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  1. My favorite of your Batmobiles so far! I wish Lego put this put detail into the official ones!
  2. These sound fascinating! I love reading about Lego's past and how things came to be. I'll be sure to try and get some of the volumes.
  3. Interesting all this talk about the cape. I got Clash of the Heroes around January and I had assumed I accidentally threw his cape away because I thought only Superman's cape was in the box. But my box looks like that too.. Maybe they did a separate production run without the cape.
  4. If that were to happen, I would definitely want them to release a Stay Puft bigfig. And another Sentinel done in this style would be a great army build set.
  5. The exclusive is okay, but still disappointing... Would have liked Batman in his white suit from the credits or Barbara with the 'Harvard for Cops' tank top.
  6. Pretty sure CMF have been made in China since the beginning. It's how they can easily produce all those special prints and molds, just like the bagged pieces in normal Lego sets.
  7. So I'm not the only one who this happened to! My Clan of the Cave and Lobster Lovin' Batmen both had misprinted heads that didn't line up quite right. There was also a line of flesh paint across the Bruce head on Vacation Batman and a pink dot on Pink Power Batgirl's logo. I've never had misprints before on CMFs, wonder if there's something different in production on this one?
  8. What do you mean? Steve's in the WWI plane, and she's flying the Invisible Jet.
  9. The set looks great! I love that there's another giant brick-built minifig.
  10. They usually don't do exclusive minifigs in polybags unless it's included in a Blu-ray. While we could possibly get that with Homecoming's home video release, it's unlikely.
  11. Yes! Oh, I would love Ace Attorney ones. The crazy hairstyles for the characters would be fun to see in brick form, similar to TLBM Joker's hair from this wave. It's sort of obscure, but I think a Shovel Knight BrickHead would be cute. I know I saw a MOC one that somebody did a while back. Also Maxwell, the protagonist of the Scribblenauts games. He's a fairly blockly character who should translate to that style well.
  12. Dang. So like scan any Lego minifig into the game? That would have been amazing. Still, I'm glad with what we got. No one expected this to result in us actually getting Beetlejuice, Gremlins, or E.T. when this was announced. Also, everyone just stay away from the Dimensions subreddit. They're in extreme denial mode right now. J2G, thanks for keeping with this intense fanbase through all of this. I appreciate that you're giving us all this info.
  13. Planned does not mean confirmed. If sales were poor enough, they'll just end it now. Disney Infinity had Doctor Strange, Rogue One, and many more expansions planned and the plug still got pulled on that game.
  14. Really? Sweet! I have to admit, when I heard other people saying that before me I was a little confused, trying to think how Playmobil was really a 'construction' toy. Another set I thought of: The Lego Movie. There's a wave for TLBM, I bet ones based off the original would sell well. I remember someone on here (CM4Sci maybe?) had made some great fanmade versions on LDD.
  15. Unfortunately Playmobil just announced their Ghostbusters line, which means Lego doesn't have the license to make those as Brickheadz. Same goes for Back to the Future, and as previously mentioned TMNT and Avatar ones would be so cool if Lego got those licenses back. I fully agree with those asking for Arrowverse characters. A good starting point would be Green Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and maybe White Canary to represent Legends of Tomorrow? If those were successful I could see more happening like Reverse Flash, Zoom, The Atom, possibly even John Constantine. Imagine how awesome a Brickheadz scale Gorilla Grodd would be! I'd adore some LOTR/Hobbit love happening down the road too. Frodo, Gandalf, and Gollum. Sauron in his form seen in the prologue would be one neat looking figure. If some of the Dimensions licenses get used again, I think Gizmo and Stripe from Gremlins would be popular.