, but just because it almost always looks better then due to the fact one can view the details much easier). Thanks for sharing!
  3. Grand Dork...no more... For now, at least!
  4. Due to his hard work on the blog and his participation into the forum and Academy, Big Cam has stepped up a level into the Pirate ranking system ! Congratulations to our new Shipyard Master!
  5. Very nice MOC, Duke, Whitehall always makes me think of a very busy, yet luxury place with tons of high officers and admirals, Lord-Admiral Nelson to begin with! What's Admiral Crossaint doing there in disguise ?
  6. Happy Birthday Peppermint_M, I wish you a lot of Lego, luck and good health!
  7. Happy Birthday to all the birthday people today, especcialy you Hinckley (just...because you are so special !)
  8. Or you run towards the big flat desert where there is none or... Omerta!
  9. After hard work and dedication towards both the Pirates forum and Classic-Pirates.com, former Shipyard Master Captain Blackmoor has stepped up a rank! Congratulations and comments can be made in this thread! Well done, Captain Blackmoor!
  10. October 12th Harry Potter Dobby's Release Lego Building Toy 4731 NIB Currently 9,99 USD CLICK HERE to place a bid! Lego Harry Potter Aragog in the Dark Forest #4727 100% Currently 9,95 USD CLICK HERE to place a bid! Lego Harry Potter Set Dumbledore's Office Minifig 4729 Currently 23,50 USD CLICK HERE to place a bid! Lego Harry Potter Quidditch Practice #4726 New In Box Currently 00,99 USD CLICK HERE to place a bid! Harry Potter Lego 4708 Hogwarts Express - Complete Currently 33,50 USD CLICK HERE to place a bid! LEGO Harry Potter Hagrid's Hut 4707 NEW IN BOX Currently 15,25 USD CLICK HERE to place a bid! LEGOS HARRY POTTER #4708 HOGWORTS EXPRESS MIB Currently 69,99 USD CLICK HERE to place a bid! LEGO HARRY POTTER HOGWARTHS CASTLE NEW IN BOX 4842 Currently 99,99 USD CLICK HERE to place a bid! Lego Harry Potter Troll on the Loose- #4712 Currently 6,00 USD CLICK HERE to place a bid! Lego #4754 Hagrid's Hut Harry Potter set 2004 Currently 22,50 USD CLICK HERE to place a bid! With thanks to Legoking for preparing this thread!
  11. Does anyone of my Elemental brothers and sisters wish to take a ride with me onto the Large Hadron Collider?
  12. If there will be a second Kingdoms wave, it will probably be for the end of the year - wave. I would also like some more civilian building/minifigs, but I doubt that sells well for the primary target group of this line. Also a special edition set (like Medieval market) would be neat for me, but probably way too soon.
  13. Bricklink offers box sizes, but not all. For example the one asked seems to be missing.
  14. Looks like a nice small fleet suited for it's purpose. I'm also having the impressions people are starting to talk more again about Evil Stevie's Pirate game lately. Am I alone in this?
  15. You did quite some work since your last update it seems, Captain Blackmoor, and you have every reason to be proud of it . Much fun in Zwolle! I'm sure this beautifull vessel shall see the frontpage of Classic-Pirates (and possibly Eurobricks) again when it is deemed ready to sail!