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  1. My top set is definitely the Lego Batman Movie Arkham Asylum. Amazing set. It reminds me of one of of my other favorites, the 2010 Hogwarts.
  2. Argh. Was just about to get the Battle Pod at TRU today, and they said they just sold their last one. Fortunately since they're all over the US now the Bricklink prices should be going down.
  3. Where did you order it from? In the US at least, the minifigure was exclusive to Target. I got it today along with the postcards. The new expressions are nice, but I still think there were lots of better options for an exclusive minifigure.
  4. I hope BP gets leg printing this time around. The Zod legs work really well, but I'd like some official printed legs.
  5. I would love a D2C Waverider more than anything. Huge SW style spaceship, inside there could be the main flight room/ library, and maybe a couple other important rooms like the med bay and the cargo hatch entrance. I would also expect a decent amount of minifigs. Rip Hunter, White Canary, Firestorm, Amaya, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, and Kronos would be my picks. For Flash, I think STAR Labs is the obvious choice. Could even be a couple sets, like a big set for the Cortex, mid sized set for the Pipeline, small sets based on the speed lab, etc. Also gives opportunity for more minifigs over multiple sets. There could also be a CCPD/CSI lab set with Barry, Julian, Joe, and Captain Singh. (Or Patty. I wish she was still around.)
  6. TLBM Harley was a no-brainer for DC this round. I love that hairpiece. Marvel was close, but I ended up choosing Drax. The face tattoos aren't quite accurate, but I love those printed arms.
  7. I wonder how different the MM Milano will be from the recent mini polybag Milano. Sounds like a cute set though. As for the others, I'm hoping for a purple Hawkeye. Or Black Widow would be nice if she had a simple torso without all the blue lines.
  8. I would absolutely love a Constantine minifig. Big fan of the show and movie, though both of those are too mature for Lego. Getting him through JLA would be amazing.
  9. I was surprised they didn't do the Guardians this year considering the timing of the wave. They also would mesh with the style very well, especially Groot and masked Star-Lord. I think Thor is a very likely choice next wave, considering that Iron Man, Cap, and Hulk are already out and Thor will be in both Ragnarok and Infinity War. Lyichir brings up a good point about Vulture. If BrickHeadz really take off, would Lego consider doing a bigger size for some characters, similar to how Funko makes larger Pops for oversized characters like Stay Puft and Smaug?
  10. It also means you can find extra Sentinels for a decent price on Bricklink. Been meaning to get a couple more and make a squad of them. If we do get more, I really hope they differentiate the characters. All three X-Men sets have had Wolverine and Magneto. There's so many other options! Angel, Beast, Colossus, Jean Grey, Mystique, Rogue, Juggernaut, the list goes on and on. Unfortunately they seem to stick with the most well-known characters.
  11. They would have to be comic based. Lego sets based on Fan4stic would require a separate license with Fox that they don't have. Same reason we can't get movie based X-Men.
  12. Lego can make X-Men sets due to the recent Mighty Micros, but isn't very confident in them. I remember hearing that the Blackbird vs. Sentinel set from 2014 didn't sell well. (Which is a shame, I thought that was a pretty good set.) I bet they can also make Fantastic Four sets, but for some reason never have even after their large presence in the first Lego Marvel video game. Those arms would indeed be perfect for Mr. Fantastic!
  13. I feel like Spidey 2099 and Spider-Gwen are pretty likely for next year, similar to how there was a lot of new characters and new variants in Lego Batman 3 that got released later in 2015. They might even make that cowboy Captain America, considering how many useless Cap variants Lego apparently loves to make.
  14. Nice job! I always wished that sets were made for TWS. I'll keep an eye out for that set, looks like it could be a doable MOD for me.
  15. Don't forget about Malekith or Alexander Pierce. Lots of baddies getting the short stick.