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  1. It also means you can find extra Sentinels for a decent price on Bricklink. Been meaning to get a couple more and make a squad of them. If we do get more, I really hope they differentiate the characters. All three X-Men sets have had Wolverine and Magneto. There's so many other options! Angel, Beast, Colossus, Jean Grey, Mystique, Rogue, Juggernaut, the list goes on and on. Unfortunately they seem to stick with the most well-known characters.
  2. They would have to be comic based. Lego sets based on Fan4stic would require a separate license with Fox that they don't have. Same reason we can't get movie based X-Men.
  3. Lego can make X-Men sets due to the recent Mighty Micros, but isn't very confident in them. I remember hearing that the Blackbird vs. Sentinel set from 2014 didn't sell well. (Which is a shame, I thought that was a pretty good set.) I bet they can also make Fantastic Four sets, but for some reason never have even after their large presence in the first Lego Marvel video game. Those arms would indeed be perfect for Mr. Fantastic!
  4. I feel like Spidey 2099 and Spider-Gwen are pretty likely for next year, similar to how there was a lot of new characters and new variants in Lego Batman 3 that got released later in 2015. They might even make that cowboy Captain America, considering how many useless Cap variants Lego apparently loves to make.
  5. Nice job! I always wished that sets were made for TWS. I'll keep an eye out for that set, looks like it could be a doable MOD for me.
  6. Don't forget about Malekith or Alexander Pierce. Lots of baddies getting the short stick.
  7. Stan Shunpike's head from the 2011 Knight Bus might work. I'm trying to think of one with more evil expression.
  8. So next year there is 4 Marvel movies: Infinity War, Black Panther, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and the animated Spider-Man movie. Will there be sets for all four of these? Obviously Avengers will, and most likely Spider-Man too considering how much Lego likes to make Spidey sets. I'm just hoping they find room for a Black Panther set and maybe one or two Ant-Man sets.
  9. Saw the movie last night. One thing I noticed, the center of Nebula's face seemed purple, while the minifig has it in blue. Another concept art error? Also, for the second movie in a row, Gamora's main black outfit was skipped for one she barely wears. Dang. Otherwise, I thought the sets were pretty accurate. Spoilery thoughts:
  10. Interesting that Lightning is dark blue in this set, along with silver in another. I guess he'll go through some changes in this movie?
  11. My favorite of your Batmobiles so far! I wish Lego put this put detail into the official ones!
  12. These sound fascinating! I love reading about Lego's past and how things came to be. I'll be sure to try and get some of the volumes.
  13. Interesting all this talk about the cape. I got Clash of the Heroes around January and I had assumed I accidentally threw his cape away because I thought only Superman's cape was in the box. But my box looks like that too.. Maybe they did a separate production run without the cape.
  14. If that were to happen, I would definitely want them to release a Stay Puft bigfig. And another Sentinel done in this style would be a great army build set.
  15. The exclusive is okay, but still disappointing... Would have liked Batman in his white suit from the credits or Barbara with the 'Harvard for Cops' tank top.