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  1. [quote name='appiah4' timestamp='1464959957' post='2577392'] There are a MILLION things wrong with the PT, literally, and a million people have put it in words better than I could.. But even if you put aside the fact that the story in general is a mess that makes absolutely no sense, the characters are all over the place, the dialogue is attrocious, the acting is abysmal, it is still not fun to watch as a visual spectacle. The fact that George Lucas chose to film a series like the PT where 80% of the screen at any given scene is CGI with a 1080p digital camera makes it unbearable to watch for me. I want to gouge my eyes out with a blunt spoon. [/quote] This has to be one of the best pieces of comedy I've read, so many good jokes! Seriously though, great job to once again derail the thread into bashing, after multitudes of the previously valid points (for and against all SW) that others have made coherently and maturely, without ridiculously exaggerated (and clearly misguided) accusations - not arguments. It would help a bit adding an 'I think' or 'IMO' here and there. Honestly, it doesn't even matter to me that it's the PT you're bashing, it could be the OT/ST/EU for all I care. IMO the sort of reply you have posted is what drives this fan base to be one of the most disliked. It comes across all kinds of stupid and bait-ish, and would probably get you timed-out/banned on quite a few SW-only forums... if anyone paid any attention to such a post - plus it really ticks me off. Meh, your loss I suppose. Not going any further with this on here anyway, I feel like I've wasted my time responding already. Anyway, I saw a couple of hilarious Star Wars memes that came up the other day that I'd never seen before. Really made me chuckle: [img]https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/1b/6f/25/1b6f25de40f0ac534983e059489c6345.jpg[/img] [img]http://images-cdn.9gag.com/photo/aE7Wbwp_700b.jpg[/img] Also, anyone seen this old [url="https://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--xkyXpLV_--/c_scale,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/18j50grg93xohjpg.jpg"]video game concept art for Kenobi[/url] if he fell to the dark side? Wish they had made an else-world sort of game which involved that. So I present a what-if scenario to discuss: if Obi Wan [u]and[/u] Yoda (or just Yoda) had gone to Anakin first, could they have talked him down? And if Yoda had let Obi Wan fight Sidious, would Kenobi be turned instead? Probably not, but fun to think about or speculate on Honestly, while Anakin had fallen so deep into the dark side at that point, I could see Yoda+Kenobi+Padme combined as being able to at least reason with him (though he wouldn't be redeemed, he would not stay a Sith). I think the crucial moment is in Palpatine's office however, and if Anakin had instead sided with Mace. I would guess at that point Sidious would either retreat or kick their butts. As a side note, I had another thought about the emphasis on Anakin being the Chosen One in the films. I think that is really one of the main reasons he acts the way he does. He is told from the start he will change the ENTIRE galaxy for the better, which is obviously an enormous responsibility and has many effects of the psyche. I don't blame him for getting mad at his mentors holding him back, after being told he will fulfil such a prophecy, and therefore loosing control in the wrong manner as opposed to being taught how to channel it. In a way I think the Council didn't really know how to handle him!
  2. [quote name='the last chronicler' timestamp='1464909575' post='2576872'] Yes, people and critics were more disappointed with Empire back then than critics for TFA now, because at the time Empire felt like the nicer looking remake of ANH without the same heart. And they're not wrong in the sense that Empire is very much the middle act of ANH with some change of appearance, still with training and rescues and hallway chases, but it's a great film. But When you hear about how INSANELY popular and loved ANH was at the time then reaction to Empire is understandable, because people appreciated a down-to-Earth sci-fi in a world that showed its age and contrasted that social decay with a timeless magical Force. They loved that it unapologetically mish-mashed children's stories and classic cinema, and critics treated it as a love letter to Kurasawa, Westerns, and pulp-Scifi, it was the sort of post-modern escapist film-making that no one had really done before. The movie was in theaters for more than a YEAR, and later critics came in with higher expectations of 'a great piece of art,' especially those who wanted to dismiss a fantasy film that was so popular for so long. Really, the reactions and reviews for ANH were fantastic from the start. Look up Variety's original review or Andrew Gordons critical article 'Star Wars: A Myth for our Time.' It really demonstrates how effective and thoughtful its Hero's Journey narrative is. [/quote] In a way I wish I could have been there to see when it all started, because the many feats and the hype the original films achieved is astounding. Not sure how it was in the UK though, but I'm sure it was crazy in the US. I'm very happy to have grown up with the Prequels though; the opening scene to RotS will always make me tear-up! The PT was insanely popular and hyped with my generation too, I think it was easy for the older fans and criticisers to not see that, which is a shame. I'm glad so many people love TFA, even though I am not as fond of it as I would like to be. But hey, at least all the movies have greatly touched each generation, and while there are arguments, there is nothing that everyone whole heartedly agrees is awful!
  3. [quote name='the last chronicler' timestamp='1464904694' post='2576802'] This is why I think the PT is fundamentally flawed, there are no stakes, we don't care about the people who are fighting: droids or clones. People don't care about the sides to the story either, I mean, what is my opinion on intergalactic space taxes? I guess I'm suppose to side against The Trade Federation since their leaders are Alien Asian stereotypes, and the heroes carry lightsabers? Does it even matter, since the powerful Sith guy is tricking everything to happen?[/QUOTE] Sure, the trading stuff wasn't for you, but I don't think that doesn't make it ridiculous for those aspects to be liked by many others? The reason to dislike the Federation is because they are using taxes and a very visible blockade to subjugate an entire populace, and they are very quickly established as being supported by the Sith (Sidious/Emperor). Yeah the accents should have been not so obviously stereotyped, but at the end of the day the Imperial Officers were very English sounding but us Brits don't complain about being the bad guys! Honestly I never really took them as sides we needed to be fully invested in until the Clone Wars series came out, initially to me The Clone Wars was the horrible (though visually stunning) situation the Jedi found themselves in, the instrument to their downfall and the rise of the Sith. It was always going to end badly, but why not explore it further and know how it went so wrong? The same goes for the ST - something else will always go tits-up, but why explore that? The reason is they both expand on the characters established in the OT, and it doesn't matter if it's not done the way some people expected - it's George Lucas' story and we are lucky we have gotten what we have and most people enjoy them for what they are. [quote]With the OT the masked Storm-troopers mean something, they're a reflections of a system of homogenization, they feel like an insect-like disease of military force filling up the galaxy. But they sound like individuals, and they speak like humans doing their job, and that is respectable and understandable. The clones are a representation of what, cloning? That the Jedi treat everyone as clones? I don't think so, I think a bunch of people removing their duplicate masks to reveal they also have duplicate faces shows the depth of thought of the films went into to align troopers with cloning. Also, the idea of cloning one single guy for an army is ridiculous, illogical when you want an effective variety of people, and especially when that cloned guy is the man who tried to assassinate Padme, and the Jedi still didn't question it.[/quote] And the Clones are a representation of the galactic situation - shiny, modern, seemingly honourable, but deeply corrupt and governed by darker powers unbeknownst to the majority (and themselves). Clones also speak like individuals, albeit the same person. They are also respectable and understandable, loyal to their fellow troopers (you didn't see that with Stormies), and obey orders which they are taught (or as we learn later, modified) to believe for the good of the Republic. They are born to be soldiers, most Stormtroopers were not. RE them being the same masks/face... I'm pretty sure that sort of idea was established in ANH when Obi Wan talks about the Republic and says 'Clone Wars'. You yourself has raised the moral dilemma, and we are having the discussion intended right now - are they individuals with souls, or not at all? I would say not the latter. The fact they name themselves and change their armour makes them more individual in a way than the Stormtroopers. Though, that was the point, to show how Palpatine unified and at the same time took individuality away (from not just the 'servants', but the galaxy). [quote]I know this stuff already. Compositing is the key to good CGI, and adding real people into miniatures is not the same as having a practical location, especially when some of those miniatures are shiny and lack detail. If George Lucas wants to boost his other companies like ILM he should do that while making a good movie at the same time.[/quote] Ouch I personally rather fabricated but realistic and visually new/alien sets over blatant puppets and Earthly 'practical' locations. There aren't many practical locations you could use for the environments in the PT that are not Earth like ones. I dunno, I've seen enough to know how much they used and that IMO it was good stuff, fair enough if they were not as good as you would have liked, though I strongly disagree from the many images and clips I have seen. I think if Lucas and the marketing team hadn't just focussed so much on pushing the CG and had also promoted all the practical effects they used as well, this go-to antiPT argument probably wouldn't come up so often. [quote]I don't care about canon, I care about movies. The PT has interesting stuff, but do not claim they are good film-making, because there are millions of better films that prove otherwise. A film trilogy where we already know what's going to happen in the end doesn't need the extra assurance of a guy scheming it to turn out that way, or a chosen one to make everything seem purposeful. Also, I like RotS more then RotJ because of the excessive lightheartedness of the film, and I dislike [i]both[/i] C3PO and Jar-Jar. Also, the Death Star self-destructs from its own power and flaws when it got shot by Luke, and was a danger to the Rebellion and to life in the Galaxy. Not the most moral way of stopping a threat, but the Empire doesn't seem to take much responsibility for its own lives either. [/quote] Unfortunately for a lot of your points, canon does matter. And yes I will 'claim' that. They are good films. They are not bad movies. That is my opinion. If you went by the ratings counted by people who care enough to vote (lets face it, that isn't that may considering how many have seen the movies), they are [b]at the least[/b] average. I remember seeing a few articles on how the PT were rated about equal to how the OT was rated when that came out, how accurate that was I don't know but it didn't surprise me - the OT has many flaws too and they are all very different to the norm films. ?! I don't see how there is anything wrong with Palpatine's scheming. He did that in the OT the whole time as well, though we didn't see it. The disbanding of the Senate, managing to secretly build a second Death Star, then hiding the fact that it was operational etc etc. If anything it showed to me how much of a badass and formidable opponent he is. The fact he did it so efficiently showed how much the Jedi were losing their path in more ways than one. That leads into the prophecy of the Chosen One - to anyone outside, it obviously means the Jedi will be wiped out to match with the Sith's number of two, but the Jedi are so assured of themselves they can't see that. Erm, I don't think that was what most people took from the films, and I never took it that way. Luke shoots two missiles into a shaft that leads the reactor, which makes it blow up. That's like saying if I shot a gas tank with a gun, I'm not responsible even though I made two attempts to aim and destroy it. And sure, it was for the greater good, but at what costs? Sure, the principles of the DS was very very bad, and it was run and occupied by many bad guys, and it was going to destroy the planet the Rebels are based on, but that's still a truly massive loss of life no matter if they are guilty, ignorant, or innocent. I dunno, they really do skip over that and Leia's reaction to Alderaan's destruction. @Armstong Yong - Yeah I understand that, but just because the puppets and animatronics/models used in the OT are real doesn't exactly make them realistic, to me anyway. Sure, they're 'real', but not as realistic and as open to the expansion CGI provides. It's a silly and overused argument, as the same can be said for so many movies. The fact the actors were not directed as well as they should have been is not the fault of the greenscreen and CGI, it's the unfortunate coincidence and the fault of Lucas and mainly his 'yes-men'. In the situations in the PT where the actors are in 'real' places, is the acting really any better for those who are bothered by it and would use that argument? E.g. Tatooine, Naboo lakes etc. Things change, and the change in Star Wars helped all movies in general. @Forresto - Yeah it could have focussed more on Obi Wan, but then it wouldn't have shown Anakin's personal battles he fought and lost on his fall to the dark side. I could really see people complaining about that, if it had focused more on Kenobi. It is the Skywalker story, after all. And yeah, the Jedi really were going down the wrong path. Like Yoda says in Rebels, '[i]In our arrogance, joined the conflict swiftly, we did. Anger, and hate. Consumed by the Dark Side, the Jedi were.[/i]', and that even he did not see how they were wrong. Some good posts on Anakin's fall I've seen, and great reads: [url="http://thepsychologyofdarthvader.tumblr.com/post/58584132014/the-psychology-of-darth-vader-entry-two-august"]http://thepsychologyofdarthvader.tumblr.com/post/58584132014/the-psychology-of-darth-vader-entry-two-august[/url] [url="http://daretotouchthebutt.blogspot.com/2014/08/anakin-skywalker-slavethe-victim-killer.html"]http://daretotouchthebutt.blogspot.com/2014/08/anakin-skywalker-slavethe-victim-killer.html[/url]
  4. [quote name='the last chronicler' timestamp='1464837626' post='2575903'] My point is the Clones act as an endless mass, and the amount of time the Jedi spend looking quizzical doesn't really justify them using them as cannon fodder for a war, especially against droids that break if a butterfly lands on them. Palpatine even says the creation of life with the Force is unnatural, but for the amount of plot spent on clones in the film the Jedi don't question the morality of creating life for war at all. The army itself isn't treated as living people with motivation and empathy, they switch sides without question with that Order 66, and most of the time they aren't even played by real people.[/quote] Surely that's to be expected when it's a galactic wide conflict and the droids are also an endless mass? The same goes for Stormtroopers - they are an endless mass, do things without question, and are just faceless bad guys (who also suck at their job, unlike Clones). Even the Rebel soldiers, while not faceless, most we see lack any character and are basically extras. All the armies in Star Wars are that way, because if they spent time delving into individual characters we would have 20+ movies before the ST. And who cares that real people didn't play them in costume - they look real, and shouldn't make a difference. They also need to look the same, being Clones and all... Besides, most were motion captured by Tem Morrison or other actors. Does it matter that background Stormtroopers were played by extras but they didn't really do anything, or that scenes with large amounts of Stormies (e.g. Emperor's Arrival) was a painting with SFX on top? If CGI existed back in the days of the OT, it would have been used extensively there too. No one complains about the uses of CGI in other modern 'masterpieces' which look worse than the Prequels, or the abundance of models and paintings used in the OT. The CGI was groundbreaking, and we wouldn't have the films we have today without those advances made in the PT. Besides, the amount of practical effects used in the PT is quite large too. Check out the thread on Jedi Council Forums! Pretty cool stuff. R.E. Jedi. The Jedi don't have time to question it as much as they should, that's the whole point and why Palpatine schemed it that way. They get rushed into accepting it because they cannot win the war on their own - the battle in the Arena proved that. The Force isn't on their side from the start, and the fact they rush in and are forced to accept it means Palpatine has already won (which we knew he would do anyway). The following events leading up to RotS are him cementing his position as Chancellor, twisting Anakin to be his next apprentice, and choosing which army he will use. And regarding the morals of Jedi/Clones... do any of the Rebels question destroying Death Stars which probably had many innocent people on board, and a probably many soldiers who did not understand what they were truly doing? Nope, they just blew them up because 'bad-guys'. You should watch the Clone Wars, where all these things you raised are explored extensively and are cannon - like it or not. And about the droids... maybe the B1s are weak cannon fodder like Stormtroopers (who get beaten by tiny Ewoks with pebbles and sticks...), but you're forgetting the B2s and Droidekas. Mass produced cheap droid units are going to not be very good at withstanding blaster fire, but their sheer numbers overwhelm the enemy. The additional support of stronger units (as demonstrated in specific scenes in each PT film) make the droid army a very large threat. [quote name='Forresto' timestamp='1464828723' post='2575836'] @Jammiedodger In regards to the Empire I completely agree. They should've lasted a while longer. In terms of the Vong you are absolutely correct. Actually what's interesting about the old EU is that you can actually look at Palpatine and not only see what he did as a power grab but an attempt to also save the human race. So basically what happened, although you might already know this, is the Chiss were the first to encounter a Vong scout force. A young Thrawn in fact participated in one of the first battles against them. Then Thawn got involved with this whole Outbound Flight business and eventually Palpatine found out as well. Both Palpatine and Thrawn realized how grave a threat these "Outsiders" really were, which is partly why Palpatine attempted to cement Imperial rule on the galaxy. I think the belief was to pool all the galaxy's resources into a unified, Imperial, militarization in order to defeat the massive Yuzzan Vong invasion that was pretty imminent. While the Empire is still horrible and Palpatine is evil, it puts an interesting twist on the whole EU including the motivations of Palpatine beyond just power lust. [/quote] That's the one, thanks Forresto! I remember it included Outbound Flight and Thrawn but wasn't sure how it all linked together! [quote name='Actor Builder' timestamp='1464837999' post='2575905'] I just spent the last week watching all of the Star Wars films, four of which for the first time ever, three of which for the second time since I was very young. Careful consideration and analysis occurred after each viewing, mostly about plot and characters, not the effects. I know it is heretical, but I found that my favorite was Episode I. I didn't even mind Jar Jar Binks, and I certainly don't understand the hate for Young Anakin. He was a far better actor than teenage Anakin, and especially Luke Skywalker in Episode IV. Take this as you will. [/quote] Jake Lloyd as Anakin in Episode I was fantastic, but unfortunately bullying from fanboys and others seems to have greatly contributed to his current condition. Really pathetic stuff seeing as he did better than most other children ever would (he was definitely better than Portman). Regarding Jar Jar, yeah he really isn't as bad as people make out (the same goes for the movie). In a way as a character he is better morally that many others like C3-PO. I'd rather an innocent bumbling fool alien with solidly good intentions on my team opposed to a bumbling fool droid who is quite a coward, and annoyingly sassy (though he does mean well, he's a bit of a douche about it). In fact, my girlfriend watched the films with me for the first time just before TFA came out, and she couldn't stand C3-PO! She preferred the PT in the end as well.
  5. I have to say it is quite funny reading people getting stressed about people's complaints about the Force Awakens. I guess some of you now know how many Prequel fans (like me) have felt growing up, wanting to defend those films, and feeling like we can't admit we like those movies as we'll be judged instantly and aggressively criticised. Many of my friends gave up on Star Wars all together because of it, which is plain wrong. Just be glad it's cool to like the Force Awakens, you have it easy... These are just movies, it's personal taste and opinions, so don't get bothered about it. I've learnt only recently to not give a flying megablock what fanboys think of the PT. They are my favourite SW movies/time period, and always will be. Be happy about what you like and don't worry about other people. Stick up for them sure, but don't be offended enough to have to write on a forum [i]'I don't understand, how could they?!?![/i]'. Honestly, if the whole fandom thought that way, we wouldn't have all the rifts and fanboyism. It would also mean people don't have to write '....[i]even though I don't like PT/OT/ST....[/i]' every time anything remotely to do with that subject comes up - who cares, keep it to yo'self! Having said that, some of you should head over the the Jedi Council Forums and read discussions there; they put a lot of the stupidity of the hate towards the PT and ST in perspective. From a few comments I've seen around here recently, some of you sorely need that. Lots of information on there and podcasts like RebelForceRadio should help anyone be happy with Star Wars as a whole - '[i]Just let it in[/i]'. It helped me appreciate some aspects of TFA, as I was sorely disappointed by it. However unlike [quote name='xboxtravis7992' timestamp='1464740584' post='2574567'] Considering it took the Empire a good year to crumble after Palpatine died is an accomplishment actually. Look at how fast the Nazis fell after Hitler died in comparison. [/quote] I think that's quite a large comparison to make, seeing as the Nazis (Empire) were not in control of the entire world (galaxy). Honestly I'm surprised at the fact the Empire failed so miserably after Endor. Sure, their two main head-honchos died, and The Force works in weird ways, but that destabilising an entire galaxy-wide army?? I know Stormtroopers are stupid, but the Moffs never gave that impression. I'd like to think they didn't put them all on the DSII after what happened to the first! [quote name='the last chronicler' timestamp='1464807536' post='2575484'] That's why mindless clone and droid army's are bland, because in the films they're entirely dictated by one side's agenda and provide no moral conundrums. [/quote] Hold up, 'mindless'? 'No moral conundrums'? I don't recall ever seeing a Stormtrooper's face, or learning about how they were trained? Only Finn has come close to the background given in AotC about the Clone army. You literally see them as babies in jars, then as children in intensive training, adolescents learning other combat, and then being ready for deployment. How is that mindless and not morally questionable? Obi Wan's (and others') unease is clear at the prospect of using the army. From what I gathered, the morals and lack of information around the army was why the Council were reluctant to use it. You also get to know the man that is their template (physically/mentally) and trains them. And that's just the movies, not counting all the other canon material like The Clone Wars. If Stormtroopers aren't mindless, then Clones certainly are not. Droids however are meant to be mindless. If anything, droids and Stormtroopers seem more alike than Clones and Stormtroopers! The fact that droids exist in the OT could have raised the question 'Why weren't they weaponised?'. Well, we now know they were, and they weren't very good at winning, so Sidious chose to stick with Clone/human soldiers. By controlling both sides, he could decide which force (pun not intended) was best to use in his quest to rule - cheap mass produced droids to overwhelm the enemy, or super soldiers to get the job done efficiently? That's what I took from it anyway. Though why Palpatine phased out hyper efficient and deadly Clone Troopers for human recruits always puzzled me. Save money? Sure. But it you're a Sith Lord in charge of the galaxy and basically the money flowing through it, surely you should be able to twist it to your will and get all the toys you want?! Anyway, I remember reading/hearing somewhere a while back that in the original EU, Palps was building the Death Stars to also safeguard against extra-galactic invasion, as the Vong has already started to probe the galaxy (still so peeved TCW got cancelled and we never saw that episode). Wondered whether anyone knows more about that? I could never find more info on it.
  6. Spoilers inbound. [spoiler]I just don't understand how some people had a hard time following this movie. I went with my parents and girlfriend, who know next to nothing about anything DC apart from events in Man of Steel (which they liked a lot), and they had no problems with any of the scenes people describe as 'jarring' or 'messy' and they completely understood the relevance of each scene. It was a fantastic film. We had no problems with the pacing, and the editing was not sloppy at all. It was an intense movie, and not made for people who like slower movies. It felt like a living comic book, and that was awesome. The message Batman gets is clearly foreshadowing the choices he will have to make later in the film and the vision shows the consequences if he makes the wrong one. Beyond that, you're not supposed to fully understand it, because it's a set-up for later in the film and the Justice League (and shows how much is at stake). Same for the AMAZING way the other JL members are introduced. I was losing my mind, with many others. DC's ballsy plan of not making stand alone films before the big team up meant this was always going to be the way they'd introduce these characters. If people don't understand who they are, it won't matter because it will be explained in the next film. At least a lot of the scenes some people are having trouble with, like the JL [b]introductions[/b], can be easily read up on using the internet, and if they don't it doesn't matter because it will be answered (and then some) in the next film(s). There is no harm waiting... no one seems to have issues with films like Marvel's (which I adore too) and their huge set-up and foreshadow scenes, which have been done just as poorly. Same goes for SW... I don't understand how people can love Episode 7, which had so many more plotholes that were even acknowledged by the characters and the writers, which won't be answered. People saying this movie lacks depth can't have been looking at the screen, there were so many of those moments in this movie. Lex's disturbing creation of Doomsday while being chastised by the Kryptonian robot aides about effectively playing God (maybe he wants to level Superman in Godliness, anyone?), Doomsday crushing Superman under the memorial [i]which has the names of everyone who died because of him in the last film,[/i] Batman losing his sense of what is just or cruel, the continuously very well done (and realistic) representation of how the world would react to an alien 'God', the mirroring with the painting and 'myths', Lois and Clark's relationship (some of their scenes were fantastic)... the list goes on. After my second viewing I'll be able to name even more. The trinity were fantastic, the actors really nailed it. Gadot and Affleck were just perfectly suited and directed for this iteration of their characters, and Cavill has really grown into his role - that moment when he is stood hopelessly in the burning husk of the Capitol was a tearjerker, and that whole sequence was one of the best in the film. Lex was a chillingly creepy and dangerous villain (he was frikkin' scary level of insane), Lois' scenes were some of the heaviest, and Perry was just hilarious. There was humour in this film, I think it just helps if you don't go in expecting/wanting the film to be rubbish, and have the right sense of humour (no offence). Some of Alfred's pars were very funny, and obviously Ma Kent's line to Batman was great. It's silly to go into a DC movie after seeing their other recent media and films expecting it to be a jokey 'let's save the day' movie. That's not how the real world works, and DC is definitely going down that route. The high stake situations the characters are in don't allow for humour, and the fact they were not being jokey in those circumstances made them better characters. I think these high stakes also explains how ruthless Batman is. He doesn't take prisoners when the human race is on the line, and that is more realistic than '[i]you are getting in the way of me obtaining something that could protect all life on Earth, but I can't kill you so I'll just wait a bit for a better opportunity while more innocents die[/i]'. In the real world, Joker would have been killed a long time ago... probably by Batman himself. The whole 'no kill' notion did not work as well as people make out in the other films, as so many times he has killed criminals as a consequence of his actions, directly or not. I liked the fact they were straight up about it, and that made him more formidable. His fighting was some of the best I've seen in a Superhero movie and was everything I'd expect from the character. Synder definitely played the Arkham games The grapple-pull-punch and the arm-breaker were almost identical to the moves in the video games, and that action was incredible to see regardless. Everyone in my screening loved this movie, several adults even cried at the sacrifice scene. R.E. Superman's death and people complaining that he's not dead... of course he's not. What matters is that he made THE ultimate sacrifice, and now the world and his fellow heroes knows he is worthy to protect the human race. Still didn't stop people in the theatre believing it though, and there was an audible gasp and cheer when the soil shifted. This movie was not made for 'Critics', it was made for the fans and general audience, and most of these people won't have even heard of the film rating sites (and won't care, because a movie is what you make of it). The visuals were just mind-blowing, and the score was just Wonder Woman's reveal and her musical theme kicking in made everyone in the theatre shuffle and woop in excitement. Can't believe how good the music was... DAMN! The girlfriend (a Marvel freak) said she was more invested in this film than the first Avengers, and my parents (60+) want to go and see it again - which never happens!!! [/spoiler] To hell with the Critics. I never was sure about their opinions and the score justifications, and this only confirms that they aren't for me. Rotten Tomatoes and Collider are now off my saved tabs! Giving average films high scores and awful excuses for movies like Sharknado over 80% was always laughable! Can't wait to see what Snyder does next, but I'm sure we're in for a treat! The best showing I've been to as the audience goes too, I will always remember it fondly Looking forward to the extended cut! Hopefully Batman says the famous line in that, as it was the only thing I would have added to the movie.
  7. Hi guys, Been following this thread whenever I can, but haven't actually been able to order many of these sets over the past year and my cart total has racked up ($100+)! Now the new Iron Man set is out, I'm pretty keen on catching up all at once! Just wondering if any of you guys in the UK who buy large from AliExpress have to pay import charges when the package arrives? I don't remember having to on my last orders, but I thought I'd ask incase I got lucky. Really want these figures to expand on TLGs current selection. Thanks!
  8. My ideal tree is one surrounded by friends and family, while they open and enjoy their presents! [img]http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Jammiedodger-714/Contest-Entries/screen_shot_2015-11-28_at_14.22.52.png[/img] (yes, Vader got Hulk gloves and the Emperor an Iron Man helmet - Santa did good this year!)