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  1. Whoa. I still can't get over how you made those polar bears. Freakin' amazing!
  2. Thanks so much for the amazing review, as awlays Whitefang! This is a great series! So psyched to have another "traditional" series. That astronaut has some insane printing...
  3. Wait a second... okay, there's something wrong here. 10 PM GMT is 5 PM ET. EST is UTC-5. Alright, fine. But I know for a fact that I put my entry up before then. Why would I have put it up afterwards? I went to the site thinking I still had time, then saw it was closed. I didn't think it through and just went okay whatever. But no, now that I think about it, it's not right. Here' the email I sent to myself (from phone to laptop) with the images from my entry. You can see that time stamp is 4:24. Based on that, my post made it to the site at 4:41, not 5:41. Do the clocks on EB not follow daylight savings? Because here the clocks went back Nov. 1st. Something's wrong here, Mike. EDIT: Resolved! Didn't know the EB clocks ran an hour ahead. I'm stupid. Thanks again, Mike.
  4. Christmas is great, but with all the snow, cold weather, and slush, we can get pretty sick of the weather sometimes, even though snow is very pretty. Thusly, I think many of us would be willing to forgo the lovely snow this year and head for... Santa Atoll! The most festive (and admittedly tiny) island on Earth! Also, there's sun, surf, and rum for all! So this Christmas, don't stay home, don't go to Christmas Island, go to Santa Atoll! Now with 99% more rum than Christmas Island! Photos (Imgur):
  5. Damn. Lovely ship, awesome aft castle. Really fine work indeed, matey.
  6. Mind blowing. Bravo.
  7. Damn this is good. Every detail captures the rundown feel of the wasteland so nicely. The old rusty fire engine red colour, the old sign, and the overall art deco-y feel of it. The rocket ship is insanely good too. And is that Mr. Handy I spy in the corner of my eye? Overall, amazing, super outstanding work. You've seriously got a talent for this!
  8. Holy mother of Smaug! :wub_drool: This is huuuuuuge! And you didn't even skimp on a single detail! Breathtaking. Unbelievable. Magical. Seriously, great job dude. You're clearly so talented it's insane.
  9. 105 48 x 48 baseplates... Good God.. This is absolutely stunning! Every detail is perfect. From the Celtic camp to the fort to the wall to the temple(?) thing. Fantastic. You guys are amazing!
  10. Great ship, I love the skull detailing.
  11. Wow, I'm so psyched to see they're continuing this line! That R18 is beast, and more Porsche sets! Would have liked to see another F1 set or maybe a BMW M6 or something, but I'm happy with what we've got.
  12. Money Laundering... Oh Lego, you never cease to amuse me. Can't say I love this one. The colours are a bit weird for me. Would have been nicer if the bank was all grey, IMO. The Detective's Office and the Parisian Restaurant are much nicer.
  13. Very unique ship. Not exactly my type of thing, but the details looks seriously good. How stable is this thing? Its looks quite precarious!
  14. This is insanely good. The gates, beach, and water is just fantastic. The skull is amazing. I love how you made it look rocky and realistic and didn't just build an actual skull. Outstanding work!