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  1. As my mother is an English teacher, and as I'm somewhat of a grammar pedant myself, I'm going to chime in and say everyone's covered the an/a debate pretty well. "H" is the only consonant that consistently causes confusion.
  2. An excellent build to go with an excellent story!
  3. Nice build! Vladivus is glad that his message was received!
  4. Yes! For the Resistance!
  5. Nice! This is my favourite of your builds!
  6. Excellent work as ever Z! Looking forward to the heirs reveal!
  7. Wait, you mean to tell me you actually have a plan?! I realised you would, it's just nice to see it coming together!
  8. I'm really enjoying the way you guys are incorporating what seemed like fairly independent civil-wars into a coherent single story! This build is great! I love the gargoyles- the posing and parts make them seem a little like petrified people!
  9. Some nice details- I like the windows! I'm glad Free Nocturnus can count on your support!
  10. Thanks guys! The Kazzar were one of my favourite tribes to come out of the contest. Combine that with the idea of GoT Kingsguard and Goldcloaks, and the Kazzar Blackcloaks, the most elite shock troops in the Shadowmere Guard. I'd previously used a single Kazzar character (he brought up a young Vlad after saving him from an attack), and these warriors are that guys kinsmen, sworn to Vlad's service. Still don't like Witches stealing their kassava though!
  11. Awesome builds! I especially like the Skavenport build- cool woodwork!
  12. This is shaping up awesomely! Nice build too!
  13. Thanks guys! @Henjin_Quilones yeah the tree is weird. But then so is Nocty. I'd change the tree if I were to do it again.